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For those couples that are English classics enthusiasts, or those whose love story started in one of the British colleges, there is no
better experience than booking our Oxford pre wedding photography package. Oxford can transform your love into a scenic
wonder, fit for every couple of every persuasion.

Besides your own preferences, we will offer advice on some of the best locations in the city. Furthermore, we will advise when is the
best time of year to schedule your pre-wedding or engagement shoot.

There is nothing we want more than to have the opportunity to tell your love story under the archway of the grand New College in Oxford,
or show your affection as you walk side by side down the many narrow and charming streets of this amazing city.

For real scholars, we can tell the story of when the pursuit of knowledge met love at first sight in the University park and bring to
reality any vision our couples have for their Oxford pre-wedding or engagement shoot.


Oxford Pre Wedding Promotions

There is no better time than early spring and autumn when it comes to Oxford. Oxford gives off those gorgeous colors and low
sunset vibes, always apparent during Fall.

Our promotions in April and July will show you just how stunning this location can be and how many great pre wedding shoot
backdrops it has on offer.

If you dream about capturing your adoration among the majestic architecture of the Universities, bathed in perfect light and
blessed with fantastic weather, take a look at our promotions below.

Pre Wedding Services in Oxfordshire

With our pre wedding photoshoot services in Oxford, we will take you to places that will awaken your inner
bookworm and give an intimate, romantic feeling to your photographs.

We’ll create stunning memories for you as you walk the many paths of wisdom in Oxford. We offer engagements, pre wedding and
proposals in this culturally rich British city.

bride smiles while viewing her wedding bouquet Outdoor Pre Wedding
couple walking laughing during proposal shoot Proposal Shoots
bride posing on path holding bouquet in sunlight Engagement Shoots

I believe that This Love Studio are changing the pre-wedding game. Such intimate storytelling in their imagery. Mark & KG

Photoshoots from Couples in Oxford

A collection of shoots from beautiful Oxford pre wedding sessions

Oxford was always the perfect place for those couples who chase the poise and elegance of British architecture and landscape.

This city surpassed every couple’s expectations, leaving a sense of awe that you can sometimes spot in our photographs. Furthermore, many take to Oxford as if they are born there, their presence and love dominating this stunning location quietly. The naturalness of their moves and the focus they have for each other truly stands out in every photograph we capture.

We invite you to see our featured couples and each unique outdoor photoshoot experience in Oxford.

married couple posing on chair surrounded by pink building

bride and groom pose in front of radcliffe camera

Rylee & Brian

We met with Rylee and Bryan in Oxford for coffee and to have a chat about their wedding plans. We learned both live relatively close to Oxford and have many happy memories tied to this town as a couple.

As we walked around the city, capturing many great photographs, we saw how their love and personalities match perfectly with this beautiful town.

Every historic building, stunning arched doorway, and picturesque alley seemed like it was made for them.

Rylee and Bryan were an epitome of a relaxed couple, comfortable and down to earth, and this gave them some of the most candid and natural pre wedding photographs we have ever taken.

Oxford was everything we wanted from our photo shoot, moreover, This Love Studio delivered sensational photos of our time there. Moon & Karen

Prices for Oxford Pre Wedding Shoots

Prices & Collections for Couples Booking Oxford Photoshoots

Before claiming Oxford as a location beyond your reach, take a look at our packages and prices for this fantastic city. We guarantee you will be pleasantly surprised with the various pre wedding packages we offer.

Beautiful, historical, and by all accounts affordable, our Oxford photoshoot offer will allow you to not only visit the city of your dreams but also capture some incredible memories with the one you love the most.

We will help plan and sort your photoshoot, all you need to do is bring your significant other and a sense of adventure. We promise your pre wedding photo gallery will be pure perfection.

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couple in wedding attire pose on stairs holding bouquet

Fantastic photos, beautiful moments, truly special photography. My heart goes out to the amazing This Love Studio team. Alex & Kristy

Oxford Wedding Photo Reviews

Happy mentions from past couples that chose Oxford

The tricky British weather was the biggest challenge to our many Oxford photoshoots, but as skilled as we are, we managed to turn a sudden rain pour into the most romantic prop ever. This is how we justify the trust our couples put in us. Come rain, come snow, we stay calm and collected, with eyes shining from inspiration, ensuring our couples know they have nothing to worry about.

Take a look at the reviews below our and read what our couples have to say about their Oxford pre wedding experience.

bride rests on groom in typical oxford lounge room
groom poses with bride during pre wedding photography session

Valerie and Ryder

“A fantastic photoshoot with This Love Studio team. I was looking for extraordinary images to capture our engagement and create some special memories, and they certainly made my wish come true and captured our wonderful day in Oxford. Very patient photographers, willing to wait for that perfect moment to capture the right shot. I would definitely recommend this Love Studio to all couples for creating incredible memories of any special occasion.”

Alena and Gael

“Our photographer from This Love Studio was great! He had so many creative ideas for shots and made our pictures extraordinary. The way he made Oxford such a fun photoshoot location and all the places he showed us made us excited to receive our photos. We loved all our photographs so much we decided to buy all of them and we couldn’t be happier with our pre-wedding photographs.”

couple kisses as light leaks in photo
couple hold hands amongst lavender fields near oxford

Molly and Ivan

“This Love Studio was a perfect choice. From our initial meeting to their photograph on-site in Oxford everything was done brilliantly. He met us at a riverbank where we took some amazing shots just to make us feel relaxed and pretty soon we felt comfortable with taking out pictures. The whole experience was amazing. When we saw our photographs for the first time they were the most stunning images we have ever seen. We couldn’t recommend This Love Studio enough. Thank you.”

Reese and Diego

“Our Oxford photoshoot was easy from start to finish. The photographer they’ve assigned to us was prompt and so nice! He was laughing the whole time and created such a fun and easy-going atmosphere, all the while taking us to the most beautiful spots in Oxford. Above all he was very professional and dedicated, taking a million pictures until we get the perfect one. Our photographs turned out great! We loved the whole experience as, not only did we get stunning mementos, we also had a private tour of Oxford”

bride hugs grooms waist surrounded by greenery

As photography enthusiasts, we knew immediately that This Love Studio were the only photographers for us. We were right! Tom & Michelle

Best Pre Wedding Spots in Oxford

Landmarks & Scenic Views for Pre Wedding Photos in Oxford

Mesmerising Oxford gives such a diverse choice of many great photoshoot options and we always try to visit as many of them as we can with our lovely couples.

The architecture of the city is breathtaking, filled with so much character, which, as a result, adds great content to your photographs.

Oxford University will shield your gentle love under the many stunning arches and the amazing symmetry of the building itself will give your images a cinematic look.

Moreover, there are also so many hidden gems and corners scattered around Oxford and we can’t wait to center your love story inside all this loveliness.

Take a look at why choosing us as your Oxford pre-wedding photographer is a must if you want to find the best location in this historic city.

groom holds bride as the bask in golden hour sunlight

ratcliffe camera building in oxford

Ratcliffe Camera

The circular shape of this building gives plenty of photography angles allowing for incredible photographs. The location shows genuinely stunning architectural design, a real eye-pleaser for every couple we take there.

We can capture your love in front of its magnificent doorway, take those candid stairway photos, or just make the building a great feature in your outdoor photoshoot session.

Ratcliffe Camera building is the perfect location to start your pre wedding photoshoot and, better still, walking distance from dozens of other incredible locations.

Oxford University

You can relive your college days with many extraordinary locations all around the Oxford University grounds.

No matter where you look, you will be surrounded by gorgeous architecture, emerald greenery, and a culturally rich backdrop for your love story.

Capture your adoration in the many arches of the University buildings while walking hand in hand through many corridors. Wrap your pre wedding photos with the history of this fantastic destination pre wedding location.

gardens of oxford university

green meadow with rustic oxford building in rear

Christ Church Meadow

Take a stroll through this stunning slice of heaven, overlooking the architectural wonders of Oxford University. As a result, bless your photoshoot with serenity and unparallel greenery.

A great place to capture your love, with plenty of flowers, charming paths, and a small creek running through this stunning escape.

Away from the city hubbub with plenty of beautiful views, this meadow will be a great addition to your engagement photo shoot.

River Thames

The banks of the River Thames is a more peaceful but equally beautiful version of that found in London.

You can still have that stroll by the river, exchanging words and looks of love, but with a greater amount of intimacy, an intimacy that will make your wedding a unique and candid experience.

view of the river thames in oxford
aerial view of oxford in oxfordshire

South Park

Besides being a fascinating location for those nature-oriented couples, South Park gives a stunning view of Oxford city guaranteed to take your breath away.

This epic viewpoint will give your couple photographs the perfect backdrop, with Oxford shining in the distance. Best of all, from this location, you can have some of the most beautiful sunset images and paint your special memories with that warm golden hour hue.

Botanic Gardens

As one of the oldest botanical gardens in Britain, it is brimming with plants and flowers, no matter the season. As such, Oxford Botanical garden is the perfect nature’s backdrop for your wedding photoshoot.

Don’t miss the chance to capture your emotions under a beautiful arched doorway, perfectly set in stone and surrounded by stunning flora.

pink flower taken in botanic gardens oxford
couple posing in front of hertford bridge

Bridge of Sighs or Hertford Bridge

A well-known landmark in Oxford, similar to the one in Venice, but carrying that unique British sophistication, matching perfectly with the rest of the city’s architecture. As a result, the Bridge of Sighs makes for a great engagement photography location.

Placed lower and closer to the ground, you can capture a great photo by standing beneath this stunning landmark while creating a memory your friends and family will gush over for the rest of time.

Pre Wedding Photography Oxford Slideshow

A recent photoshoot from pre wedding in Oxford

Oxford is simply ideal for all couples, no matter preference or style. Furthermore, for those
remembering the start of their love in their college days, Oxford can transport you back to that very moment.

No matter the reason for choosing this destination, Oxford always gives great photographic opportunities,
and you can see them all in our Oxford slideshow portfolio.

couple pose surrounded by lavender in oxfordshire

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Discover Britain for Your Oxford Pre Wedding

Historic Oxford is a must-visit for couples visiting the UK

Famous for the most prestigious university college in the world, the entire city gives of a scholarly, sophisticated atmosphere, with scenery made for deep-thinking and contemplation.

With its golden-hued architecture, a mellow and timeless atmosphere is envisioned to each visitor, leaving couples feeling like they stepped back in time.

The gorgeous buildings and architectural design of the city that inspired some of the most awe-inspiring works of fantasy will be a great addition to your Oxford photography love story.

With its idyllic riverside, the city becomes an oasis of peace and tranquility, charmingly present in each photograph.

couple pose in of oxford historic streets

couple posing in window during pre wedding photography shoot

When to have your Oxford pre wedding photo session

With moderate temperatures all-round the year, the best time to visit Oxford is anywhere from May through September. You will be blessed with warm weather with sunshine caressing your Oxford photography adventure.

This period also tends to be the busiest time of year in Oxford. The city is alive with tourists and locals, gathering to enjoy many summer festivals. However, this buzz of the newcomers adds to the beauty and atmosphere of Oxford, painting it in a new and romantic light.

Why You Should Consider Oxford

A favorite location for Oxford graduates as many love stories started on the streets and in the libraries of Oxford University. Besides welcoming its former students and celebrating their gentle emotions, Oxford offers many incredible gothic backdrops, and iconic British pubs all tucked in between the rolling hills.

A gentle and reserved place that holds such historic beauty is ideal for couples with a quiet disposition.

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bride hugs groom with soft light leak in photo

Historically buzzing photos captured by a truly special pre wedding photography team. We love our full gallery. Stephen & Annie