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Lisbon, a bustling city of fantastic, ornate architecture, surrounded by dramatic rolling hills. We invite you to come with us on our
Lisbon pre wedding photography adventure and have your photo shoot in a city where old customs intermix modern architecture to create
a unique and avant-garde theme.

Through this page, we will show you everything Lisbon has to offer to make your pre-wedding album extraordinary and explain why couples adore
our Lisbon pre-wedding photoshoot packages.

Lisbon offers some of the most amazing pre wedding locations in the world perfect for whatever you desire. Furthermore, we will design a concept bespoke
to you and your personal style. However, our approach is always the same. Deliver amazing pre wedding photography, no matter the location.

For those really spectacular images, we want you to feel comfortable and have fun. We will be there to capture your jollity. For you, we are
prepared to go low or go high and take the perfect pre-wedding photo, ensuring we capture your love from the best angles.

Leave the organization and logistics to us and just be your lovely selves and enjoy your Lisbon pre-wedding escapade.


Photographer Promos for Lisbon

Besides making your photoshoot an unforgettable experience, we are glad to offer many promotions specifically for each popular pre wedding location.

Take a look at our promotions for your Lisbon pre-wedding or engagement photoshoot and learn all the details of how capturing your love in this beautiful
city will make your photographs a true work of art.

Lisbon Pre Wedding Services

We are thrilled to offer you our photo services in Lisbon for any style of outdoor shoot. Whether you require a stunning pre-wedding
photoshoot, classically, romantic lifestyle shoot, or of course, a beautiful engagement shoot. We are there to make every wish a reality and capture
your love story at the best locales this Portuguese city has to offer.

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Lisbon was absolutely stunningly beautiful. Lisbon is the most special pre wedding location and we would recommend booking This Love Studio for your shoot. Tom & Sandia

Featured Lisbon Pre Wedding

Beautiful Moments Captured With Our Lisbon Couples

It is always enjoyed getting to meet and photograph happy couples, in love during their engagement session. Furthermore, taking this experience to Lisbon makes for a fun and exciting adventure.

Out of all couples we had the pleasure to work with, there are some whose love was so in sync with this city, it quite literally took our breath away.

You can tell by the way they are relaxed, walking down the historic streets, that they feel completely at ease with this breathtaking location. These experiences are the ones we favor. Having a couple that is at ease and feels natural in their surrounding, promises many perfect shots.

Take a look at our featured couples and how their Lisbon pre wedding photo shoot unfolded.

bride poses infront of pink building with bouquet

couple holds hand in historical lisbon building

Tom and Sandia

The love story of Madeline and Arthur’s pre-wedding getaway in Lisbon had a special meaning due to Madeline’s Portuguese ancestry.

While they met in Hong Kong, where Arthur is originally from, he admitted to being drawn by the Portuguese culture that Madeline brought into their relationship. Loving her, for Arthur meant loving her cultural background and of course, having a pre-wedding photoshoot in Portugal was an easy decision.

Our photoshoot in Lisbon was also a tour of the city for Arthur, and we were thrilled about the opportunity to capture his excitement as Madeline showed him around the city.

This was “relationship goals” in its most pure form. We got to shoot some amazing photographs down by the pier with the distinctive Red Ponte 25 de Abril bridge in the background.

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When booking your Lisbon pre wedding photographer, you should look no further than This Love Studio. We booked their gold package and never looked back. Keiron & Susan

Photo Packages & Prices

Collections and Rates for Lisbon pre-wedding sessions

Our studio prides itself on specializing in a plethora of locations where we can take your pre-wedding or engagement photos. Besides capturing the most stunning images of your love and affection, we will also plan the whole Lisbon adventure for you, as well as schedule the many great spots we wish to take you to on that day.

No matter your budget, we are flexible and able to get the best results with your desired quote, making you feel relaxed and excited about your outdoor photoshoot in Lisbon.

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Photos to that tell our story. That’s all we wanted. We received exactly that at so much more. We are forever grateful. Mary & Albon

Lisbon Pre Wedding Photography Reviews

Testimonials from Happy Couples

With every new trip to Lisbon, we want our couples to feel the coziness and warmth of this city. By ensuring you are relaxed in your surroundings, we achieve the candidness of your love in our photographs.

The spontaneity of your moments is evident as we capture the raw emotions of your love story.

This is our ultimate goal, hearing you compliment our work and seeing you happy with the memories we’ve created, is the greatest source of pride for us. We invite you to take a look at the reviews from our favorite couples, explaining just how perfect their Lisbon pre wedding photography was.

bride poses next to flowers
couple walk hand in hand along pier

Syndey and Justin

“Lisbon was a truly amazing location for our pre-wedding photoshoot and we loved every minute of it! The ‘This Love Studio’ team has an ability to make you relax instantly and they were the reason why our photographs had us smiling so much.

They really are true artists when it comes to photography and choosing the right corner of the street gave us photographs looking as if they are from a magazine. We highly recommend them to all couples!”

Calvin and Jocelyn

“Calvin and I are very artistic but a bit peculiar about it. We love modern and creative backdrops and we wished one for our pre-wedding photo session. Lisbon’s LX Factory was just the thing we were looking for and This Love Studio team created the most incredible photographs of us there.

We loved how they captured the art but also made the photos look romantic with us smiling at each of them.”

bride kissing groom under wedding veil
couple posing during pre wedding on rocks

Landon and Jonah

“Being camera-shy was always my curse and I dreaded our pre-wedding photoshoot more than Jonah. But This Love Studio has some real professionals that gave me some great tips once we met in Lisbon. Above all, they made me laugh throughout the day and let go and enjoy taking photos in this beautiful town.

I have never in my life looked so relaxed in any of my photos and I am so happy to have this special day captured as they did. Thank you so much!”

Sloane and Amir

“We had so much fun with the This Love Studio team in Lisbon and we really felt they gave 100% while taking our pictures.

The Miradouro terrace was the greatest location in the whole city and it made me sure this was the perfect place to ‘pop the question’ to Sloane. It is amazing how they captured her surprise and every second of that moment and we ended up with the most beautiful memories of our engagement we could ever ask for. Thanks, guys!”

bride poses next to curtain in hotel room

Pre wedding photography is an important decision for your big day. Your photos will be displayed to all guests and there is no one better than This Love Studio to capture yours. Kayleigh & Dan

Popular Pre Wedding Destinations in Lisbon

From hidden gems to famous Landmarks, Lisbon has it all

If you ever dreamed of seeing the blue-tiled facades of Lisbon, your pre-wedding or engagement photo shoot can be the perfect opportunity. Let’s capture your love together, making great memories on the cobbled streets of this majestic city.

Photos taken in Lisbon are insanely gorgeous and exude the gentle charm of the city in your pre-wedding photographs. Besides all its pastel beauty, Lisbon will offer many great spots for a perfect storytelling photoshoot.

Basking in the warmth of the Lisbon sun, let us show you the most popular locations that will make your photos gleam. Furthermore, we will explore the many hidden spots that will complement your style ideally.

Take a look at our selection of Lisbon’s best photography sweet spots.

couple pose on stairs in lisbon

photo of torre de belem in lisbon

Torre de Belem

As one of Lisbon’s best photoshoot locations, the Belem district’s tower panoramics over the Tagus River giving plenty of stunning backdrops for your wedding shoot.

Capture your memories on the top of this great tower as the river flows into the Atlantic Ocean.

We promise you you will have one of the most unique backdrops Lisbon has to offer for your pre wedding photoshoot adventure.

Padrão dos Descobrimentos

The Monument of Discoveries honors the ships setting off into the unknown from Lisbon’s stunning coastal shores.

We will honor and capture your love as you begin your new life adventure.

The crystal clear white of the monument will complement the purity of your emotions perfectly. Furthermore, the unique geometry of it gives all your photographs an avant-garde theme. A splendid backdrop for a modern pre-wedding photoshoot, giving off a tone of elegance and sophistication.

pre wedding location Padrão dos Descobrimentos

photo of graffiti at LX Factory in Lisbon

LX Factory

This is one of Lisbon’s best-guarded secrets, you won’t find it on any map.

LX Factory is a modern and uber gem, that shows what happens when you let artists control a former industrial area.

The whole district has artwork proudly displayed on every corner giving you many great backdrops for your photo story.

This location is a great way to add color to your pre-wedding album but differently and uniquely.

Village Underground

Another splendid location, showing the ingenuity and the remarkable vision of Lisbon’s artists. Village Underground will astound and delight you at the same time.

The whole location is made out of shipping containers stacked on top of each other. Furthermore, it features some of the most stunning works of art, making a perfect composition for your engagement and lifestyle photoshoot.

bride and groom in front of lisbon trams during pre wedding
upwards photo of Elevador de Santa Just in Lisbon, Portugal

Elevador de Santa Justa

Yes, that is correct! Lisbon has an elevator in the middle of the city.

This 19th century, wrought iron lift with an amazing viewing platform provides the most beautiful panoramic views of the city.

Besides being an excellent feature to your couple photographs, riding this elevator is also really fun and a great experience to add to your Lisbon getaway.

Rua Nova Do Carvalho

The “pink street” may very well be every photographer’s dream with its exceptional vibrancy and creativity.

This fantastic outdoor photoshoot location is also surrounded by interactive artistic billboards helping make Pink Street one of the best pre-wedding and engagement photoshoot locations in Lisbon.

The amazing transformative power of this street to adapt to any style of photography, be it modern or romantic, is what makes this such a great pre-wedding destination.

photo of the pink buildings in Lisbon
panoramic view of lisbon

Miradouro das Portas do Sol

The Mirador Terrace may have one of the very best views in all of Lisbon.

Looking over whitewashed houses with their bright orange rooftops and the breathtaking river, this is one of our favorite places for our couples and their engagement photoshoots.

The terrace is enormous, and despite being a popular tourist location, your photoshoot will be undisturbed and intimate.

An amazing location to capture your precious moments and have the whole city gleaming in the background.

Lisbon Wedding Photoshoot Portfolio

Photos of Couples During The Lisbon Pre Wedding

With fantastic architecture and magical Fado music following our footsteps, our Lisbon photoshoots leave our couples in awe.

Take a look at our Lisbon slideshow portfolio to see the stunning photos we created with some of our favorite couples.

slideshow of photos from lisbon pre wedding photoshoots

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Pre Wedding Perfection in Lisbon

Discover why Lisbon is perfect for couples in love.

A charming Latin hotspot with all the perks of being an oceanfront city. Furthermore, Lisbon will still give you that cosmopolitan spirit to make your pre-wedding love story a better experience.

That well-known Portuguese vibe spreads across every street of the city, giving off the feeling of the good life, great music, and abundance of love. As a result, this makes a perfect setting for the celebration of your love.

Positioned beautifully against the backdrop of the Atlantic Ocean, no matter where you look, you will find a plethora of gorgeous scenery to feature in your special moments.

bride poses with veil during pre wedding shoot

couple pose during summer sunset in portugal

Best Time of Year for Your Pre Wedding Shoot

If you are heading this way for your pre-wedding or engagement photoshoot, make sure you aim for March till July, or September till October.

The spring and fall seasons in Lisbon will promise you great weather and lots of sunny hours. Furthermore, it will ensure the city is not packed with tourists, offering your intimacy and privacy for your pre wedding photoshoot.

Reasons to choose Lisbon

A perfect city for couples exuding calm and quiet passion, a sort of lazy enjoyment and merriment of your love journey. Your emotion can fit perfectly with the atmosphere ruling Lisbon.

Lisbon can also be a fantastic location for all couples who want a bit of everything. History, architecture, art, and ocean-views. Everything is possible in Lisbon.

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Truly special photos. There is nothing more to say. This Love Studio created magic for our pre wedding shoot. Kyle & Josie