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This Love Studio is dedicated to capturing the best pre-wedding, engagement, and lifestyle photographs for all couples. Furthermore, our goal of capturing your love in a creative, gentle, and candid way will make your pre-wedding gallery a ‘work of art’.

Spending many years in the photography industry and having a team of experienced professional photographers means we can give you the best quality of service. Moreover, we will take you to the best photoshoot locations in the world and give some of the best advice. As a result, this will make your pre wedding photoshoot a carefree and joyful experience.

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We encourage all couples to book This Love Studio to capture their engagement and pre wedding memories. You won’t regret it. Jade & Thomas

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Our Mission

Giving you a choice is our mission. We aim to provide you an opportunity to have your love captured in the destination of your dreams. Allowing your dreams come true is our pride and joy.

Futhermore, the feeling that everything is possible, the happiness of making the extraordinary memories at a place most special to you is the experience we want you to have.

Making your pre-wedding photoshoot a relaxed but exciting affair is our primary goal. Our process is to allow you to simply enjoy yourselves surrounded by a backdrop of your choosing. Furthermore, we want you to have stunning and artistic photos of your love and emotion to cherish for all of time.

Our History

Many years of experience have allowed us to become recognized as the best destination photographers in the world. Furthermore, our reputation as pre wedding, engagement, and lifestyle photography in constantly growing.

Our studio has thousands of satisfied couples all around the world. We are delighted to haved captured each and every one of their love stories.

We have traveled thousands of miles and visited hundreds of amazing locations. Every couple makes each location a unique experience for us. As a result, we adapt our style of capturing your love, specifically to you. Your and your significant other allows us to create stunning memories and amazing experiences for everyone.

Services We Provide

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Our Team

We are fortunate to have been named some of the best professional photographs in the world. We hold onto this recognition with pride. As true traveling artists, we justify our excellence with every frame and image we capture.

It’s a real pleasure to be considered “amazingly creative with true artistic talent”. As a result, our approach is ever-changing. We follow not only new photography trends but also focus on giving your photographs that shade of tradition with a touch of modernism.

Having photographed thousands of couples all over the world, our people skills are sharp, with a honed sensibility to each persons’ desires. Moreover, we are able to feel if you are camera shy and find the best way to chase away your fears while making your inner self shine. Our photos capture the essence of each and every couple.

Our Studio Locations

With Hong Kong being our terra mater, we have a chance to offer our modern indoor studio to all local couples.

Featuring the most sophisticated design, our studio is able to be transformed to fit your every wish. Moreover, our studio is perfect for those lifestyle photoshoots as well as pre wedding photoshoots. We are able to create a shoot that is just that little bit more intimate.

Our Hong Kong studio is equipped with the latest photography technology. Furthermore, it is fitted with a significant number of props suited for any photoshoot concept. Here we can create those candid and casual moments and show how your love shines in day-to-day life. Our goal is to give your photographs spontaneity and unparalleled realness.

Furthermore, we have four specific theme setups that many couples opt for. These include our sakura blossom tree, floral archway, classic studio, and bohemian cafe vibe. Four great contrasting locations to deliver the most amazing pre wedding experience.

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