10 of the Most Amusing & Fun Pre Wedding Photo Poses for Your Shoot

Pre-wedding photos are a great way to show off individuality and just generally have fun with your partner. Not all pre-wedding shoots need to aim for glamorous, editorial shots. They can be joyful. Playful. Mess around with your partner and get some truly genuine smiles. But just getting in front of the camera and having fun isn’t as easy as it seems. Plenty of people freeze up in front of the lens. Or simply can’t ‘have fun’ on cue. Having an idea of some poses you’d like to try is a great way to get started. Either mimic these or use them to start up the fun. It’s completely up to you. So here are 10 fun pre-wedding poses for you to try.

The Piggyback

A classic for any fun couple photo. We all know the basics of a piggyback. And despite this is never fails to make us smile. Typically it will be the man carrying the woman but this certainly isn’t a rule. Flip the script by having the woman carrying. Make sure you know exactly how strong you both are for these shoots. No one wants any injuries in the studio. If you still want to try these but aren’t sure about the physical aspect there are ways around. In a studio especially. Stools or other props can be used to take some of the weight. These can either be hidden by your partner’s body or just edited out. Or go for the failed piggyback for an even funnier and honest image of you two being goofy.

bride rides piggyback on groom

Dragging Him Away

Having the bride drag the husband away is a hilarious way to show your fun side. And thankfully it takes very little physical ability. As well as minimal editing. Just a camera angle and some acting. Have the bride grab the grooms leg and lean back slightly as if she’s pulling. Then have the groom on the ground with their arms flailing, looking as if they’re trying to escape. And there you have it.

Push Up Pal

Some people are impressively strong. Maybe you and your partner are fitness fanatics. Maybe one of you is drastically bigger than the other. Whatever the circumstance, a fun pose is to have one sat on the other whilst the do a push-up. Look like a queen sat on his back. Or up the comedy value and be sat on a failed push-up attempt.

Little Partner

With some clever camera angles, you can make your significant other fit in the palm of your hand. Have one person close to the camera and the other further away. It may take some adjusting but eventually, it will look as if one of you is teeny tiny. From there it’s up to you. Pose as if you’re poking them, blowing them away or picking them up. The opportunities are endless.


I’m sure we’ve all seen impressive couples yoga. But it’s not all as tricky as it seems. Some shots can be altered digitally. And camera angles can hide something that’s propping you up. For the fitter couples, try some more quirky poses. Lifting each other. Balancing on one-another. Even hanging off each other. But make sure you practice these beforehand!

Sharing a Meal

For any food lovers, dinner time is often what they bond over. Whether it’s cooking together or eating at fancy restaurants. Meals as a couple is quality time. So why not incorporate this into your pre-wedding shoot. Have one feed the other a forkful of their dish. Let them have a lick of your ice-cream. Or share a milkshake with two straws. Take your pick. It’s also an excuse to get some super yummy food.

groom watches bride each burger

Two Person Bicycle

This is another one that never fails to bring out someone’s silly side. Two people bicycles are just funny. Have one doing all the work up a hill. Or have both of you with legs spread wide as you go down it. Cycle by your favourite sites. Or have one of waving the map around pointing whilst the other steers the wrong way. There’s a lot of room for individuality and creativity with this one. Whatever you decide to do, these shots with be full of your own personalities.

Pillow Fight

Who doesn’t like a pillow fight? Get some movie magic involved with this one to ensure that classic (and very unlikely), feathers flying shot. This can be done in a studio. Or, if you prefer, in the comfort of your own bedroom. This will ensure the decor and colour choices are exactly what you want since it’s actually just your room. Make sure you tidy up beforehand though, you wouldn’t want anything lying around in the background. And come to terms with the fact you’ll be finding stray feathers around the room for months afterwards.


This type of pose defiantly requires some more set up but it also creates an extremely impressive shot. Not only do you need a photographer experienced in underwater shots. But you may also need a diver on standby. Depending on your preference you could go for some safe swimming pool photos, where your feet are actually just touching the bottom. Or if you’re going all out, take it to open waters. This is where you’ll need that diver and maybe even a few professional lessons. This is so you can control your breathing, use breathing apparatus and not panic when under the surface.

couple dancing during pre wedding shoot


Dancing is proven to increase serotonin. In short, it makes us happy. Take your partner by the hand and dance the night away. Well maybe more like dance an hour away. But regardless, having a dance with your loved one is a perfect way to get some fun, upbeat shots. Who cares if you can actually dance or not. Put on a favourite track and get moving. No matter the quality of your moves you’ll be sure to get some joyous images. True, genuine smiles and laugher. As well as a day you won’t forget.