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A city of love, a city of lights. A city of wonderful history, art, and romance, Paris pre wedding photography is outstanding,
almost above all else, for your special stands.

Paris has always been a popular pre-wedding destination. Over the years this city came to be a home away from home for all the times we had
the pleasure to visit it.

If this is your dream destination, it must mean you are a hopelessly romantic couple, gentle and warm, with a love that goes from the gentlest moment
to the passionate eruption of emotions.

With us, you will get all those desired images, from you standing in front of the Eiffel Tower to walking hand in hand at the Louvre. We can make
it seems like you are the only one and the whole city is reserved just for you.

From incredible architecture, and the mesmerizing dance of the city lights, your pre-wedding album will give out an unmistakable
feeling of romance and sophistication.


Photographer Promos for Paris

Although Paris is perfect at any time of the year, we are thrilled to reveal to you the picturesque perfection of this
city at a perfect time of year. We can show you some of the most artistic corners of the city, perfectly echoing the romance and
complementing your style and feelings.

Explore our promotions for Paris in March and July and learn about all the wonders those seasons bring.

Paris Photography Services

Every corner of Paris is our playground for your outdoor photoshoot, no matter if you chose a pre-wedding, proposal, or engagement. We are
also happy to all offer lifestyle couple photoshoots, capturing your romance and everyday life in the middle of the most romantic city in the world.

groom kisses bride during outdoor photoshoot Outdoor Pre Wedding
couple sitting on wall during photo session Proposal Shoots
couple kissing in wedding attire Couple & Lifestyle

The city of romance. Paris is everything you could ever wish for. Beauty, emotion, and of course, romance. Pre-wedding perfection. Kelly & Jojo

Featured Paris Pre Weddings

Photoshoots & Sessions in the city of romance

The most fun we’ve ever had during a pre-wedding shoot was in Paris.

Many couples that choose this location are hopelessly romantic, but to a few couples, this city found a way to influence and engage allowing the couples to react and really show their true personalities.

Infused with the city’s aroma, each couple made every photoshoot a rare and exciting experience for us. As a result, capturing each shoot gives us the privilege of seeing how two souls in love can overcome all if they are together.

We invite you to take a look at our featured couples and see for yourselves the effect that Paris has on those marked with love.

bride poses in front of rustic building while smiling

bride and groom pose during Paris pre wedding shoot with eiffel tower in scene

Kiki & Quentin

Kiki and Quentin are ultimately romantic couples, who started as best friends before becoming a couple.

They are one of those couples who do not need to speak to have a conversation, and that translated beautifully into their Paris pre-wedding photographs.

We spent the whole day touring this amazing city and captured some gorgeous moments, with our couple posing at the Excelsior Opera Hotel balcony, in front of the Eiffel Tower. Furthermore, we were even able to take a break and shoot at the traditional Parisienne cafe, complete with croissants and hot coffee.

Golden hour gave us the most magical photographs as we relocated to the Louvre Museum courtyard. We stayed there even when the night fell and got an equally gorgeous backdrop, albeit, in a completely different style.

Every moment gave their pre wedding photographs a sophisticated and elegant tone.

True love is the best and getting to explore Paris with each other only grew our love greater. Thanks for capturing the memories Aly & Norwey

Paris Pre Wedding Prices

Photography Prices for Couples Exploring Paris

We understand that Paris is wishful thinking to many couples around the world. With those couples in mind, we have created many unique packages for this popular location.

We try to keep our prices reasonable and affordable to all our couples so that they can have the photo shoot of their dreams and capture those essential memories without any regret.

Let us take you to the city of L’ Amour without you worrying about your budget affecting our results.

Beauty, perfection, and professionalism is something we guarantee for all our couples.

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couple walking holding hands during pre wedding photo session

To walk hand in hand on the streets of Paris was all we ever wanted. We just knew that This Love Studio were the perfect people to capture us. Nate & Simone

Paris Pre Wedding Photographer Reviews

Kind words from past couples that booked our photo service

It is true what they say, you can feel the love and the romance in the Parisian air while posing for your pre-wedding photographs.

It can be easy to feel overwhelmed in this city especially with many tourists milling about your photoshoot location. We are there to take you to the best spots that, besides their artistic style, offer a much-needed intimacy. Furthermore, both ourselves and the location will ensure you are focused on each other allowing us to tell your love story.

Many couples loved how we managed their Paris outdoor photoshoot. As a result, you can read some of the reviews showing how exactly we did that.

bride smiles while looking at wedding bouquet
couple holding hand in park

Aliyah and Maxvwel

“We both agreed to have our pre-wedding photo session in Paris as this is where we got engaged a year before. When we went through This Love Studio’s portfolio we really liked their style and how elegant but also natural they make the photos look. On the day of the shoot, they were really professional and showed us so many spots around Paris and that made our photos really unique and unlike any other, we’ve taken together. High quality work that we would recommend to everyone.”

Kiki and Quentin

“The best destination-photographers in the world! Honestly, they made our Paris pre-wedding shoot amazing! Carlos and I wanted those Louvre pictures so badly, but we never thought we would also get a sunset Louvre image that looked like heaven. Now I understand why we had to stand at that exact spot and why the photographer was so adamant about it! He had a great eye for detail and friendly nature that made our shoot run smoothly. Thank you so, so much! X”

groom leads bride down stair in paris
groom lifts bride up during pre wedding shoot

Parker and Kaiden

“We booked our pre-wedding photoshoot in Paris in the middle of summer. We knew we should expect crowds of tourists, but on the morning of our photoshoot, there weren’t so many people around the Trocadero square. Our photographer knew exactly what he was doing when he insisted to be at the square at sunrise and to this day I haven’t seen a photo looking so majestic and sophisticated. Best of all, I was there to experience it with the love of my love and create some great memories to last a lifetime.”

Finley and Juan

“Going to Paris for our pre-wedding photoshoot was actually my first time going to Europe. I had a lot of expectations about the city and also about our photographers. This Love Studio team showed us the highest level of professionalism and creativity while they took our photos in dozens of places across Paris. All the while they were talking and laughing and they made us feel like we have a really close friend by our side. We took a break at a small bistro or at least we thought we did. As soon as our beverage came, our photographer started taking pictures under the excuse of checking the lenses. We were so surprised when these photographs made it into the album and they were simply gorgeous. There was nothing posed or staged about them and that nifty little trick gave us incredible photos. We recommend them to everyone!”

couple posing on bridge for photoshoot
bride holding veil over face

Morgan and Maddox

“A big ‘Thank you’ to the wonderful photographs from This Love Studio team for making our pre-wedding in Paris an incredible experience. Throughout the day they were incredibly professional and took our photos at some of the best locations we have ever seen. Naturally, the photos turned out great and Morgan actually started crying when she saw them. I highly recommend them to all couples who are after some beautiful and creative pre-wedding memories.”

Paris delivers the most romantic destination for pre-weddings. The team showed us around some of the most quaint, beautiful places. Thank you! Joe & Albott

Paris’ Most Amazing Pre Wedding Locations

Secret Corners and Luscious Landmarks, Paris has it all

There is so much more to Paris than the Eiffel Tower, Louvre, and Moulin Rouge. Furthermore, we will gladly show you many more places in the City of Love perfect for capturing your story of love.

Our popular locations produce all the beauty and romance that this city offers; however, our experience allows us to leave out the big crowds of tourists while giving you the intimacy to be who you really are.

No matter the scene you choose for your Paris pre wedding shoot, we will make your love shine in your photographs, brighter than Eiffel Tower on New Year’s Eve.

Read more about some of our favorite Paris photoshoot locations in the selection we have mentioned below.

couple holding hands in photoshoot

photo of the eiffel tower in paris

Trocadero Square & The Eiffel Tower

It’s easy to understand why Trocadero is every tourist’s favorite spot in Paris.

As one of the most iconic locations in Paris, it will give some of the best views of the Eiffel Tower.

In the summer this spot is buzzing with excitement from early morning until midnight, but arranging your pre-wedding or engagement photoshoot at sunrise or sunset can still give you the best Eiffel Tower backdrop.

There is simply no better place in Paris to have your love captured along with this magnificent monument.

Pont Alexandre III

Alexander III Bridge is, without a doubt, the most beautiful bridge in Paris.

The elegance, along with the golden details and lamps remind couples of the old days while giving you a romantic but stylish background for your pre wedding shot in Paris.

The famous Eiffel tower can be seen in the distance from this magnificent bridge which allows you to have the best of both locations in your pre-wedding photographs.

couple poses on pont alexandre iii bridge with eiffel tower in background

nightime photo of the sunset refecting in the louvre

The Louvre

Louvre is, without a doubt, the perfect spot for a night-time photoshoot, and Louvre Palace and Pyramid are perfectly lit all night to provide a simply stunning pre-wedding photo shoot location.

The whole Louvre courtyard will give a myriad of content for your photoshoot with ornate lamps, amazing architecture, and incredible lighting.

Tuileries Gardens

Even though this spot features the Eiffel Tower in the background too, these stunning gardens are reason enough to choose this location for your destination or local wedding shoot.

Simply breathtaking, Tuileries is nature’s corner offers some of the best photoshoot backdrops in Paris. If fortunate enough, you will also be able to feature the Louvre buildings posing in the distance.

Besides being a popular place for tourists, the sheer size of the garden will ensure you can find your own private piece of heaven and create stunning memories.

scenery view of tuileries gardens in paris
couple poses under bir hakeim bridge

Bir Hakeim Bridge

Tourist devoid, but a photographer’s favorite, Bir Hakeim Bridge gives a clear view of the Eiffel Tower as well as the Seine River while being undisturbed by passersby.

The greatest feature of this bridge is not the view, but the structure itself. The ‘complex simplicity’ the lines the colonnades create, makes this location one of the outdoor photoshoot locations in Paris.

A perfect shelter on those rainy days that will protect your love with its masonry arches and give your memories to cherish for a lifetime.

Any Parisian Cafe

Your typical Parisian Cafe will give your pre-wedding photographs that unique Vogue Lifestyle look. Furthermore, it will also give you a chance to press pause in your photoshoot adventure.

Share a hot drink or your favorite beverage, maybe even stop for a bite of croissant and let us capture your love in a remarkable natural way.

In Paris, you don’t have to go far to find a plethora of charming, uniquely Parisian cafes, perfect for your pre wedding photoshoot theme.

photo of a traditional parisian cafe
photo of the montmartre dome with surrounding greenery


The artistic corner of Paris, the way it has been for decades.

You can feel the creativity and romance with that L’Amour philosophy inter-woven in every corner of Paris.

The home of charming doorstep cafes and the birthplace of Moulin Rouge, this amazing location will give you some of the best spots for your pre-wedding or engagement photoshoot.

No matter the season, your love will fit perfectly in the neighborhood that has inspired love for so many years. Montmartre truly inspires romance and gives stunning backdrops to your love story.

Paris Pre Wedding Slideshow

Our favorite photos from past Paris Pre Wedding Shoots

The city of love is a perfect place for you and your session. That level of perfection reflects in every photograph we have ever created in Paris.
Our Paris slideshow portfolio will show you just how amorous and happy our couples were in this amazing destination.

slideshow of engagement photos from paris

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The City of Romance – Paris, France

Paris, the most perfect destination for your pre wedding

A city that’s name is a synonym for ‘style’ offers nothing but perfection for an engagement photoshoot.

Everything in Paris is done with the utmost taste, from amazing architecture, cuisine, and art to be a place of inspiration to many immortal artists such as Monet, Picasso, and Renoir. It has an illustrious artistic pedigree showing why artists have created some of the best backdrops in the world.

Your Paris photoshoot will not just allow for stunning photographs, it will also be will an unforgettable experience to add to your love story.

couple laughing during photoshoot

couple posing on stairs in front of eiffel tower

When is Best for a Paris Pre Wedding Shoot?

Anywhere from April to October is perfect to visit this magnificent city.

You will be blessed with sunshine and great weather, although summers in Paris can be a bit crowded with tourists, we will do our utmost to ensure you feel like you have the city to yourself.

Spring and Fall are much better for a more intimate photoshoot, with moderate temperatures and beautiful foliage. Cherry blossoms in spring will give you stunning backdrops, combining the beauty of the city and nature in one frame.

Reasons Why Paris is Perfect

There is a reason Paris is called “The City of Love” and it has earned this title offering romantic scenery and atmospheres for decades.

People breathe differently in Paris, every word spoken seems like a caress, melting even the most hardened hearts. This is why Paris is perfect for couples with sensual love, and a deep passion ruling their love story. Every couple will feel at home in Paris, free to feel more, show more and give more to each other, all along, letting us capture those emotions in their pre wedding photographs.

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couple smiling during photo session in wedding attire

This Love Studio created the most magnificent photos of our Paris pre wedding. Every photo they captured was ideal. Brian & Sarah