Pre Wedding Photography

When we first started traveling overseas for photography, London pre wedding photography was one of the first
packages we started offering.

London has to be one of the most popular cities for pre-wedding or engagement shoots, and there is a good reason why. There is no
other city in the world that provides such majestic and historic locations as the UK capital does. The iconic Big Ben and St Paul’s Cathedral are a perfect
example of classic British architecture in all its glory. Every location you find gives off a sense of historic timelessness.

Furthermore, London is a creative hub and will also give you a plethora of artistic, as well as modernist locations for your pre wedding
shoot. No matter where we take your photoshoot in London, we can promise your photographs will be extraordinary.

We would love nothing more than to capture your love in front of the Tower Bridge as it opens for a ship, or, at night,
when this awe-inspiring structure really lights up creating a specialist viewpoint. Furthermore, we love to capture some of the best images as we glide
over the water with the Houses of Parliament in the background.

With us, you can find out just how much beauty London has to offer and how effortlessly this city molds to fit your style and every wish.


London Pre Wedding Photographer Discounts

Simply perfect, in a way only all British destinations can be, London provides some of the world’s most famous landmarks. Whether you
want your Christmas love story captured in Britain’s capital, or visit the many magical lavender fields, London will make your love shine through in
your pre-wedding images.

Take a look at the plethora of London pre wedding promotions we have prepared for you. From May to December choose the style of
pre wedding that perfectly fits your style.

Photography Services in London

Anything you can imagine we can make a reality in this magnificent city. London offers a plethora of memorable scenes,
complementing our many outdoor photoshoot services.

No matter the occasion, trust us to tell your London love story splendidly, capturing your memories brilliantly, giving you photographs
to admire for life.

bride and groom posing in front of big ben Outdoor Pre Wedding
couple kissing during pre wedding proposal shoot Proposal Shoots
bride and groom posing in London archway Engagement Shoots

London is the best pre wedding photography destination in the world. This Love Studio captured us enjoying every moment of the city. Jeremy & Cyndi

Pre Wedding Photoshoots in London

Fantastic London Pre Wedding & Engagement Couples

Being one of the biggest cities in the world, London is filled with many famous pre wedding landmarks for many different couples of all styles and preferences.

Whether you are romantic, shy, or adventurous, this city will present the perfect gallery for us to capture the gentleness of your emotions.

As a multicultural city, London is buzzing with excitement and unparalleled energy perfectly fitting for couples as equally energetic as the city itself. Every photograph perfectly manifests the joy and fun every couple receives when enjoying a pre wedding shoot in London.

couple happy in front of famous london cathedral

couple poses on balcony in wedding dress and tuxedo

Kerry & Billy

Kerry and Billy were one of those couples that knew right from the start what face of London they wanted in their pre wedding photographs. We ended up incorporating plenty of historic landmarks into their photos including St Dunstan’s medieval church. Complete with mesmerizing ruins, the stunning location helped us create a fantasy-like pre-wedding story.

We continued our London photoshoot in a similarly sophisticated style, dedicated to giving this couple what they envisioned and what they dressed for. With an elegant tiara on her head, Luna looked like a fairytale princess living the greatest love story of all time.

The elegance and grace of their love were beautifully captured in every photograph thanks to London lending its glorious buildings and historic genre to every image.

Our photos are dreamy, creative, and match our style perfectly. Highly recommend This Love Studio to all engaged couples. Han & Natalie

Packages & Rates for London

Discover the perfect pre wedding package for the city of London

There are no limits to what you can achieve with our London packages. Besides taking many great on-street memories, with the busy London life buzzing around you, you can select alternative packages that include museum visits, places of interest, and of course photos at some of the world’s most memorable locations.

From the London Eye to a ride on the boat over the Themes, just take your pick, and we will create a schedule to ensure the perfect scenario when we capture the kiss that says it all.

Take a look at our prices for the sophisticated and modern capital of the United Kingdom and see the various possibilities you can have with our excellent offers.

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bride and groom in wedding clothing pose in front of london landmark

Every photo we look back on brings back such a fantastic memory. This would not have been possible without the This Love Studio team. Alex & Coco

Testimonials from London Couples

Kind words from happy couples that discovered London with us

For those who have yet to visit London, our advice is not to believe everything they read about this city. London is so much more than what it seems, with every building, street, nook, and cranny have a history and story to exhilarate and entertain.

You can see all the small marks of the passage of time engraved in this city, giving it both an old and timeless vibe. This is the vibe we want to transfer to your pre-wedding and engagement photographs. We give our best to make your love stand out in the photos as something greater than London itself.

In the reviews below, you will find many great reasons as to why this location is simply, man-made perfection.

bride swirls dress in historic london venue
bride in red posed in london shoot

Leilani and Santiago

“I am so glad we booked This Love Studio to do our pre-wedding photographs in London! They were so patient with all our questions and explained every single detail. Our photographer was extremely professional and kind and just made us feel comfortable taking pictures in the streets of London. We were blown away by the quality of our photographs and their style that was just so natural. We couldn’t have asked for anything better. “

Taylor and Jordan

“This Love Studio were a delight to work with for our pre-wedding photos. They came as highly recommended by a friend of mine and once we’ve seen their portfolio we understood why. From the get-go, we had perfect communication. They responded to all our emails so quickly and made sure we have all information we need. On the day of the shoot, we met with our photographer who was a brilliant fellow, so polite and kind, but also a really passionate photographer. He had so many great ideas for our photographs but never once made us pose or do anything we weren’t comfortable doing. When we got our photos we were blown away! They were spectacular. We look so relaxed and in love, it was like someone just took our pictures without us even knowing. A fine example of amazing photography!”

groom kisses bride on forehead during pre wedding shoot
couple pose with sunlight shining on them during photoshoot

Faith and Cooper

“Thank you This Love Studio for all your hard work. We are so happy with our photos, they are simply beautiful. Our pre-wedding shoot in London was such a great experience and we were so carefree on the day it was amazing. The photographer that followed us that day was so professional and dedicated to exploring every photo opportunity. He made our day pass really quickly and in good cheer. 5 start photography service! Highly recommend!”

Rose and Brayden

“We were so glad that we chose This Love Studio to take our pre-wedding photos. Their photographer was just the right kind of friendly and professional. We were amazed by the effort he made to understand our wishes and our style. He took us to so many great spots in London and showed us around the city as well as he could. We are so grateful for this and for the photos he captured. They are amazing! You can see so many emotions in them we were left speechless. And they were exactly what we wanted. Honestly, if I could I would hire them for every occasion.”

couple lauging during photoshoot in front of st pauls

This Love Studio delivered the most amazing pre-wedding photos that we could have ever imagine. In love with our gallery. Thank you. Kirsty & Jack

Best Pre Wedding Landmarks in London

Discover the city of London’s intimate but famous viewpoints

Immerse yourselves in this glorious antique city that offers hints of the past at every corner all while being a wonder of progress and innovation.

London sure has a lot of faces and walking around it you can almost see all the new ideas being imagined on the spot. Furthermore, amongst all the novelties that give London a modern makeover, this city will never change its centuries-old narrative.

No place offers more instantly recognizable landmarks to decorate your pre wedding photoshoot. Diversity, thy name is London and as such, no matter your style. The unique way you love each other will find the perfect ambiance for your most precious memories.

From Westminster Abbey to Sky Garden or Hampstead Heath, take a look at some of the best pre wedding photoshoot locations in London.

bride in white wedding gown poses during pre wedding session

bride and groom pose with st pauls cathedral in the background

St Paul’s Cathedral

This amazing and iconic cathedral in London, with an equally glorious history, is a top spot for pre wedding photoshoots.

On each side of the building, you can find amazing flagstones and gardens, along with the grandiose columns that give an unmistakable elegance to each photograph.

Furthermore, it is also a great spot for taking stunning sunset images. Every couple loves having their pre wedding photography captured in London’s golden hour sunset.

Shepherds & Sheep, Corinthians Column & Paternoster Vents

London is famous for giving something to everyone. The world-famous square, in the heart of London, does just that. From the modern Paternoster Vents to the historic Corinthians Column, every genre of sculpture is visible here.

The Paternoster Vents is one of our favorite alternative locations in all of London. The geometric pattern of the monument can provide some pretty great pre-wedding photographs, especially when we consider the sun’s position.

It is a different take on London, but it will round up your love story just as perfectly as every other location.

photo of london taken from above

low shot of millennium bridge at night

Millennium Bridge

Everyone can agree that the Millennium Bridge is a great location for a pre-wedding photoshoot. With a modern and sophisticated design, plus a fantastic view of both the river Thames and bustling city.

Although this location can regularly be packed with pedestrians and, generally speaking, busy at all times, we like to spin it to our advantage. As a result, we can use the crowds as extras in your love story allowing us to create an exciting memento.


If you want something completely different with an urban artistic vibe, Shoreditch is the perfect area for you.

Shoreditch houses many buildings adorning the most creative graffiti and colors, each giving your photographs a very alternative but exciting backdrop.

Princelet Street is the best option to capture some pretty great photographs. While it is often a busy street, waiting for the perfect moment is definitely worth it.

colorful graffiti on wall in shoreditch
fountain located at regents park in summer

Regent’s Park

Although a permit may be required for a pre-wedding shoot in Regents Park, you should definitely consider extending your budget for this sensation pre wedding location.

Regent’s Park is simply overflowing with great photography content. Everything from boating lakes, bridges, and extensive grounds, brimming with flowers and blossoms help make this one of London’s best pre wedding photography spots. The park’s size means we can always find an intimate spot to create some extraordinary couple memories together.

King’s Road

Just off King’s Road, there is a charming little street lined with stunningly influential houses. It is a great spot for a quick stop, with many similarities to the streets found in Notting Hill, while still having its own unique charm.

There are a few hidden gems in this location, giving you and your photos a feeling of uniqueness when compared to the more traditional landmarks.

famous red bus with london in background
couple poses on wall with tower bridge behind them

Tower Bridge

As one of the most iconic monuments in the city, Tower Bridge should most definitely be featured in your London pre wedding photography gallery.

With utterly stunning locations, especially in the early sunrise hours, the area is pretty desolated. Not a person in sight.

Quite a gorgeous location for sunset also, but only if you are patient enough to navigate your way through hordes of tourists taking pictures on this beautiful bridge.

You can also get some great cityscape style photos. Tower bridge provides a perfect platform to get the bustling London skyline in the background.

Pre Wedding Slideshow London

Moments and Memories from past London Pre Wedding Photoshoots

There is something for every couple in London and, just like the city itself, our photographs are filled with various locations and
backdrops. Amongst this diversity, our couples stayed the main focus. You can see how perfectly their special moments transferred to
photograph in our London slideshow portfolio.

london pre wedding slideshow as bride pose in front of house of parliament in london

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The Pre Wedding Destination for Everyone

Full of History, Artistic Streets & Modern Wonders, London Offers Everything

Offering a plethora of everything, London still stands as one of the best pre wedding, & engagement locations in the world.

This is what pre wedding utopia feels like. With so many different nationalities and religions under one roof and a city painted in different cultures and colors at every turn.

Moreover, throughout all the multicultural attributes and creativity, history and tradition are strong in historic London town. You can visit many great spots around London and feel like you stepped into medieval times.

While we capture your special memories, the tradition of the city will remind you why this metropolis has lasted for centuries, inspiring you to create some of your own.

bride poses on balcony in wedding dress

bride and groom pose in front of st pauls cathedral wooden doors

When is best to experience a London pre wedding photoshoot?

London is notorious for its rainy weather, but there are times of the year when the chance of rain falls, allowing you to explore this city in all its glory.

Spring in London may be a bit cooler, but there are fewer rainy days from March to May than any other month. The parks and gardens of London will be in full bloom giving a lavish green hue to your pre wedding photographs.

On the other side, if you are brave enough to risk more chances for rain, September and October are perfect months for you to plan your photoshoot, as fall gives a warm, golden tone to the city’s foliage.

Why Everyone Loves London

A cosmopolitan town, but mindful of its rich heritage, London is one of those “one size fits all” locations. No matter what your style, preferences, and love story is, there are places in this town dedicated just to you, allowing your pre-wedding vision to come true.

It goes without saying that London is perfect for city-loving couples; the young, both at heart and in age, creative and modern couples who like to be surrounded by uplifting energy and buzzing excitement.

Furthermore, for couples that are a little shyer in nature, London has several secret gardens, ready to feature in your photoshoot.

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bride poses during golden hour for photoshoot

London was pure brilliance. It offered everything we wanted and our photos reflect our happiness in exploring the city. Kelly & Newton