Locations and Cities Across The World That We Cover

We are honored and excited about the opportunity to present so many great destinations for your pre wedding photoshoot. Destinations that span across the world.

The years we have spent working in the industry allowed us to get familiar with some of the most stunning parts of the world. No matter how close or how distant they are. We have local photographers in some of the most amazing locations. As a result, this means advice on finding the hidden gems for each location is never far away.

The chance to create unforgettable mementos, capturing true emotions and connection is a privilege. Furthermore, many couples have made us lucky and endlessly in love with what we do. Moreover, it is our mission to pass down that love onto your pre wedding photographs. We will decorate your engagement with beautiful locations, glorious sunsets, and magical moments.

Let us take you on your pre wedding adventure and show you the world’s hidden secrets. Our approach guaranteed to make your love shine even brighter from your photographs.

couple walking towards church during sunset

This Love Studio were really helpful in helping suggest locations as well as advice and guidance on how to get the best photos. Lilly & Jacob

bride and groom posing in historical landmark in europe


Let’s Visit Europe For Your Dream Pre Wedding Shoot

If you want to discover the best of European pre-wedding backdrops, you are in the right place. Moreover, we will show you the best locations, from beautiful beaches to those hidden romantic gems. Locations make Europe a fairytale destination for your dream pre-wedding photoshoot.

Your pre wedding photographs can feature some of the best, most encapsulating festivals in the world, showing the energy and life flowing through your partnership. From small medieval cities, and the biggest metropolis in the world even to the quiet countryside and it’s emerald scenery. Whatever makes your pre wedding dreams we can create for you.

Furthermore, as artists, we love photographing in Europe. Its ability to give such a variance in locations and style is what makes this place special. There is the history of this old continent, found in every cobbled street, every riverbank, and every building. This creates a great experience for our couples and gives amazing scenes for a photography shoot.

Themes are in abundance in Europe. Wherever we go, we can create a different kind of tone and atmosphere. Moreover, it is only a matter of your style, what you love, and how you envisioned your pre wedding photographs.

Together, we can mold Europeans’ greatest destinations to match your wishes and ideas. As a result, we can create a unique pre-wedding collection to cherish forever.


Unlock The Joys of Asia with your pre wedding

Incredible and mystical Asia has brought many wanderers to its land for centuries now. Its perfect leaves couples in awe at its landscapes and natural beauty. Beauty can’t be found anywhere else in the world. Furthermore, that mysterious and ethereal feeling most Asian cultures embody makes every destination in this part of the world even better. As a result, it inspires both couples and photographers in creating otherworldly and unique pre wedding photos.

The ‘up-in-the-clouds’ viewpoints, sacred bamboo forests, and temples and lavender fields will give your love story unparalleled naturality and grace. As a result, this will make your pre-wedding photographs magazine-worthy.

In addition, there is another side to Asia. History and new-age technology blend into some of the most magnificent backdrops in the world. Showing perfectly how well tradition and technological progress go together to create a symbiotic and utopian scene. Asia is the perfect place for those futuristic-city pre-wedding sessions.

Furthermore, there is a different kind of energy flowing in Asia’s most modern locations. Asia will make your pre wedding experience that much better, exciting you, making your photographs come to life.

couple posing with bouquet in asia forest
couple walking toward camera laughing


Embrace The Adventure in Australasia

Not much is known about the ‘Down-under’ part of the world. As a result, it’s sometimes gravely overlooked as a pre wedding destination. However, there is a whole different world in Australasia, brimming with stunning locations and everlasting possibilities.

Magnificent beaches are never in shortage. You need only to tell us your wishes. Pebbles, white powdered sand, or hard, unforgiving rocks, we can find it all in Australasia.

Next to the surfer heaven locations, there is a countryside filled with unusual plants and scenery all of strangely beautiful nature. In addition, everything seems the same yet so different in this destination, giving your pre wedding photographs a unique beauty.

Explore all the islands of the Pacific for some of the best experiences of your life as well as the most stunning viewpoints in the world. Go where few have gone and fill your love with this ‘kingdom far away’. Make your pre-wedding photoshoot a fairytale experience.

Take a look at the locations we offer with our Australasia destination and take a leap of faith and love to this extraordinary part of the world.