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Pre Wedding Photography

Our Hong Kong pre wedding photographer service is one of the most popular services we offer. We offer wonderful pre wedding photography
services throughout the world in a variety of amazing locations however we absolutely love capturing couples moments in Hong Kong.

This magnificent city has been our home for decades and has welcomed us with open arms from all our international adventures. This feeling
of belonging motivates us to create exceptional pre-wedding photographs of our dear couples with our city shining in the background.

Our team members are hand-picked photography specialists, able to design, create, and deliver the most amazing shoots. With our creative and
state-of-the-art style, we can promise stunning imagery, overflowing with emotion and beauty.

We are personal in our approach and love to know all about our couples. Knowing your love story means knowing the perfect way to present and
capture the true essence of your love. Moreover, working together we will find an ideal style, encompassing all your wishes and requirements.

As a result, we aim to make our couples laugh and have fun during your pre wedding shoot. Happy couples make for emotive photographs filled with pure joy,
and this experience is what we want to give to every one of our couples.


Hong Kong Photoshoot Promotions

There is nothing better than finding the perfect location at the perfect time of the year for creating magnificent pre wedding photography.
Furthermore, our studio takes it one step further by offering promotions of the most popular photoshoots whether that’s traveling overseas or an indoor studio session.

Pre Wedding Photographer Services

Whether you desire a stunning pre wedding shoot, proposal shoot, or perhaps an engagement shoot, we will expertly adapt our photography
services to your every occasion. We create amazing memories in any of the outdoor locations and our indoor studio in Hong Kong downtown.

couple posing in pre wedding studio Pre Wedding Studio
bride displays wedding dress on beach in HK Outdoor Pre Wedding
couple poses during hk overseas shoot Overseas

Our pre wedding photoshoot was full of fun and laughter. We loved playing around, capturing real photos of ourselves. Amazing service. Ole & Cassie

Featured Hong Kong Pre Weddings

Pre Weddings, Engagements & Couple Shoots in HK

We have one simple goal, a pre wedding photoshoot that reflects your personalities, but most of all, your wishes. Over the years, several couples challenged us with their amazing ideas and requests. As a result, this encouraged us to raise our bar for pre-wedding photography. No matter what dreams of pre wedding perfection you have, we are here to accommodate you every wish and deliver the most amazing pre wedding photoshoot.

In a desire to share those truly magical moments and photographs with all our couples, we present our selection of featured couples.

couple poses for pre wedding in on basketball court

couple poses at the peak in hong kong

Sylvia and Henley

The first time we met Sylvia and Henley, it was undeniable how gentle they both are, and we knew we would have a romantic and beautiful pre-wedding photoshoot with them.

We suggested The Peak location for the photoshoot as we felt it could best suit the style and feelings. It was great to know that they loved this location.

It’s always best to get a few early morning photos allowing you to capture some of the most fantastic sunrise photographs and use that perfect lighting to our advantage.

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Angela and John

Angela and John are one of those couples that all others want to be. Gorgeous, fun, and stylish, they mesmerized us at our first meeting.

We wanted to give them a powerful but at the same time romantic location to go with their personalities, and for that reason, we chose the gorgeous rocky caves of Cape D’Aguilar beachfront.

Cape D’Aguilar is one of HK’s most sought after locations and delivers photos that our couples absolutely love.

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couple pose on rocks in wedding attire

bride smiles during pre wedding shoot

Chen and Mei

We are sure that anyone that meets Chen and Mei instantly wants to be their friend. When we first met this incredibly funny and charismatic couple, our meeting lasted a bit longer than it should. But below that charisma, there is romance and caring, so we recommended Shek-O for their pre wedding photoshoot, and it was perfect.

Chen and Mei were smiling all the long, and we really got to capture the humor they nurture in their relationship. Shek-O gave some really outstanding pre-wedding photographs.

As well as Shek O we got to explore a few of the more central locations. Hong Kong is so well versed in many different styles of locations making it perfect for pre wedding photo sessions.

Stephanie and Justin

We enjoyed our pre-wedding photoshoot with Stephanie and Justin, as they managed, very successfully, to run the session as if we were not there.

They are the kindest couple we ever have seen and loved every minute capturing their emotions.

For Stephanie and Justin, we had a combination of outdoor Victoria harbor photoshoot, plus we got to play with all the amazing themes in our pre-wedding studio.

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couple pose in pre wedding studio in hong kong

Mesmerizing. The better experience we could have ever hope for and the photos they delivered are beyond expectations. Kayley & Jeff

Photo Packages & Prices

Rates for local Hong Kong pre wedding and studio shoots

Our only aim is to be able to fulfill our couples’ every need and desire. By creating custom packages and offering promotions in many different locations, including Hong Kong, we ensure our couples find the perfect photo package within their budget. Furthermore, our packages are created to make sure the location and the season complement each other perfectly.

Take a look at our Hong Kong pre wedding photography packages below. You can find out more information about our HK prices by getting in touch via WhatsApp or Messenger.

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Half Day

Outdoor, Studio or Combo
  • 3.5 Hours Photo Coverage

  • 20 High Tuned Edited Images

  • All Original Photos

  • Hair + MUA Styling Before

  • Storybook Photo Album

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Full Day

Outdoor, Studio or Combo
  • 10 Hours Photo Coverage

  • 40 High Tuned Edited Images

  • All Original Photos

  • Hair + MUA Styling

  • Premium Printed Canvas

  • Storybook Photo Album

  • 2-3 Locations (Outdoor)

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Indoor Studio
  • 2 Hours Photo Coverage

  • 20 High Tuned Edited Images

  • Studio Location Close to MTR

  • All Original Photos

  • Hair + MUA Styling

  • Storybook Photo Album

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I can only describe our couple photos in one word. Mesmeric. They are pure emotion and highlight everything me and Candy are about. Timo & Candy

Hong Kong Pre Wedding Photography Reviews

Kind words and thoughts from happy HK couples

The satisfaction of our couples is our greatest pride. We measure our work by the amount of fun you have during the pre-wedding shoot, but also by the happiness you radiate when you receive your photographs.

We are grateful to all couples that choose to share experiences and leave a review for our services.

For a selection of reviews from some of our favorite couples please get in touch. Reviews are a true testament to the quality of our service and creativity in both our style and approach.

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couple smiles during engagement shoot
bride poses in pre wedding studio set up

Karly and Joe

“Sensational. The photos that the team captured during our pre wedding are better than I can ever imagine.

We got to explore so many of Hong Kong’s most perfect locations including The Peak and Shek O. It was so good to get such a variation in our photo gallery, but we are especially lucky that the team knew many of Hong Kong’s hidden gems.”

Karen and Ali

“Choosing a pre wedding photographer was one of the hardest decisions we had to make when planning our pre wedding shoot. When we discovered This Love Studio we just knew straight away they these were the best photographers we had seen.

We spent many hours browsing their portfolio before getting in touch and booking for our engagement shoot. We would highly recommend choosing This Love Studio for your pre wedding in HK.”

couple have fun with books during pre wedding shoot
bride and groom smiling having photos together

Susanna and Rich

“When booking your pre wedding photographer in Hong Kong, we can definitely recommend everyone at This Love. From start to finish they delivered impeccable service, offering advice and guidance at every turn.”

“We went for the Gold package meaning we also got to include a pre-wedding studio, wedding gown, groom’s suit as well as sourcing wedding Hair and MUA. Everything was brilliant.”

Fantastic, professional, creative, just some of the words I would use to describe the This Love Studio team. Recommend to everyone. Tory & Johnson

The Best Pre Wedding Spots in Hong Kong

A selection of the most popular pre wedding photo spots in HK

Among the many beautiful locations each city has, we are especially familiar with those hidden nooks and corners in Hong Kong. As a result, these perfect locations will make for extraordinary photos.

These city gems offer possibilities beyond measure for a pre-wedding shoot, complementing each couple’s personality, perfectly.

From idyllic parks to urban city zones, we can incorporate any scenery and capture mesmerizing photographs.

Take a look at some of our most popular pre wedding locations in Hong Kong. The following locations are proven to be the perfect canvas on which we will paint your love story.

photographer takes photo of bride and groom and sunset

couple poses at victoria peak gardens in hong kong

Victoria Peak (The Peak)

A classic when it comes to finding the perfect location for your pre wedding shoot. The Peak offers a panoramic view of Hong Kong. Even on a foggy day, it’s perfect for those up-in-the clouds themed photographs. Having your pictures captured in this fantastic location will give you a polished and picturesque pre-wedding photo collection.

Shek O

Giving that feeling of a perfect getaway location, this southern beachside village offers a captivating view of the ocean. With intense rock formations and crashing waves in the backdrop, this amazing location will give you a sense of just how grand Mother Nature can be. This striking piece of nature is the perfect setting for majestic pre-wedding imagery.

bride poses on rock with sea in background at shek o

bride and groom smile at camera in central hong kong

Central, Hong Kong

Paint your pre wedding photographs with those exciting neon lights from the forever-buzzing urban center. Perfect for modern, young, and outgoing couples, this ‘city that never sleeps’ will give your photographs a sensation of colors, sounds, and excitement.

Favorite to many photographers, Central is ideal for telling a story of a couple finding each other in a big and crowded city. All those passersby become extras in your pre-wedding shoot set making Hong Kong and your fellow citizens an important part of your love story.

Lai Chi Kok Park

One of the most stunning Hong Kong’s public parks, with lush floral and traditional Lingnan-style gardens. Lai Chi Kok Park dominates all other popular engagement and pre wedding shoot locations. Perfect for both modern couples, as well as tradition-oriented couples. Furthermore, the park offers a variety of sites, plants, and statues waiting for couples to take that loving pose.

bride covered in veil during pre wedding shoot

Hong Kong Wedding Photoshoot Portfolio

Engagement & Pre Wedding Photos of HK Couples

We are passionate about what we do, the photographs of our lovely couples mean a lot to us.
They are a never-fading proof of our expertise, professionalism, and above all, the love we put into our work.

Take a look at our slideshow portfolio to see why we are known as the best award-winning
professional pre-wedding photographers in Hong Kong.

hong kong pre wedding photo slideshow

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Hong Kong – The Perfect Pre Wedding Destination

For every couple and every style. From Beaches to CityScapes.

From incredible geometrical architecture like Quarry Bay Montane Mansion to the untouched nature of the Sai Kung area, Hong Kong has it all so much more.

You can favor modern or traditional, Hong Kong fits all. Furthermore, it will give you dozens of perfect spots to match both your personality and pre wedding style.

If you wish to have a plethora of choices and ensure that no matter where the camera is pointing you’ll be in the perfect shot, then HK is the perfect place. The vibe of the city plus that unique urban feel translates perfectly onto every photo giving your pictures that most unique dash of flair.

couple walks holding hands in pre wedding clothing

person holds balloon with MRS embossed on beach

Best Time of Year for Your Pre Wedding Shoot

For those gorgeous sunlit photographs make sure to book your pre wedding shoot somewhere between October and early December. You will be blessed with the gift of sunny, but crisp and pleasant weather. Perfect for pre wedding photography.

Furthermore, to really give your photos all the splendor Hong Kong can offer, Spring Festival and Lantern Festival throughout January and February will pose as the perfect background on which you will paint your love story.

Reasons to Choose Hong Kong

Perfect for every couple, Hong Kong is filled with various style locales. Besides the sophisticated grandeur of this city, there are also many hidden nooks and crannies of older, traditional architecture, still exuding the same vibe as it did centuries ago.

Whether you are a modern and fashionable couple or romantic and nature-loving, so many parts of HK will dazzle you allowing you the most beautiful backdrop for the perfect Hong Kong pre-wedding photography.

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bride shows off dress while groom holds bouquet

Our engagement photoshoot was really enjoyable. We traveled through the various locations but were most impressed by the beaches! Great fun! Susan & Joli

Our Pre Wedding Studio

From couple shoots to themed pre wedding shoots, visit our studio

Being in the center of the Hong Kong hubbub is the main source of all our energy. The melodic buzzing of the city and its people bring a spring to our steps, and we couldn’t be happier about our location. Available to all, we have placed our studio in the most perfect location in Hong Kong, ensuring we are never too far away from Hong Kong’s most popular pre wedding & engagement spots.

bride smiles surround by floral arrangement in studio