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Staying true to its Italian artistic nature, Florence gives an abundance of excellent backdrop content for a pre-wedding
and engagement photoshoot. The city itself is a piece of art, but you will have a hard time finding a corner that is not decorated with a statue, mosaic
, or just showing incredible architectural design.

This colorful and temperamental city with an unparalleled flavor of love is perfect for those sensible and sentimental couples. Couples with a
great sense of taste. Whether you want photos from Ponte Vecchio, Uffizi gallery, or Boboli gardens, we can promise this city will bring greatness
to your pre-wedding photo collection.

Just as Florence inspired Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, and Botticelli, it will inspire us into providing the best and most
creative Florence pre wedding photography service.


Pre Wedding Promos for the City of Florence

If you dream of having a memento of your gentle embrace underneath the blooming wisteria tree and surrounded by art on
every corner, our April Florence promotion is the perfect opportunity for you. We can capture your romance among the fleeting wisteria bloom, giving
your photographs a sense of elegance, serenity, and rareness.

Our Florence Photography Services

There are no limits for a photographer in a city like Florence. Furthermore, we are happy to offer many outdoor types of photoshoots
for any occasion. Everyone taking part in your pre-wedding or proposal shoot, including yourselves, will feel the burst of inspiration giving
you, not only the most precious mementos but also a presentation of your love most romantically and artistically possible.

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bride stands in front of castle in sunshine Pre Wedding Photos
happy couple walking with state chateau as background Couple Photography

While Florence isn’t the most famous city for romance, it certainly felt like it was. We loved every minute of our pre wedding shoot. Alison & Richard

Galleries from Florence

Featured pre wedding shoots from past couples in Florence

The magical Florence, with so many excellent backdrop opportunities, makes every photo shoot successful.

No matter which way you go, you will find some form of breathtaking art. As if the city is a compilation of the most stunning artwork in the world. Our couples love this about Florence. Specificially how warm they feel as they contemplate statues and architecture of the city, glowing in the sunset.

To us, every couple is as lovely and as beautiful as they can be. But every once in a while we have a privilege to work with couples that are Renassanse embodiment, beautiful in both soul and appearance, and on par with any marble statue in whole Florence.

Take a look at our best-featured couples. See our results when the right couple meets the right photograph at the perfect time and place.

bride and groom walk across bridge in gown and tuxedo

couple leaning against wall during engagement shoot

Adalynn and Caden

Getting up for sunrise in Florence was well worth it and once Adalynn and Caden saw the usually tourist-swarming town looking so still and intimate, they loved it.

We headed for Uffizi gallery right away before tourists, vans and Vespas begin to buzz aroun. As a result we managed to capture the best photographs of the day.

Ponte Vecchio was next, then Duomo and finally Boboli gardens. Every location gave us so many opportunities to capture their love and beauty splendidly. But those back-alleys photographs with random sculpturesare what complimented up their Florence pre-wedding photoshoot perfectly with unforgettable memories for their photo album.

Sometimes thank you isn’t enough. This is one of those times. We can’t put into words how much our photos mean to us. Ryan & Carly

Pre Wedding Rates for Florence

Information on our Florence pre wedding prices

Florence has never been more affordable than with our prices and packages.

In addition, we will take care of everything. We even write an itinerary of those perfect spots for your pre wedding shoot or engagement photoshoot. This will all be included in our packages as well as a whole day of capturing your precious emotions and feelings most majestically.

Wherever you want to go, we will follow you with our camera. Ready to take a picture of that perfect kiss and intimate moments during your Florence escapade.

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The team was blessed with a gift to take beautiful photos. They shared their gift with us in Florence and we couldn’t be happier. Marshall & Lola

Couple Testimonials from Italy

Reviews from couples that booked our Florence pre-wedding package

Having an opportunity to capture all your love in the majestic city of Florence is a dream come true for every photographer. In an instant, we will be struck with artistic inspiration. Inpspiration that doesn’t compare to anything in this world.

We want you to have all those great memories of Florence in your pre-wedding images along with all the signs of your love and affection. This is why we will incorporate all the art of the city into your photographs, making your love surrounded by one of the most extraordinary things in all mankind.

Read about our Florence photoshoot services in the reviews of our past couples and see how we can make your photographs exude renaissance of your love.

bride and groom together in front of blue doored building in florence
couple hugging surrounded by greenery

Khloe and Kayden

“A big ‘Thank you’ to This Love Studio for marvelous pre-wedding memories and amazing atmosphere on the day. What they delivered were not only phenomenal photographs but a real work of art. Furthermore, the easiness of the communication and trust they provoked with us made us sure we made the right choice with them. Florence will never be the same for us as that is where we created some of the most special mementos to cherish forever and it would not be possible without This Love Studio. We adore them and highly recommend them to every couple!”

Jasmine and Miles

“This Love Studio team was a pleasure to work with! They knew all the great spots in Florence and were open to our ideas and combine the two to create amazing photographs. The energy they created was amazing, we never laughed so hard in our lives. Our pre-wedding photographs are a masterpiece and they have everything- the emotions, the beauty, and art of the city, everything was wrapped up perfectly into the best memories we have. Highly recommend This Love Studio, they are simply the best.”

couple walking hand in hand during photoshoot
bride and groom holding hands stood next to pillar

Melody and Sawyer

“Top Quality Photography and the most professional bunch we have ever met! This Love Studio was in charge of our Florence pre-wedding photoshoot and not only did they make the day memorable, but the pictures they created and the moments they captured were also truly breathtaking. They are not just photographers, they are artists and everything they create is a pure, raw art that oozes emotions! Booking them for your pre-wedding photographs is a must and you will be blown away with the final results.”

Isabel and Declan

“We cannot describe how happy we are with This Love Studio and their service. Their photographer was great to work with and so passionate about his job, as well as knowledgeable. He was on top of everything on our pre-wedding day in Florence and gave us so many amazing ideas. We were thrilled when our photos arrived. The quality was fantastic but the things he captured overwhelmed us. And everything was done and delivered in a month which made us extremely happy.”

couple pose during pre wedding shoot with florence skyline in background

We struggled for a while to find our perfect photographer but when we landed on TLS’s beautiful Florence portfolio, we knew we had found the winners. Cen & Bo

Pre Wedding Perfect Photoshoot Locations in Florence

Hot spots of the best photoshoot landmarks

Packed with every kind of masterpiece, Florence has changed little since the Renaissance.

As another Unesco World Heritage Site on our list, the city is brimming with medieval chapels, magnificent marble basilicas, all adorned in fresco. Furthermore, around every narrow cobbled corner, another wonder awaits for you to give your pre-wedding or engagement shoot a hopelessly romantic and artistic canvas. As a result, this will give your love story the elegance of those 16th-century palaces.

A city that changes its mood as the sun travels across the sky giving you a gorgeous palette of gold, soft pink, and glittering amber. Florence is the perfect place to go and capture the essence of your emotions. In addition, we can show you all those best-kept secret locations in Florence that will take your breath away and leave you in awe.

couple walking through florence at sunset

skyline photo of florence from oltrarno garden

Oltrarno Garden

An amazingly beautiful location, with spotless lawns and breathtaking sculptures. Oltrarno gives one of the most beautiful views of Florence and, as such a great pre-wedding or engagement photoshoot location. Perfect for spontaneous portraits capturing the gentleness of your emotions and giving you a more intimate scene away from the hustle of the energetic city below.

Ponte Vecchio

There is nothing quite like taking a stroll across this famous bridge placed over the Arno river. Ponte Vecchio is a curious little piece of architecture, with a history dating all the way back to the 13th century making this pre-wedding photoshoot location a place where history and beauty combined with a resounding success. Make your memories special in this iconic Florence spot. A place like no other in the world.

couple pose at ponte vecchio bridge

groom lifts bride up infront of ferris wheel at piazza della repubblica

Piazza Della Repubblica

Like stepping back in time, this city square will take you through history in just one look. The sensational architecture will take your breath away. Moreover it will make you glad you chose this as your pre-wedding destination. Amongst the history, there is a spark of new. The cafes musicians, and artists that give this place great energy, as well as a merry-go-round that will awaken your inner child. As a result, you will create some of the most stunning memories of your love.

Santa Maria Del Fiore

The Duomo, as called by the locals, is that iconic monument painted across every Florence postcard and an instantly recognizable feature of this glorious city. And although it is swarming with tourists, the sheer size of this cathedral will give you plenty of options for your pre-wedding photoshoot and create a corner just for you. Built over a span of 140 years with more than 4 million bricks, it’s a reminder that all grand things take time and effort, a perfect symbolism to add to your pre-wedding or engagement photo album.

high shot of the santa maria del fiore building
couple kissing during pre wedding shoot at santa croce

Basilica di Santa Croce

Make sure to add the magnificent facade of the stunning Basilica di Santa Croce to your pre-wedding photoshoot locations. A historically important place where many artists laid their heads to rest, the basilica depicts some of the gorgeous architecture designs in the world. The same design expertly plays with the sun and creates gorgeous shadows making this location a perfect spot for capturing your special moments.

Uffizi Gallery

One of the most stunning and important art galleries in the world, Uffizi Gallery is an art by itself as expected. The glorious architecture and the dramatic courtyard of the gallery, lined with columns and corridors make for a perfect pre-wedding or engagement photoshoot location. Do not miss to visit this great location to give your love story that iconic renaissance theme and unparallel timelessness of Uffizi Gallery.

photo of people at uffizi gallery
bride and groom look out over palazzo pitti

Palazzo Pitti

The Royal Palace or Palazzo Pitti carries a curious architectural mark, but the geometrical patterns make for a truly amazing pre-wedding or engagement photoshoot location. It will create a magnificent backdrop with yellow bricks and arched windows, and the size will add to the grandiose feeling of your photographs.

Boboli Gardens

Hiding behind Palazzo Pitti, Boboli Gardens is the perfect place to stroll for an hour or so, creating stunning images and memories along the way. This open-air museum is a truly magnificent pre-wedding and engagement photoshoot location, with trees, a variety of flowers and plants, but also majestic fountains and sculptures to give you a beautiful backdrop for your pre-wedding photographs.

photo of building at boboli gardens

Pre Wedding Photography Slideshow in Florence

Featured photos from past Florence Shoots

It is only fitting that, surrounded by art on every corner, each photograph we make, each moment
we capture, turns into art instantaneously. Lose yourselves in our Florence Slideshow Portfolio, an art gallery in
itself, and see our divine renaissance couples.

bride smiles while hugging groom in florence italy

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Why Florence is the dream pre wedding destination

From romantics to adventurers, Florence is idealic

A Tuscany art Mecca, without a doubt, and one of the most beautiful cities in the world, not just in Italy. There is no other city so packed with extraordinary architecture and art, wonder and awe at every step, and developed so organically and in tune with its people that you can feel the city as it were another person.

There is magic to its never-changing theme from the Renaissance era to the Modern Age and how stubbornly it insist on palazzo, medieval chapels, marble basilicas, and museums packed with masterpieces, presenting the most stunning pre-wedding backdrops in the world…

couple pose on stairs during photoshoot

couple holding hands in doorway

Best time to visit Florence for photoshoots

Located in a valley, Florence has a bit different climate than the rest of Tuscany. From spring to fall, the climate of the valley will bring beautiful sunny days, even some really hot ones in July and August.

We consider it would be best to visit Florence somewhere between May and September, and enjoy warm weather, many arts, and music festivals and take the most stunning images while surrounded by that Italian Lifestyle you dream of experiencing.

Reasons why everyone loves Florence

Florence is one of those cities made for walking for hours and couples who wish to be astounded at every step. Its incredible beauty never ceases to surprise, as well as how quickly Florence seduces you by its grandeur and splendor. This is why it is an ideal location for couples who like to explore and experience good art, music, and cuisine at a slow pace, taking their time to admire their surroundings while creating mesmerizing mementos of their pre-wedding day.

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bride poses with bouquet surrounded by bushes

Our photoshoot was fun, exciting, and even a little romantic. We loved working with the studio and would highly recommend it. Joe & Jay