10 of the Most Romantic & Best Proposal Songs for Your Engagement

A lot of people aren’t comfortable with the idea of a big, public event when it comes to being proposed too. All eyes on them for what is a very emotional moment. Social media will have us believe that it requires a massive display. Loads of onlookers. And, of course, someone there to film it. This just isn’t the case for a huge proportion of people. But just because you’re not proposing with a plane writing “be mine” in the clouds, doesn’t mean you don’t want romance to be in the air.

Plenty of people propose at home, a comfortable environment. You can both be yourselves, let emotions come freely, and really experience the love that comes with such a big question. So, the time comes. You dim the lights. Scatter rose petals. Pour some wine. It feels like you’ve stepped right out of a romance novel. All you need now is the perfect song to capture exactly how you feel. So here’s a list of the best songs to propose to.

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Our list of the best proposal songs

All Of Me, John Legend

This song is at the top of pretty much every list for proposal songs, marriage songs, just love songs in general. And that’s because not only is it a beautiful song to listen to, it’s simply so meaningful. Each word expresses how most of us feel about our significant others. How we love every part of them. How we’d be lost without them. This is a huge part of relationships so whenever music is being used to celebrate the love between a couple this song inevitably comes up. Looking lovingly at your partner with this song playing is enough to put a tear in their eye. And that’s before you’ve even brought out the ring.

Say You Won’t Let Go, James Arthur

The title of this song explains itself. Proposing is asking for a massive commitment and that’s reflected in the lyrics of this song. Although there’s some romanticizing, the words still convey a realistic idea of love. This realness makes the song a lot more powerful. More meaningful. And a meaningful song is a perfect soundtrack for a very meaningful question.

Just Say Yes, Snow Patrol

As proposal songs go, nothing could be more appropriate. The words sound truthful and from the heart. It really makes it seem like you mean everything you’re saying. This song also avoids the classic love ballad and opts for a more upbeat tempo and alternative style. So if you’re partner isn’t going to appreciate the soppy love songs then go for this. A simple, easy listener. There’s nothing to bring a tear to your eye. Well, not until you pop the question that is.

Right Here Waiting, Richard Marx

A proper classic. This springs straight to mind for a lot of people when they think ‘love song’. And for good reason. This is a hugely popular and soul-filled tune. Popularity is useful because it means your partner will already know the lyrics and the emotion in the song. They won’t be listening out for the words to figure out why you’ve suddenly decided to play it. This song will remind your partner that, no matter the ups and downs, you aren’t going anywhere.

Just The Way You Are, Bruno Mars

Yes okay, maybe a little cheesy, but a wonderful song nonetheless. Bruno has embellished some aspects of love for certain. We share the best and worst times with our partners. It’s to be expected that sometimes we don’t look amazing. Sometimes we’ll look an absolute mess. So maybe the songs fibbing a little. But the core message stays the same. Just The Way You Are.

Somewhere Only We Know, Keane

For this song, the lyrics are a little more obscure. No direct mention of love or your partner. But this song conveys so much more than just love. It brings out emotions that are only felt with a significant other. When you want to shut out the world but there’s always one person you’ll let in. Your partner. That’s the emotion this expresses in a truly gorgeous way.

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How Am I Supposed To Live Without You, Michael Bolton

Cleary the 80s was a prime time for proposal sings. Real, hard hitters. No matter how oblivious your partner may be to the music, they’ll be sure to hear the key message. They’ll truly appreciate how much they mean to you. Not just at that moment but in life.

Thinking Out Loud, Ed Sheeran

Although this is a more modern song, Ed Sheeran is loved by every generation so I wouldn’t worry. This song is solely about loving someone forever. What could be a more important message when proposing? Every line of this song will express to your partner that you plan on making this last. That your proposal isn’t just a proposal of marriage. You’re proposing that you will stay together indefinitely.

Waiting For A Girl Like You, Foreigner

It’s impossible to stay away from the 80s classics. This will show your partner (the message remains regardless of your partner’s gender) that they’re exactly what you’ve been looking for. The dream person you never thought you’d meet. The Ying to your Yang. Truly your other-half. Not only are they loved but they’re needed.

Stay With Me, Sam Smith

To round off the list we have this heart-felt tune by Sam Smith. This beautiful hit will show your partner how much they mean to you. That they’re your world and that you want them with you forever. It’s both simple enough to not distract from the moment. As well as being powerful enough to truly convey how much you love the person in front of you. A perfect song to be heard in the background of the perfect moment.

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