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There is nothing more mesmerizing than south-west England’s Cotswold villages and, as a result, nothing more mesmerizing
than a Cotswolds pre wedding photography album.

Spreading over several counties, known simply as The Cotswolds, the whole area gives this amazingly romantic vibe, so typically British.
Your pre wedding and engagement photographs are guaranteed perfection if you choose this destination.

With many charming villages and narrow winding streets, The Cotswolds will create a relaxed and carefree environment. As a result, those
feelings will imprint themselves onto your photographs.

The nature of the Cotswolds will pose as a perfect background to your love, giving you dancing butterflies and fields of lavender in which
you can center all your adoration and affection.

This is our favorite place to be during Autumn time. As the leaves turn gold and the lightning of the setting sun gives so many
great artistic possibilities. With many towns proudly presenting their Georgian architecture, you will feel like you have traveled back in
time, giving your images all the historic value this destination has to offer.


Discounts for Pre Weddings in The Cotswolds

Welcome to spring in the beauty of the Cotswolds. We will capture some of the most brilliant pre wedding photographs you have ever seen.

March is the best time to be anywhere in the Cotswolds. Take this adventure with us with our excellent March promotions and let us
surround your love with unforgettable beauty and scenery.

Pre Wedding Services in The Cotswolds

The Cotswolds is a real paradise for outdoor photoshoots, with its vibrant greenery and charming atmosphere, it’s easy to see
why Cotswolds wedding photography is our most enquired package.

This is a location where hills truly come alive, surrounded by the ethereal beauty of the Cotswolds natural environment.
Everywhere you look in this amazing area, is idyllic in ambiance and creativity. The perfect pre wedding destination.

bride smiles while viewing her wedding bouquet Outdoor Pre Wedding
couple pose in rustic building smiling Proposal Shoots
bride posing against ivy covered wall in the cotswolds Engagement Shoots

For the rustic British countryside feeling we highly recommend the Cotswolds and This Love Studio to capture those intimate moments Jackie & Adam

Featured Cotswolds Pre Wedding Photography Sessions

Special moments from couples that chose The Cotswolds

There is no doubt that The Cotswolds is what inspired Tolkien when he created The Shire. With its gorgeous scenery and green hills stretching for miles on, it almost feels like a fairytale location.

This destination gives a certain sense of peace, allowing couples to welcome the carefree atmosphere flowing in these parts. The historic villages allow our couples to feel special for their pre wedding shoot, giving the photos that homely, ‘sheltered from the world’, feel to every image.

Take a look at a selection of photos from couples that booked on our Cotswolds pre wedding photographer packages.

bride kissing groom on green field

groom kisses bride on forehead in rustic doorway surround by greenery

Christy & Brian

It was early fall when we met with Christy and Brian for their pre wedding photoshoot in the Cotswolds. We started their pre wedding experience at Burton on Water. The charming and cozy atmosphere of the town was just how Christy and Brian showed their love for each other. What really surprised us was how “at home” they looked in their photos. Comfortable and relaxed at all times. There was something so natural and homely in their emotions as if they lived here all of their lives.

Once we relocated to the forests of Westonbirt we captured amazing fall-hued photographs with the couple having a little bit of fun, throwing leaves in the air, and just enjoying the sunset.

We ended the day with a few more happy photos in one of the many picturesque, ‘old-feel’ towns that the Cotswolds has to offer. A special way to end a pre-wedding experience.

Creativity is not something you would necessarily expect from a wedding photographer however This Love Studio really delivered. Courtney & Mattie

Cotswolds Pre Wedding Prices

Tour Rates & Packages for a dreamy Cotswolds Photoshoot

For you, we have prepared our own Cotswold adventure packages bearing in mind that visiting all the beauties of this area will take us years however we must give you a greatly varied experience of everything the Cotswolds has to offer.

Our packages are available to all and fit for every budget. Furthermore, we can capture your love story stunningly, without you worrying about your budget and our prices.

Enquire for our Cotswolds pre wedding photography rates and see how, with us, paradise is within your reach.

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couple pose on path in the cotswolds

We would one hundred percent recommend the Cotswolds for an authentic English style pre wedding. Rich in history. Sally & Justin

Reviews from The Cotswolds

Take a look past couples that are happy to recommend us

What we wish the most, besides giving you the most exceptional photographs of your life, is for you to have the gift of experience.

To feel the beauty and the power of the silent Cotswolds hills, to understand the magic that created such a unique landscape, and to soak up this enchanting location and everything it offers.

The charming ambiance of the beautiful villages of the Cotswolds will make you feel like you stepped into your favorite fantasy novel. We want to capture that child-like love you can only share with the person that holds your heart.

Explore the reviews of our couples, and you will find the traces of Cotswolds magic hidden in every word.

bride laughs during pre wedding photoshoot amongst tress
bride sits on floor against wall

Maria and Greyson

“Our pictures are incredible! Wow, we are speechless! The colors, the composition, and the style. Everything looks so magical! Burton was such a great location and we had tons of fun there! The photographer was the nicest guy and he just made us feel so comfortable. The studio was amazing before our pre-wedding session took place, they answered so many questions and gave some really great tips! Thank you so much, we love our photos! We are going to recommend you to every person we know.”

Athena and Adam

“Thanks to This Love Studio we now own the most gorgeous photographs in the world. There are no words to describe how perfect they are! We love Bath and their photographer managed to capture everything we love about this city but keep us in focus! He proposed we take a ride to Castle Combe and oh my God the pictures look out of a fairytale! So creative and warm, we just adore them.”

bride poses lifting veil in gardens
bride poses again pillar smiling for photos

Ximena and Ian

“This Love Studio did such an amazing job! They are so wonderful to work with and made standing in front of the camera comfortable and easy. Their photography style and palette are amazingly beautiful! Our pre-wedding photo session in Bibury was a magical experience and gave us the most stunning pictures we will cherish forever. Thank you This Love Studio for all your hard work and outstanding photographs!”

Arya and Austin

“We were so thrilled to have our pre-wedding photographs taken in the Cotswolds area and we will never regret booking This Love Studio to come with us. They were a joy to work with, every single person from their team was extremely professional, yet friendly. They made us feel secure in our choice of photographer. When we saw the edited photos we were left speechless. They captured our love perfectly and made us extremely happy.”

bride and groom on a bench during photo session

The magic of the Cotswolds was apparent in all our photos that the team captured. We will be able to relive every moment over and over again. Mark & Kayleigh

Featured Locations in The Costwolds

Favorite Pre Wedding Locations in Beautiful Britain

A delightful composition of thatched cottages and emerald hills stretching across six counties is sure to bewitch anyone. This type of picturesque serenity is hard to find.

Fields of gold, gardens of lavender, and quintessential British villages will warm your hearts, all tucked into the flowing Cotswolds meadows and hills.

You can take your pre wedding photos or have your engagement shoot by the river, or in the woods, no matter where you capture your moments, you will still have a hint of old fairy magic. The result will be perfectly documented adoration sparkling between the two of you. Furthermore, once we get out of the woods, the city of Bath or Bristol can offer you even more sensational cities, rich in British history.

There are many wonders to find in Cotswolds to make your pre-wedding photographs a stunning representation of your love. Take a look at some of the best locations in Cotswolds we have picked for you.

couple kissing in wedding attire surrounded by trees

bride and groom kiss in front castle combe

Castle Combe

There is something truly magical in Cotswolds and the villages scattered around the area.

Amongst all the villages, Castle Combe is definitely worth visiting if you are visiting the area. The winding lanes lined with the golden stone houses will give your photographs an archaic look but also a charming tone. It is, without a doubt, the perfect place for an evening stroll while capturing all your spontaneous emotions surrounded by a truly romantic scene.

The greenery draped, fairytale-like buildings of this village along with all the charm of the architecture make this village ideal for a pre-wedding photoshoot.

Burton On The Water

A true Venice of the Cotswolds with the River Windrush flowing leisurely through the middle of the town offers some of the Cotswold’s most stunning photoshoot locations.

Picture-perfect spots are in abundance as there are the many charismatic bridges over this sweet river that simply oozes romance, giving that undeniable Shakespearian tone to your love.

Swimming in the soft-light of the most beautiful shade, this cozy village gives a stunning picture frame for your pre-wedding photography.

couple walking through burton on the water with bridge in background

couple posing underneath green bus

Cotswolds Water Park

Cotswold Water Park is enormous, stretching over 40 square miles and counting over 140 lakes. This unusual location is perfect for a relaxed and carefree pre-wedding photoshoot. The whole area is just a natural paradise, brimming with wildlife, so you never know what you might see and what great photo opportunities we might get.

Perfect at both sunrise and sunset, the lighting is an incredible dance of water and sun that looks great on every photograph. You can also have those gorgeous pier photographs with just you and the lake, with a flowing and romantic look.

Westonbirt Arboretum

Westonbirt is a breathtaking example of untouched natural beauty, and, as such, is a favorite place for pre wedding and engagement photos. No matter the time of the day or the season, Westonbirt provides beauty in abundance.

In summer Westonbirt will give your love story a ‘soft-glow’ shade that is perfect for capturing beautiful images. However, in autumn, you will be treated by a pallet of yellow, orange, and red that will create the most mesmerizing of photos.

Ideal for those fun-loving couples happy to frolic in autumnal leaves, allowing us to capture your honest and child-like emotions in this must-visit location.

autumnal colored trees in the cotswolds
famous bath style building framed by trees


Although the Cotswolds is most famous for its nature and quaint villages, the city of Bath will give you some of the best pre wedding landmarks in the area. With beautiful examples of Georgian architecture, just walking down the streets of Bath gives so many great photo opportunities.

The city has hundreds of amazing spots scattered all around the city that will give your engagement photographs an exclusive and stylish tone. Moreover, if you want the whole city in the palm of your hand, just head out to Bathwick Hill and capture the best view of this roman city.


Another incredible city, with a fascinating vibe and look, perfect for any couples looking for the most beautiful pre wedding photography.

The cobbled streets will give you a sense of romance, leading you to Clifton suspension bridge for those sunset photographs of your love story. From here you can feature some of the most marvelous views of Avon Gorge.

Harbourside will give you a great locality mixing the old with the new, while you feel the take in everything this part of the town has to offer.

hot air ballon over bridge in bristol near the cotswolds
couple walking with sudeley castle in the cotswolds behind them

Sudeley Castle and Gardens

One of those places that will make you ask yourself, “is what heaven looks like?”

A true gem of Cotswolds and a historic spot in British culture, Sudeley Castle dates back to the 15th century and makes for the most exciting, medieval style pre wedding destination.

There are dozens of different garden areas in which you can have your photos taken, all the while surrounded by the rolling hills of the Cotswolds. Furthermore, there are more than 80 different varieties of roses grown in the gardens and over 2000 tulips. As a result, this makes this location a floral wonder, guaranteed to inspire you for your floral arrangement. Moreover, it will also provide you an amazing learning experience ready for your wonderful wedding day.

Cotswolds Pre Wedding Photography Slideshow

A selection of beautiful shots from The Cotswolds

There is something majestic about the Cotswolds. It’s both simplistic, homely, and almost timid feel
combines perfectly with the dramatic rolling hills always on show in the distance.

Take a look at the serenity and romance enveloping our couples and their precious emotions in our
Cotswolds pre wedding portfolio.

couple pose in castle combe in the cotswolds

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Overview of the Beautiful Cotswolds Village

Find out more about the picturesque Cotswolds in The UK

As one of the most magical areas in the whole of Britain, the Cotswolds has inspired many mystical fantasy locations with its pure natural beauty and rustic, but graceful stone houses packed into some of the UK’s most extraordinary villages.

Bristol and Bath are there to give that city energy should you ever want it for your pre-wedding photographs. However, the best of Cotswolds lies in those scenic panoramas and ivy-covered stone houses.

This is the place where your love story gets a fantastic tone surrounded by history, greenery, and hills as far as the eye can see.

bride and groom sit on a wall during pre wedding

couple walking holding balloons during a photo shoot in the cotswolds

When to book your pre wedding in The Cotswolds

The Cotswolds is a stunning area to visit anywhere from April to November as you would be welcomed with pleasant and sunny weather.

Summertime in Cotswolds will give you some great possibilities for a photoshoot with the days lasting longer and the sun shining bright, giving you more time for great photography.

Although Fall and Autumn may feature lower temperatures, the color of the foliage in the fall and the awakening of nature in the spring will give you the most mesmerising pre wedding haven.

Reasons The Cotswolds is Perfect for Pre Wedding Shoots

The Cotswolds is an area of exquisite natural beauty and splendour, filled with undulating hills and charming ancient villages that make this an ideal overseas pre wedding location.

An ideal place for couples that share the love for all things fantastical and mystical, but are also quite imaginative themselves. Due to so many historic buildings and archaeological sites, history enthusiast couples will feel at home in this wondrous place.

Cotswolds pre wedding photography really does bring the quaintness of Great Britain to every couple we photograph.

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couple walking down slaughter hill in the cotswolds

Photography with soul. These are the absolute best pre wedding photos I’ve ever seen. Ten out of Ten for This Love Studio. Nigel & Sophie