Top 10 Amazing & Alternative Pre Wedding Destinations Around The World

Pre-wedding shoots are an amazing way of getting some gorgeous photos of you as a happy couple. Without the crazy goings-on of a wedding happening around them. This can create stunning, poised images that will be treasured for a lifetime. As well as this, it’s an opportunity to get shots in your dream location without having the full ceremony across seas. It’s far easier getting a couple and a photographer halfway around the world than it is the entire guest list.

Our List of Alternative Pre Wedding Locations

Below you will find our list of alternative pre wedding destinations however, we also offer many popular pre wedding packages to your more traditional locations such as London, Santorini, Japan, and Lisbon. We also have a pre-wedding studio based in Hong Kong.

If the more traditional locations aren’t for you, take a look at our alternative list below to find the perfect pre wedding destination for you.

couple walk on grass during pre wedding shoot

The Sand Dunes, Vietnam

Surreal and moving. These Dunes are constantly changing due to the sand moving in the wind. This creates a smooth and untouched appearance. As if you’re the only person to have ever stepped foot there. There’s no one else for miles around and ample space to be photographed. Bask in the sea of golden sand. Go for a flowing, summery garment to fit into the desert background. Or contrast the barren backdrop with bolder more elegant styles. All focus will be on you in these images.

The Paris Carousel, Paris

It’s no secret that carousels, with their bright lights and bold colors, are mesmerizing to look at. The carousel in Paris is the epitome of grandiose, traditional carousels. It towers high above the crowd. Covered in lights, gold paint, and of course, horses. Despite the background being so busy, you can still stand out in this photo. The stark contrast between a white gown and the gaudy colors behind you will draw all eyes to you. Warm colors and lights will offset the cool tones of a suit. In the end, creating a stunning pre-wedding photograph.

Banff National Park, Canada

Standing next to crystal clear, blue waters is a magical location for a photo shoot. Travel to Banff National Park and be framed by tall pine trees and surrounded by snow-capped mountains. This idyllic setting is perfect for any couple in touch with nature. It has the perfect balance of being a breathtaking backdrop whilst still being idle enough to not take any limelight away from the couple.

Tulip Fields, Netherlands

Tulips represent love and passion. So what’s a more perfect setting for a pre-wedding shoot than surrounded by them. The tulip fields in the Netherlands are a wonderful place to take some eye-catching photos of the happy couple. Walking through the sea of yellow. Sitting with the flowers. Or simply posed on the outskirts. Wherever you decide to be photographed, your photo with ooze with emotion. But make sure you’re visiting at the right time. You’ll be disappointed if you travel to a field of tulips only to find out they aren’t in bloom!

Blue Lagoon, Iceland

Hope you like the cold. This frosty scene is home to pure sapphire waters. As well as snow-covered islands. Wrap up warm for cozy, snuggled shots of the love-birds. Or ditch the coats to look like the king and queen of the cold. Just make sure to ditch those coats within reach. You’ll want to put them straight back on after snapping that perfect shot in The Blue Lagoon.

aerial shot of a blue lagoon in iceland

Chefchaouen, Morocco

If you were looking for somewhere blue then how about an entire blue city? Located in the north-west of Morocco, this city is its own time capsule. Every wall is various blue shades. The streets are cobbled and cracked. Roads winding through narrow passages. It’s a perfect place for a fun and whimsical pre-wedding shoot. Run along the pavement and skip around the buildings. Let your inner child out. And end up with an album not just full of gorgeous pre-wedding photos. But full of some of your most fun memories.

Tamil Nadu, India

This is where a large proportion of Hindu temples reside. With their intricate patterns and vibrant colors, the place is simply breathtaking. Stand front and center, surrounded by these complex works of art. Have them clash with the bold white of a wedding dress. And the clean lines of a suit. Ensure whatever you’re wearing is as striking as what’s around you to avoid being drowned out by your backdrop. Tamil Nadu is ideal for anyone with Indian heritage or Hindu beliefs, regardless of what sort of ceremony you’re going for.

Arashiyama Bamboo Grove, Japan

This walk through meters of bamboo shoots is absolutely mind-blowing. But once you’re over the beauty of the place, you’ll have a perfect backdrop for some pre-wedding photos. The towering walls of bamboo create a gorgeous pattern. Assorted shades of green create a varied color palette without being brash. It’s a unique and interesting location for a similarly unique and interesting couple. Sweep through the grass in your gown or dress in more casual attire. Where bold, bright colors or neutral, simple ones. This scene is both fascinating and muted. Making it a very versatile background for your pre-wedding shoot.

Laguna Colorada, Bolivia

Laguna Colorada is a bright red salt lake in Bolivia has its color from the algae that reside there. These algae also bring in the flamingos. Pinks and reds fill the lake and create an atypical romantic backdrop. Mixing the classic colors of love with the unusual background creates the perfect location for a unique pre-wedding photoshoot. Plus, who wouldn’t want flamingos in their photos?

photo of laguna colorada and blue sky

Isle of Skye, Scotland

Regarded as the most beautiful part of Scotland, the Isle of Skye is full of sweeping valleys and statuesque mountains. A carpet of green covers the landscape making it an ideal place for lovers of nature. Everywhere you look there’s a breathtaking view to be photographed against. Any boho, flowy gowns will look perfect alongside the landscape. Try getting caught by a breeze to make your skirt mimic the highs and lows of the countryside around you. This location is especially suited to anyone who will be carrying a more natural-looking bouquet on the special day. Since many gorgeous flowers such as heather grow all across the Scottish hills.

That’s all 10 of the top alternative pre-wedding locations. Regardless of your style, there’s somewhere on this list for everyone. Choosing between them, however, may prove tricky.