Český Krumlov
Pre Wedding Photography (CK)

The Czech Republic is not necessarily considered one of the top 10 vacation locations in the world, however
Cesky Krumlov prewedding photography is easily one of our top 5 pre wedding packages.

For many years the beauty of Cesky Krumlov or CK has attracted romantics from every corner of the world for their pre-wedding 
photography session. And why wouldn’t they when this city has so much to offer.

Stunning city panorama with the all red tiles, narrow European streets, and the magnificent Hluboká Castle, all mixed up to
create a powerful atmosphere of both splendor and coziness.

The city gives off an unmistakable renaissance feeling with breathtaking architecture and mind-blowing locations. That
An extraordinary atmosphere will transfer perfectly into your pre wedding photo gallery.

While shooting in a place where history is written in every corner, we will dedicate ourselves to present the history of
your love and make your photos a precious memento of your journey together.


Discounts for Pre Weddings in Cesky Krumlov

Besides taking some of the most stunning pre wedding images in this city, you will have the most fantastic experience of
witnessing Cesky Krumlov waking up from its winter sleep, buzzing with the excitement awaiting spring.

This May let this city wrap itself around your love story and compliment all your devotion and love with our unique Cesky Krumlov
pre wedding promotions.

CK Pre Wedding Photo Services

Take a trip with us to his gorgeous city and see all the charming places that will give your proposal or
engagement photo shoots a cozy and warm atmosphere to complement your love perfectly.

Our outdoor photoshoot services will make this trip a hassle-free enjoyment, giving you the most beautiful
memories to cherish forever.

bride stands in front of castle in sunshine Proposal Shoots
bride hold wedding bouquet while posing for wedding photo Outdoor Photography
happy couple walking with state chateau as background Engagement Shoots

Cesky is a destination we’d always wanted to visit and when This Love Studio offered promotions, we jumped at the chance to visit Paul & Carrie

CK Pre Wedding Photography Galleries

Featured weddings and shoots from our visits to Český

We adore following our couples to the many European cities that give off such an amazing sense of importance and history. When a couple gets genuinely interested in CK we have an opportunity to capture those emotions rarely seen in couples photoshoots.

Our featured couples below are those who almost resembled tourists, but this just gave us a chance to photograph their love story as if they are on vacation.

This atmosphere really gives a different vibe to our photographs, depicting an intimate sightseeing couple ready to learn every nook and cranny of Český Krumlov.

couple posing towards castle in cesky krumlov

couple posing in wedding attire during photo shoot

Reagan and Colt

We woke Reagan and Colt early in the morning to hit the streets of Chesky Krumlov. Right away we headed to our favorite location. We waited until the sun popped up behind the tower in the distance to capture one of the most natural and amazing pre-wedding photographs.

This was a perfect beginning of their pre-wedding photo session. We continued exploring the charming city streets, blessed with gorgeous weather, and a lack of tourists.

We ended the day taking some glorious photographs of the town from the State Castle and Chateau.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. We love our photos from the deepest part of our hearts. You are an amazing team. Sarah & Rio

Český Krumlov Pre Wedding Prices

Packages, Collections & Rates for CK

For all those couples looking for charm and loveliness in their pre-wedding shoot destination, with our unique packages and reasonable pricing, Cesky Krumlov becomes a completely affordable choice.

Furthermore, this small, but majestic city, gives a plethora of good photoshoot locations. From amazing views to incredible architecture. We would be delighted to show you them all.

In addition, experiencing this destination in the most magical way comes as a bonus to our fantastic pre wedding photoshoot packages.

Explore this charming town and let us capture stunning memories of your love, without worrying about your budget.

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couple smiling in white wedding dress and black suit

Our photos tell a wonderful story. The story of Cesky but more, the story of us. We are speechless. Thank you. Simon & Karen

Reviews from Český Krumlov Shoots

Testimonials and Recommendations from CK shoots

Taking your pre-wedding or proposal photoshoot in this charming little town will give your images a boost of vibrant colors and shapes.

It seems like in Český Krumlov the red from the many town’s roofs is just a perfect terracotta red, making the greenery of the city really stand out, along with the glistening meandering river.

Putting your love story in the center of such an amazing view and not making an overwhelming scene is not an easy task, but it is a task we are more than happy to work on and present the perfect photos at the end.

To find out what our past couples have to say about photoshoots in CK, take a look at the reviews below.

couple poses in european street during pre wedding
bride looks towards wedding dress surround by greenery

Norah and Weston

“This Love Studio gave us the most talented photographer we have ever met. We truly enjoyed our photoshoot as he directed us around Český Krumlov perfectly and made us blend into this amazing city as if we were locals. That’s what we wanted as we both adore Český Krumlov and have been there quite a few times. We love how every special moment was captured spontaneously and naturally. Our photographer was a friendly and funny guy but extremely dedicated to every photograph he took. Our pre-wedding photographs are incredible so much we can’t stop looking at them. Thank you for the most perfect reminder of our special day”

Annabelle and Micah

“The photographs you delivered to us look amazing! A true masterpiece! We can now see just how talented and creative our photographer was and how he handled the lighting perfectly. Thank you for the most relaxed and interesting day in Český Krumlov. We not only got to see all the little hidden spots of the town but also create special memories to take home with us. Our pre-wedding pictures couldn’t be more perfect! We highly recommend you to everyone!”

groom kisses bride on cheek during photography pre wedding
bride and groom kissing during pre wedding outdoor shoot

Emerson and Wesley

“This Love Studio team is without a doubt the most professional team I have ever worked with. The images they delivered from our pre-wedding photoshoot in Český Krumlov were stunning and the highest quality photography service I have ever received. Even though we spent the whole day taking hundreds of pictures, we weren’t tired as their team made us relaxed and made us enjoy the city with all the little anecdotes they told us. It was like a perfect day with the love of my life AND my best friends. The cherry on top was the actual photos that left us speechless! Highly recommend it to all couples across the world as This Love Studio is the choice you will never, ever regret.”

MingKa and Manfred

“Our pre-wedding photographs from Český Krumlov are incredible and we are so grateful to This Love Studio for capturing our special moments. The photographer was professional, attentive, and friendly and helped us relax and enjoy the day. Thank you once again for your help! Highly recommend.”

couple pose on famous church stairs is cesky krumlov

We knew our photos would shine and looking back on our online gallery, we are amazing at how much joy was captured. Beatrice & Ox

Popular Pre Wedding Landmarks in CK

Best Pre Wedding Locations in the Czech Republic

There is no other place in the world as cozy and charming as Cesky Krumlov.

The city of magnificent architecture and topography earned its title as UNESCO World Heritage Site. From the beautifully preserved center of the city and the Cesky Krumlov Castle, as if from a Bohemian fairytale, everything is perfect.

The meandering river Vltava that flows around this area almost curving back to itself adds to the whimsical topography along that recognizable cluster of red roofs makes a perfect backdrop for your pre-wedding.

Let us take you through the narrow cobbled streets of his magical city and show you all the great location it hides.

bride gazes into the distance while holding floral bouquet

coupe pose in svornosti square in front of fountain

Namesti Svornosti

The town square of Cesky Krumlov has some of the best vibes in the whole city. With many colorful buildings and classic architecture, you will find Namesti Svornosti is the perfect destination for your photos.

The cobbled square is a fantastic feature to add to your pre-wedding album and having your love story captured here will give a candid feeling to every photograph we take.

Siroka Street

Loosely translated as ‘Wide’ street, Siroka street is just that. A wide, pedestrian, cobbled street with colorful buildings lining the pavement is instantly recognizable as Český Krumlov architecture.

With many great shops and boutiques, the street is filled with great content for your pre wedding and engagement photoshoot.

Make your pre-wedding photography stand out with everything this street has to offer. Sikora street is peak CK pre wedding photography.

overview of cesky krumlovs colored buildings

couple poses against wooden door on cobbled street

Masna and Horni

This street is simply a stunning place to capture your love, as the surrounding buildings give a nice perspective and even better view of the gleaming Castle Tower.

Masna and Horni is a beautiful location that will give you an intimate feeling while you glow with the emotion of your love, making memories to cherish for the rest of your lives.

Simply stunning from every angle, Masna and Horni is a charming backdrop ideal for your engagement photo shoot.

Seminarni Zahrada

This small park carries tremendous beauty both at night and day. From this spot, you can see all the layers of the city with many buildings of different sizes making for a perfect postcard scene. Featuring amazing landmarks to have in your pre wedding images, Seminarni allows us to capture the architectural essence as well as those iconic terracotta rooftops in this charming city.

view of cesky krumlov architecture
bride and groom pose on latran street during photosession

Latran Street

There is something about those cobbled streets that makes every photograph stand out. Latran Street not only has that but also some of the most stunning and colorful pieces of architecture in the whole of CK.

There are so many good spots on this street, restaurants, steps, and buildings that will give your love story a gorgeous sense of warmth and coziness.

AN Bus Stop

A strange location to be considered as a perfect pre wedding spot, but just one of the examples of how glorious Český Krumlov is from every angle. Just a few minute’s walk from AN Bus stop you will find a hill that has a simply amazing viewpoint of the city.

The stunning composition of rooftops and buildings is a scene that will make your photography both amazing and beautiful.

drone shot of ck and colorful buildings
bride and groom smiling with the CK state castle in the background

State Castle and Chateau

This viewing platform is every photographer’s favorite spot. As a result, you can easily spot dozens of photographers taking pictures and capturing the glorious view of the city lying below the castle and chateau.

This same view will pose as an ideal backdrop for those gentle pre-wedding photographs, capturing your passion at the top of this small and delicate world.

Make sure you visit this viewpoint as it is one of the best pre wedding photoshoot locations in Český Krumlov.

Cesky Krumlov Pre Wedding Photography Slideshow

Featured photos from an outdoor photoshoot in CK

Quaint cobbled streets, terracotta rooftops, and an incredible combination of medieval and modern
gives this cozy town a “picture perfect” award.

Take a look at our Cesky Krumlov photography and see how a couples’ love shines brighter in
this medieval architectural wonder.

couple pose for pre wedding photo in beautiful landmark in ck

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Visit CK for your pre wedding photography

Our pre wedding tour to Cesky is one of our most popular packages

As much as Prague is the glorious and iconic location of the Czech Republic, Cesky Krumlov continues to steal the hearts of millions of couples all across the world.

Lovers of romance and beauty, as well as European history, are drawn to this town like a moth to the flame. Furthermore, they are never disappointed.

Here, every couple is greeted by authentic streets, charming houses, baroque towers, and a fairytale castle overlooking the city. Perfect for the beauty it represents.

Having all this makes CK the most picturesque town we visit. With every corner having its own story, it is such an ideal place for celebrating and perpetuating your love story.

couple kiss with rustic european style buildings in background

groom kisses bride during photoshoot

When to book your Cesky Krumlov pre wedding photography shoot

With its continental climate, Cesky Krumlov has four very distinct seasons.

May to August is a great time to visit this incredible town and create your special memories in an equally special place.

Take note that July and August may bring more rainfall, and you will need a jacket for those cooler summer nights, but mostly you will be graced with plenty of sunshine, moderate temperature, and a relaxing breeze flowing blowing through the streets of Cesky Krumlov.

Reasons CK is ranked so highly for couples getting engaged

Extraordinarily beautiful and simply glorious at every corner, Cesky Krumlov has a unique romantic atmosphere you would not find anywhere else.

There is a certain regal and historic tone to its atmosphere. It surrounds you with amazing buildings and terraces, overlooking the city’s red tiles and a castle on the hill.

It sometimes seems like fairytales were inspired by this town. CK is an ideal pre wedding destination for all couples who want to feature elegant and timeless romance in their pre wedding photoshoot while creating wondrous memories to last a lifetime.

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couple pose near wall with view of cesky krumlov city

Photos are meant to capture a moment and I can 100% say that our photos beautiful capture the moment. Excellent. Jay & Kimberly