Pre Wedding Photography

From amazing architecture like Queen’s College and Mathematical Bridge to Midsummer Common area, Your
pre wedding photoshoot in Cambridge will creep into your heart giving you a sense of peace and calmness allowing for
an extraordinary experience.

Every time we get to photograph in Cambridge, we are amazed at how successfully this city makes our couples
unwind and relax. This extraordinary characteristic of this beautiful city ensures that the moments we capture are
truly one of bliss and happiness.

We are much more than just pre-wedding photographers, we will take care of the whole design and organization of either
your pre-wedding or engagement shoot. We will listen and take care of your preferences ensuring you enjoy Cambridge as all of our couples have
done in the past. Furthermore, we promise to show you some of the best backdrops for your photo album and just how perfect those cobbled streets
and wild-flower meadows can complement your love.


Cambridge Photoshoot Promotions

Our primary goal with your Cambridge photoshoot is to make you feel like royalty. Moreover, this is why we want
to be there with you in the summer, when the sun is shining, painting the most intricate and romantic shadows while making Cambridge
a fairytale-like playground.

We invite you to explore our Cambridge pre wedding photographer promotions.

Cambridge Wedding Photographer Services

There is nothing we like more than to offer our outdoor photoshoot services in a location that depicts its history in every corner.
Cambridge is like being transported back in time, and this picturesque city will provide a timeless backdrop for your pre wedding photo gallery.

bride dances under archway Engagement Shoots
couple smiles during photoshoot surrounded by autumn trees Pre Wedding Photos
bride poses for photoshoot in wedding dress Couple Photography

Cambridge had an air of British sophistication that was beautifully represented in our pre wedding gallery. Brilliant photographers. Kelly & Jazz

Photoshoots in Cambridge

Featured Engagement & Pre Wedding Photos

The unmistakable charm of Cambridge makes this location a favorite getaway for many couples planning their pre wedding photoshoot. With narrow and neat streets, charming bridges, and gorgeous surrounding scenery, this city will bring perfection to any outdoor photoshoot, regardless of the occasion.

As a result, in every photoshoot we capture, we get to experience our couple slowly falling in love with every step they take. Once they start pointing at all the spots in which they want to be photographed, we know we are in for a photography treat.

Here is a selection of our featured couples that booked us for our Cambridge pre wedding photographer package.

bride and groom walk holding hands with groom showing balloons

couple posing surrounded by autumnal coloured trees

Clara & Lukas

Being University of Cambridge alumni, Clara and Lukas managed to make our dreams come true by acquiring access to University grounds. In return, we captured the most magnificent memories for these two.

Their love story started beneath the archways. As a result, we felt it was really important to give them those mementos and show how their love has made a full circle.

We spent the whole day in Cambridge, visiting every location significant to both Clara and Lukas, as well as showing them a couple of amazing spots we have previously discovered.

From Jesus Green to the Mathematical Bridge, to taking stunning photographs by the Bridge of Sighs, we made their love journey stand out in their pre-wedding photographs.

For us, This Love Studio were the ideal pre wedding photographers. They made us feel comfortable and delivered fantastic photos. Ashely & Stefan

Cambridge Prices & Packages

Tour Rates plus custom prices for Cambridge

With Cambridge, you always get more than you initially planned. Besides all the amazing landmarks and buildings, there is that feeling of old, timelessness, and importance that comes with such a historical place.

As a result, we created many custom packages and offers for this location as we want to enable all curious couples to feel the unique British history of Cambridge.

Take a step back in time in this wonderful photoshoot location without worrying about your budget. Cambridge will show you why this location is worth every dime.

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couple walking holding hands in wedding gown and tuxedo

We would highly recommend booking This Love Studio for your Cambridge tour. Great team and beautiful wedding photography. 10/10. Shay & Brenda

Highly Recommended Cambridge Photographers

Reviews from couples that booked us for their pre wedding

Cambridge is the best location for taking those princes and princess-inspired photographs.

very arch tells a thousand tales, our aperture will highlight that loving glance you thought would escape our notice, and, as a result, present that pureness of your emotions in our final work.

We have prepared for you a selection of couples reviews depicting just how royal-like and honest and soft our Cambridge photoshoot service can be.

groom in blue suit kisses bride on forehead
bride pose on boat on river in cambridge

Juliana and Luis

“A big ‘Thank you to This Love Studio for marvelous pre-wedding memories and an amazing atmosphere on the day. What they delivered were not only phenomenal photographs but a real work of art. Furthermore, the easiness of the communication and trust they provoked with us made us sure we made the right choice with them. Florence will never be the same for us as that is where we created some of the most special mementos to cherish forever and it would not be possible without This Love Studio. We adore them and highly recommend them to every couple!”

Charlie and George

“This Love Studio team was a pleasure to work with! They knew all the great spots in Florence and were open to our ideas and combine the two to create amazing photographs. The energy they created was amazing, we never laughed so hard in our lives. Our pre-wedding photographs are a masterpiece and they have everything- the emotions, the beauty, and art of the city, everything was wrapped up perfectly into the best memories we have. Highly recommend This Love Studio, they are simply the best.”

bride leans against wall smiling with bouquet
groom kisses bride in field session near cambridge

Esther and Ashton

“Top Quality Photography and the most professional bunch we have ever met! This Love Studio was in charge of our Florence pre-wedding photoshoot and not only did they make the day memorable, but the pictures they created and the moments they captured were also truly breathtaking. They are not just photographers, they are artists and everything they create is a pure, raw art that oozes emotions! Booking them for your pre-wedding photographs is a must and you will be blown away with the final results.”

Ariel and Rowan

“We cannot describe how happy we are with This Love Studio and their service. Their photographer was great to work with and so passionate about his job, as well as knowledgeable. He was on top of everything on our pre-wedding day in Florence and gave us so many amazing ideas. We were thrilled when our photos arrived. The quality was fantastic but the things he captured overwhelmed us. And everything was done and delivered in a month which made us extremely happy.”

couple smiles for photo against large brown door

Cambridge and Oxford are really special locations to take your pre wedding photos. Now you just need to book This Love Studio for your shoot. Korina & Pol

Famous Pre Wedding Spots in Cambridge

Our tour of Cambridge’s best landmarks

Cambridge is one of those cities that has history written in every corner and building, allowing it to look timeless and everlasting. As a result, this is how we aim to capture your love and emotion, giving you memories to last a lifetime.

If you were both students at King’s College, the beauty of Cambridge is very well known to you, and we will try to make sure you relive your past student days in some of the best locations in Cambridge.

Take a look at Cambridge’s best pre-wedding landmarks that will allow your photoshoot to be a storytelling work of art.

man kisses women under pink floral bush

couple pose on boat during photoshoo on the river cam

River Cam

The charm of the River Cam is undeniable and impossible not to include in your pre-wedding photographs.

With calm water and many beautiful bridges, the bank is perfect for your photoshoot from every angle.

A truly great location that gets even better when you rent a punt and get a chance to include many architectural wonders in your photo album.

Midsummer Common

Designed as an open green space for everybody’s enjoyment, Midsummer Common has some of the best photography spots in Cambridge. With river Cam embracing it from one side, there are great opportunities for those gorgeous riverbank frames and a simply stunning way to capture your love story.

Big enough for you to find an intimate spot besides all the tourists and locals, Midsummer Common is the perfect backdrop for your pre wedding.

photo of trees on midsummer common with river cam in background

photo of the trees in park at jesus green

Jesus Green

North of Jesus College, close by to Midsummer Common there is a tiny slice of heaven, an idyllic place for your pre wedding photoshoot.

The Jesus Green parkland is long and straight, but what makes it a must-visit pre-wedding location is the tree-lined path, presenting a remarkable play of light and shadow. This maple tunnel is the perfect detail, a scene from a romantic novel made just for the two of you and your gentle romance.

St John’s College

An iconic spot in Cambridge must be the Cambridge College grounds, specifically, St. John’s College. This amazing location gives some of the best photography spots in all of Cambridge.

The grandeur of the historic buildings will astound you while giving a regal look to your photographs.

Simply gorgeous from every angle, and like nothing you’ve ever seen before, the flawless architecture will infuse the history into your pre wed photoshoot. As a result, it will allow you to feel like the King and Queen of the castle.

photo of st johns college with tree branch in foreground
scenic photo of bridge of sighs over river cam

Bridge of Sighs

Located slightly adjacent to St. Johns College, near the river is the delightful Bridge of Sighs, a structure you should definitely add to your pre-wedding bucket list.

The arched windows that remind us of times gone by, plus the beautiful sunlight, shining through make this location undoubtedly one of the most romantic scenes in Cambridge. Furthermore, the ideal location fits perfectly with your gentle feelings and adoration.

Whether you capture your love with Bridge of Sighs in the distance or have a punt bring you closer to it, your photographs will feature one of the best backdrops of Cambridge.

Mathematical Bridge

A curious and intriguing spot, so unlike Cambridge, but flowing with the scenery perfectly. Mathematical bridge is a mid-18 century engineering and design wonder. The geometrical design justifies the name, while also creating a unique location for your pre wedding photography.

Furthermore, due to the design, this small bridge is unbendable and unbreakable, resisting all outer forces and symbolizing your love perfectly.

mathematical bridge with autumn trees in background

This Love Studio were professional, on time, approachable, and, most importantly, delivered fabulous images we will love forever. Kirsty & Lucas

Why Couples Should Choose Cambridge?

The Historic City, Idyllic for Pre Wedding Joy

A true university town, Cambridge is the most amazing location for couples that cherish wisdom and intelligence above all.

Cambridge will provide a perfect couple shoot atmosphere, surrounded by history, exquisite architecture, and tradition, as well as gorgeous scenery.

In between the green meadows and the ancient colleges stands as a timeless monument, making Cambridge itself one of the best photoshoot locations. You can feel the pure academic achievement woven into the city’s walls and streets and understand how some of the best ideas could be born here.

couple embrace at sunset time for pre wedding

couple holding hands in doorway

When is the best time to visit Cambridge for your pre wedding?

Influenced by the Gulf Stream, maritime climate rules over Cambridge, bringing dry and cool weather. This is why mid-spring and summer are the best time to visit this stunning town. There can be an abundance of sunshine, but moderate and warm temperatures.

Furthermore, there are also plenty of summer festivals for you to enjoy on your pre wedding photoshoot along with the bright and pleasant weather of the season.

Get in touch for planning advice for your Cambridge pre wedding photography session.

Why is Cambridge so popular?

Cambridge is an ideal location for all couples that enjoy history as well as tranquility. This town has both in abundance.

Awe-inspiring medieval buildings along with that symbolic British tone of sophistication, this is the perfect place for couples who wish to give a royal feeling to their love story.

Moreover, it is also packed with pubs on every corner offering the more laid-back couples plenty of chances for a breather on their pre-wedding photoshoot.

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couple on a boat on the river cam in cambridge

Our images are mesmerizing. We don’t even recognize the people in the photos, it’s like they are professional! Thank you. Kaitlin & Joel