10 Instagram Famous Paris Photo Spots for Picturesque Perfection

If you’re planning to visit the French capital, you’ll have no trouble finding instagrammable places for amazing pre wedding photos. The architecture and beautiful streets make Paris a hidden gem. If you’re looking for insta famous Paris spots, this post will help you find what you hope for. Furthermore, head on over to our Paris wedding photographers page to discover our rates and promotions for this amazing city.

Let’s jump right in.

bride and groom pose near palais royal

Palais Royal

This is a hidden gem to have your Instagram photoshoot – and it’s pretty much everyone’s playground. Once you’re inside this epic playground, you can have endless fun with your photos. The Palais Royal is open to the public, so you can get there any time.

But what makes this iconic place interesting is the beautiful white and black installation -it brings that classic and chic vibe. The artwork also gives you space and a contemporary edge. While this space is reserved for commercial use, couples and families can make use of it. Besides that, there are fountains and gardens so you can take amazing photos.

Another great perk offered by the Palais Royal is that there are many shades. You can shoot later in the day, so the scheduled time is flexible. And there are lots of cute coffee shops in case you want to take some time off.

Moulin Lounge

This is a timeless photo spot that allows you to have some fun right out of town. The iconic landmark is simply an itinerary backed by some educational content. At first glance, you may think that Moulin Lounge is an old hall. But, it offers more than that. It’s known for its explosive high energy that appeals to every visitor. Whether you’re visiting Moulin Lounge to get a scope of the exterior or for a full experience, you may want to capture some amazing Instagram photos to preserve the memories.

Sacre Coeur

Sacre Coeur is a hot spot for tourists and locals alike. The Roman Catholic Church is not only a religious monument but also preserves a political history. You can take a photo from the front, back, or down the hill. Also, you can capture photos from different angles. And once you reach the tip of the steps, you can turn your head for a unique caption.

notre dame behind river in paris

Notre Dame

This is one of the most iconic Gothic Structures with spectacular views. It’s believed the iconic landmark was built in the 1160s and took around 200 years to complete. But what makes Notre Dame impressive is the fact no modern machinery was used during construction. While the structure was burned down in 2019, the twin towers are still strong.

If you’re a photo enthusiast, you should avoid getting too close to the structure. This cathedral is distinguished for its iniquity, size, and architectural design. It’s believed that the tower will be rebuilt in the next five years.

Odette Paris

Odette is a mouthwatering store known for deliciously light puss pastries. It’s located just behind the iconic bookstore of Shakespeare, but the vintage streets are what makes this place unique for many. Apart from the buttery croissants, there are chocolate-filled baguettes.

Instagram enthusiasts love this place because the streets look like a Parisian dream with cobblestone and beautiful architecture. Being a quiet place, you can be sure there will be no interference in your photoshoot. This little street also has a handful of shops that sell jewelry and other cute stuff. If you have limited time in Paris, this is a must-see spot.


Are you looking for a magical place to escape the ordinary? Just like other iconic buildings, Trocadero offers a few spots that will make your photos look out of the real world. Some of the few spots you can’t miss include the Grand Staircase, Trocadero Square, Trocadero Gardens, among others. You won’t regret it if you go there before sunrise.

The large square is located close to the Seine River, so it’s a must-see. Being a popular spot, the visitors are advised to be vigilant with their belongings.

La Maison Rose

The La Maison Rose is nestled act the corner of Cobblestoned Street. It’s also a place for Instagram photo enthusiasts thanks to the breathtaking views. But besides the cute pink café, there’s beautiful history tied to it. Since it was opened in 1905, La Maison Rose has attracted many visitors from all walks of life. There are also plenty of vintage cars in the neighborhood that you can take photos with.

Pink Mamma, Paris

This is a trendy restaurant that offers a variety of cuisines. The ambiance makes the spot incredible for some Instagram photos. You’ll also find amazing décor that includes lighting fixtures and chandeliers that create an amazing bokeh effect.

The restaurant has four floors, each with a glass skylight. Also, the antique plates on the wall give this unique place a view of all the magic. The Pink Mamma Paris offers truly authentic Italian food. Their signature Italian dishes feature the freshest ingredients.

If you’re coming here to taste your favorite cuisines, don’t forget to bring a camera. You can leave without tasting the signature truffle pasta and the burrata. Pink Mamma Paris is a famous eatery that can be the best bet for your next vacation. Be sure to plan ahead of your visit.

high shot of paris with eiffel tower in background

Eiffel Tower

Your Paris trip will not be complete without a visit to the iconic Eiffel Tower. Because there are several viewpoints, you can choose where to take your Instagram photos. Since the side street is located at the bottom of the monument, you can be sure to get an epic view. Being a popular spot, you should head to the tower in the morning to avoid crowds. You may also run in a lot of touristy straps when you reach there after 10 am. If you arrive in the afternoon, you have to wait for your turn for a good view of the tower.

At the bottom of the tower, there is a couple of carousels so you can get the best shot. If you want to look like a real Parisian, you may want to snag a classic French baguette.

Rue Cremieux

Rue Cremieux offers is a colorful street for Instagrammers. Every day of the week, you’ll find huge crowds taking photos. Visitors travel far and wide to capture the row of candy-hued houses. Being a pedestrian-only street, people can’t get enough of pastel-painted houses. It’s worth mentioning that this is a street where real people live, so you have to respect their privacy.