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Japan pre wedding photography is a must. There is not really much more that can be said. Every year we travel with hundreds of couples
to the many amazing locations that Japan has to offer. Moreover, every couple is blown away by the amazing, diverse photos we can capture together.

With the plethora of excellent locations, Japan is truly a dream come true for any photographer. As a result, one thing for certain is that you won’t
regret choosing this destination for your pre-wedding or engagement shoot.

From amazing cities like Tokyo and Osaka to the blooming hydrangea of Kamakura, your pre-wedding photography will be filled with the most magical
representation of your love in one of the most sensational locations in the world.

If you are a nature-loving couple, a Japan adventure will give you a chance to bask in the gorgeous scenery, rest in the shade of a cedar tree
and gaze upon the most majestic view of Mt. Fuji you have ever seen.

Hand in hand, walk the paths of Kyoto, wrapping your love with all the history and spiritualism this location holds. The ethereal feeling of the
bamboo forest makes you look mythical and yet serene while you gaze adoringly into each other’s eyes. In Japan, you will find the
perfect pre-wedding portrait to show to future generations.

Let us take you to Okinawa’s perfect white sand beaches, and capture your love besides the crystal clear ocean filled with stunning coral reefs.

Wherever you choose in Japan, your pre wedding photographs will be effervescent.


Pre Wedding Offers for Japan

There is something uniquely spiritual to Japan when the seasons are changing. A sort of romantic melancholy that will give a softness
to your pre wedding photographs whether you’ve chosen a winter or autumn photoshoot.

Explore our many different Japan pre wedding promotions, from winter wonderlands to the golden autumn, and see the beauty and mysticism of
the Land of the Rising Sun.

Japan Photography Services

Out of all locations, Japan offers the most. The history, the architecture, all with mystical nature in abundance.

We are pleased to offer many kinds of outdoor shoots in Japan including pre wedding photography, couple & engagement photoshoots
as well as proposal photography.

Whatever you desire, we know a perfect place in Japan to give you the most exceptional images you have ever seen, making your
Japan experience an extraordinary experience.

couple pose in front of famous japanese landmark Outdoor Shoots
bride poses in purple wedding dress Engagements
couple pose during golden hour for couple shoot Couple Sessions

The quality of the photos is beyond anything we ever expected. The special moments of us as a couple were documented so intimately. Alfe & Cailey

Photoshoots from Couples in Japan

Portfolio of weddings and shoots from Japanese pre weddings

Japan is one of the most mesmeric locations in the world for pre wedding photography. Furthermore, every time we visit this historic land, it seems to have a strange effect on our couples. Every couple comments how they feel a bit calmer, happier, but also intoxicated by the contrast of Japan’s gorgeous scenery.

Armed with intense emotions, along the way, we will find many excellent landmarks while creating many gorgeous images for your wedding album.

View our featured couples to see all our amazing work from our incredible Japan adventures.

married couple backlit in veil with groom

bride smiling look at bouquet in wedding gown

Eloise & Andres

It was early April when we took Eloise and Andres to Kyoto for their pre wedding photoshoot.

We intended to capture some great photos of the couple among the marvelous beauty of Arashiyama. Furthemore, we were lucky to witness many trees showing their beautiful cherry blossoms, always a winner for a couple on a pre wedding shoot. On this occasion, they created a backdrop for the quiet and gentle kind of love Eloise and Andres have for each other. The crisp air and a breeze blowing on the bamboo-lined pathway made for a great effect and spectacular pre-wedding photographs.

Traveling to Japan was always on our bucket list, and we were inspired by the amazing photos of the team to capture our adventure. Bary & Pam

Japan Pre Wedding Photography Prices

Rates, Collections & Packages for Japan Photoshoots

Bearing in mind the high volume of the excellent content Japan has to offer and a plethora of styles we can capture, our packages cover everything from modern cities to the gorgeous countryside, even the historical wonders of the ‘Land of the Rising Sun’.

With a sprinkle of this location and a dash of that location, each and every one of our packages are made with exceptional care fitted to your budget and financial possibilities.

Take a look at our Japan outdoor photoshoot prices and get in touch for a price customized to you and your requirements.

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happily married couple kissing by white wall

As pre wedding photographers there is no one better. As friends and company, they are pretty amazing too! Natalie & Yung

Couple Reviews Japan

Testimonials from couples that booked our Japan pre wedding package

There are not enough words to describe the perfection of Japan’s many locations. From mystic and spiritual scenes to the modern city rush filled with many neon signs. As a result, your pre wedding photographs will hold all the beauty of Japan, and all the power of your love.

We are always ecstatic when we find out that our couples are overjoyed about the quality of our services, and these couples’ reviews are just some of the many that brought joy and happiness to us.

Below you will find just a collection of kind words and love that our couples have sent after choosing us as their Japan pre wedding photographer.

groom kisses bride on cheek in front of japanese sakura cherry blossom
couple smiling and laughing during pre wedding photography

Kimberly and Charlie

“Thank you This Love Studio for all your support, professionalism, and talent. You are the epitome of high-quality service! Your people skills are amazing and we thank you for explaining every little detail of our pre-wedding photoshoot in advance and for giving us the best photographer ever. Our photographs are simply amazing, the lavender makes such a beautiful contrast to us but at the same time we look so gentle and romantic. You made our pre-wedding album a work of art and we couldn’t be more grateful! Thank you once again for everything!”

Remi and Griffin

“So many people recommended This Love Studio to us and from the first glance on their photographs it was clear to see why. We planned this perfect Japan getaway and we were so thrilled they were able to come with us and shoot our pre-wedding photos. The day we spent with them in Kyoto was one of the best parts of our trip! The photographer they assigned to us made us feel so comfortable and we didn’t even have to pose that much. Our pictures came out just as they promised they would, capturing every moment and every emotion so brilliantly and in gorgeous colors. We would highly recommend This Love Studio to anyone!”

couple poses in front of pink cherry blossom
hands displaying wedding ring over grooms shoulder

Teagan and Josue

“We had This Love Studio take over our Mt. Fiji pre-wedding shoot and that was probably the best decision we have ever made! They exceeded expectations in customer service, professionalism, talent, and creativity, you name it and they’ve got it in spares! So much dedication to giving the best possible service was unbelievable. Their photographer was so polite and professional with a passion for photography that just shines through. We can’t thank them enough for our stunning photos, they are the best memento of our love we could have.”

Kevin and Sakura

“Amazing! From the bottom to the top! The booking part, the follow-up, easy conversation and plenty of tips, and above all the best photographer we could’ve gotten. I have never seen pre-wedding photographs like ours, we are in love with them and so are our friends and family. Don’t settle for less, book This Love Studio and ensure you have the best people in the industry working with you! Thank you so much.”

bride smells japenese sakura blossom

We really don’t see This Love Studio as a photography studio. They are artists, friends, and memory makers. Amazing journey. Stephen & Has

Pre Wedding Places in Japan

Famous landmarks and brilliant locations for your Japenese pre wedding

As wedding photographers there is one thing that pretty much every photographer agrees on, Japan is utterly breathtaking. Moreover, every time you visit it will make you want to come back, making excuses for another photo shoot.

There is nothing Japan can’t offer, from unbelievable modern city locations like Tokyo to historical relics of Kyoto allowing you to reminisce of old times and traditions.

The sapphire sea of Bibi-beach in Okinawa complete with perfect white sands is maybe one of the most bewildering pre wedding destinations in the world. It’s also been said that there is no better scene in the world than Sakura blossom with a couple in a loving pose standing in front of it. No matter where you turn, Japan is filled with every possible pre wedding vision.

bride smiles as groom kisses in front of cherry blossom

green bamboo in arashiyama

Arashiyama, Kyoto

Tucked along the base of Arashiyama, Kyoto lays this fantastical bamboo forest ideal for your for a mystic style pre wedding photoshoot.

There is nothing quite like standing between these incredibly tall stalks of bamboo. As a result, they will give your photographs an otherworldly tone and feeling.

It is simply one of Japan’s most special destinations. This fantastic bamboo forest, along with the Tenryu-Ji Temple and its stunning gardens, is a simply fantastic area to visit with your Japan pre wedding photographer.

Blue Pond, Hokkaido

The sensation ‘blue pond of Hokkaido’ may not be a work of Mother Nature, but it is a truly dreamy location for a pre-wedding, engagement, or lifestyle photoshoot.

The color of the water changes depending on the weather, ranging from green in the spring to icy blue in the winter. The lake is simply whimsical in the autumn when all those red and yellow leaves create a perfect contrast with the blue of the water.

It is truly an incredible sight to see and an immersive place to experience, besides being a magnificent backdrop for your love story.

blue water pond with autumnal color trees

view of flowerland hokkaido with people walking on path

Flower Land, Hokkaido

A beautiful flower-adorned farm counting several hundreds of flower varieties, all planted in neat rows to resemble a rainbow.

A gorgeous outdoor pre-wedding photoshoot scene that will give your photo album a floral romance with vibrant colors, showing the gentle side of your emotions.

Fushimi Inari, Kyoto

The impressive Fushimi Inari gates, gleaming in bright orange color are a simply breathtaking scene to behold. Fushimi Inari is a mesmerizing location for an engagement photoshoot in Kyoto.

No matter the season, this location will give you an awe-inspiring look allowing your photographs to look and feel unique and sophisticated.

While the venue does not allow gown dressed photoshoots, it is just packed with so many photo opportunities to shoot your casual wear, that Fushimi Inari should not be missed.

red path of fushimi inari
boats on lake in inokashira park

Inokashira Park, Tokyo

A charming little park, not known to many, offers unique and creative spots for a pre-wedding style photoshoot.

With a charismatic pond, traditional wooden bridge, and even a gorgeous wooded area that casts incredible shadows; everything about this location helps to create an incredible Japanese extravaganza.

A must-see location in the Autumn as the foliage is magnificent with all the yellow, red, and orange shades.

Lake Kawaguchi, Tokyo

There is no other place that gives such an amazing viewpoint of Mount Fuji. The view is simply spectacular.

You will be overwhelmed by the grandiose nature of this world-famous mountain. Furthermore, it will have a great impact on your pre wedding photographs.

The combination of the gorgeous Lake Kawaguchi with Mt. Fuji rising like a giant in the distance allows for a magnificent scene meaning you get to capture your love surrounded by extraordinary nature.

cherry blossom in front of lake kawaguchi and mount fuji
lake and autumnal trees in japan

Waterfall in Biei, Hokkaido

North of the Blue Pond there is this hidden waterfall. One of those secret spots that will reward you with fantastic photography opportunities. Although it requires a bit of hiking, those few minutes are worth the trek to this incredible destination.

Embraced by woods from all sides alongside a quaint and charming little stream, this waterfall will be a great addition to your pre-wedding gallery. It will also make your photoshoot an adventure you will remember for the rest of your days. You will be able to make similar memories and capture unforgettable moments of your love.

Pre Wedding Photography Japan

Photos from couples that loved Japan

Although mysterious and ethereal looking, Japan gives some of the softest-looking and most romantic
backdrops in the world.

As you browse our Japan portfolio, you will see how this makes our couples and their adoration dominate
their pre-wedding and engagement photographs.

bride poses with veil over face in front of cherry blossom tree

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Japan, The Pre Wedding Destination for Every Couple

From Sakura Blossom to Traditional Architecture, it’s pre wedding perfection

The most idyllic place on earth, where nature meets modern times in a perfect symbiosis. Japan has an incredible timeless sense about it, this is what draws people from all across the world to frequent this epic location.

The fusion of tradition and the natural world is precisely why Japan has incredible beauty and a spiritual atmosphere. Moreover, you can tell how much nature is respected by the way people build their shrines, pathways, and gardens.

The birthplace of the most stunning natural occurrence, the blossoming of the cherries, but with many seaside landmarks, Fiji-views, shrines, and bamboo pathways. Sensational locations to create some wonderful backdrops for pre-wedding photo sessions.

couple dancing surrounded by japanese cherry blossoms

bride and groom posing during pre wedding photography shoot

Japanese Pre Wedding Best Time of Year

Cherry blossom is one of the most famous and awe-inspiring features of Japan and as such, it is not to be missed.

As the Sakura starts in April, Spring is the best time to visit this mesmerizing location. Moreover, while it is packed with tourists, there are always enough cherry blossom spots for everyone to have that magically gentle photograph.

October and November will give you those bright red and orange hues of Japan, known for making a splendid pre-wedding photoshoot environment.

Why do couples choose Japan?

Among all the scenic destinations in the world, Japan probably has the most unique kind of beauty.

Japan is truly an otherworldly place where nature rules over both the hearts and minds of its people, bringing a sense of balance and peace to every corner of its land. As a result, it is perfect for couples of a spiritual nature and a deeper understanding of the world that surrounds us.

Traditional couples are going to adore Japan and the innocence of love and emotions dictated by this country’s culture.

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bride lifts arms in air during photoshoot by cherry blossom

Our photos tell a story, a story of our love. We don’t think any other pre wedding photographers could have told it better. Lilac & Joel