6 Cool Hong Kong Airbnb’s To Rent for Your Pre Wedding Photoshoot

Just because you want your pre-shoot to look classy and expensive doesn’t mean you’ve actually got to fork out big money. A great photographer and an interesting location are all you need. Airbnb is an affordable alternative to standard hotel rooms. It comes with the added bonus of being far more unique and unheard of. Plenty of shoots have been done in the big expensive hotels dotted across the cityscape. But few have been done in these more obscure, note-worthy locations.

couple reading a book during pre wedding shoot

Yi Boutique Suite in Lixin Building

Each room has its own, unique decorating style. Some more traditional looking and some that look like you’ve stepped right out of a spaceship. Although these are single rooms the cool interiors will allow for an offbeat and altogether stand-out pre-shoot. Large poses or wide shots can’t be achieved in these little spaces but bold colors and patterns are definite. Not what you’d expect from a traditional pre-wedding photoshoot. For a couple who doesn’t follow the crowd and likes mixing their color pallettes this will be perfect. On the other hand, experiment with muted, monochrome outfits to contrast again the outlandish backdrops. This will create a striking juxtaposition in your images. Making your pre-wedding shoot more akin to a high fashion editorial.

Private Room on Lamma Island

We couldn’t do this entire list without including one stunning view. This room overlooks a simply breathtaking part of the sea that is sure to create gorgeous photographs. The interior is stylish with a modern, boho-like style. Think bright, pop-art on the walls and chic wicker chairs to sit on. It oozes that new-age, hippy look; effortlessly perfect. Sit overlooking the sea or be photographed just going about life with the view conveniently in the background. A private room at Lamma island an ideal place for some candid shots of the happy couple living a perfect life. These images won’t scream about how much you can afford and more about how you’re simply living the life most people can only dream of. It won’t flaunt the fact your wallet is full but that you’re rich with happiness.

Deluxe Suite in 99 Bonham

Lavish, classy, and elegant. The Deluxe Suite is the answer if you’re looking for a way to look expensive. Floor to ceiling windows. Remarkable views of the city skyline. And an interior that would make even the richest of apartments blush. Nothing is obnoxious or gaudy yet it oozes expensive. Glass and marble coat the room and neutral, high-class colors are used all throughout. Perfect for a business-savvy couple who knows how to show off without looking brash. So much can be done with this space. Candid, ‘I always look this good’ shots can be achieved early morning or late evening. Catching that golden, soft light that pours in through the tremendous windows. Alternatively, more posed, powerful shots can be taken in the sharp, white light of the day. Or in the black of night with just the bright city lights to illuminate you. It’s completely up to you what you create in this space.

Oasis Within CWB

This cool flat is available to rent in the heart of Hong Kong. The interior can fit up to 9 people so there’s no shortage of space for you to photograph in. Pastel colors cover the walls and decor items. But don’t despair, the Oasis doesn’t resemble a hello kitty fever dream. Rather a subtle and classy array of pastel colors. Parts of the walls are tastefully done, leaving most of the space neutral colors. If you want to feel like a princess that’s all grown up this is definitely the place. Let natural light cascade through the curtains to create a fairy-like, mystical photoshoot. Make it clear you’re living your fantasy by making your pre-wedding images look like they’re straight out of a dream.

A Room in The Hop Inn

Every interior in the Hop Inn is as bold and as crazy as the next. Mad patterns, splodges of color, and a complete disregard of a cohesive theme throughout. The only theme here is consistently disjointed. If you’re wanting a bold and unique setting for your pre-wedding photoshoot then this is the place. From monochromatic, repeating patterns to hand-painted graffiti walls, they’ve got it all. Everywhere you look you’ll find more and more places you want to be photographed by. You can be sure that no-one else’s shoot will look like yours (well until they copy you of course). Offset the craziness by wearing crisp, clean lines and muted colors. Or embrace it with many layers, an incohesive color pallette, and striking cuts. Either way, your photos will come out looking like they belong in Vogue.

Entire Villa

This is by far the most expensive place on the list but it’s still cheaper than a lot of Hong Kong’s swanky hotels. For a nightly fee, you can rent this gigantic villa all to yourself. White walls, white floors, white curtains. And best of all, a white grand piano! It looks so expensive it hurts. There’s almost unlimited space for you to shoot your pictures and you’ll have no trouble finding places to pose. Perfect for candid shots and more set-up positions. Massive windows and doors allow sunlight to come streaming in at all times. This is a great way to feel like a princess without requiring anything pink. Matching the very coordinated decor with an equal white outfit would look stunning. Or wear bold, bright shades to stand out in each image. Light flowy fabrics will help you to fully absorb the elegance of the location. And don’t forget to pose by the piano.

So there you have it, the best Airbnb locations for your pre-wedding shoot. Using Airbnb is an amazing way to get cost-effective or quirky shooting locations for your pre-wedding photographs. For the places that aren’t renting the entire thing, feel free to rent out multiple rooms to get the decor from each in your shoot. We recommend doing this in the offseason when fewer people are on holiday. This will allow you to have a better choice of which rooms you have, what days you are there and it is often cheaper.