10 of the Most Romantic Places to Propose in Hong Kong

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Whether you live in Hong Kong or are just holidaying, it is a truly magical place and one that many people dream of proposing in. However, if getting down on one knee just anywhere, doesn’t quite cut it, here’s a list of the 10 best places in Hong Kong to propose.

high shot of couple kissing in victoria peak garden

Victoria Peak Garden

Victoria Peak Garden is a gorgeous place, originally made for the governor of Hong Kong. This stunning garden is just 10 minutes away from the equally beautiful Victoria Peak. Hike up or take a dainty tram, placing yourself in the beautiful Victorian pagoda. The perfect place to get on your knees.

The magical views and fairytale-like setting will make your love feel like a true princess. The ring will be all they need to complete the fantasy.

Bride’s Pool

As the name suggests, this area has a story of marriage at its heart. A tragic tale admittedly, but this is a stunning destination. Furthermore, the scenic waterfall acts as the perfect backdrop to pop the question. As a result, the rather ‘on-the-nose’ name, will fill any expectant partner with excited anticipation.

This area celebrates the natural side of Hong Kong, taking you out of the busy city to somewhere a lot more tranquil and calming. As result, this could be handy when it comes to settling the nerves that go with asking someone to marry you.

Disneyland, Hong Kong

For people more comfortable in the bustle of the city, Disneyland may be the ideal place. It has always been referred to as the most magical place on earth and HK Disney definitely lives up to that description. Childlike wonder will set in the instance they see the enchanting lights and the famous palace centerpiece. This famous landmark, where many people imagine their special day from a young age, can complete many a childhood dream. The perfect location to pop the question.

entrance sign at disneyland hong kong

Aqua Luna

Staying on the theme of rides, next on the list is the Aqua Luna. A gorgeous traditional boat ride that gets the best view of Hong Kong’s sweeping skyline.

With many options to choose from, we’d recommend the symphony of lights cruise that truly captures Hong Kong’s famous light show whilst it lights up the city. The only thing that could draw your partner’s gaze away from the view would be if they caught you getting down on one knee and bringing out a ring.

The Ritz-Carlton

Hong Kong has no shortage of luxurious hotels and although a swanky hotel room is often a go-to proposal location there’s good reason for it. The sheer amount of proposal videos online would lead you to believe that it is meant to be a public affair. However, plenty of people would rather express that level of commitment in a more private setting. As a result, this makes a room for two the ideal location.

The Ritz-Carlton offers a 520 ‘I Love You package’ that involves extra romantic amenities as well as a couples breakfast. This will ensure love is well and truly in the air before you pull out the ring.

Sunset Peak

Switching back to the natural route, Hong Kong has a wide variety of idyllic hiking routes and one of the most impressive is Sunset Peak. You’ll feel completely engulfed by the most mystical location in Hong Kong, and, as the name suggests, it is truly the best place to watch the sun setting.

For a couple with a love of walks and beautiful skies, there’s no doubt this is one of the best places in Hong Kong to propose.

Private Cable Car Ride

Now a cable car ride may not be what you expected but this is a breathtaking way to see some of Hong Kong’s most impressive sights. In addition, it allows for complete privacy whilst asking a very special question. The two of you can ride from downtown Tung Chung to Ngong Ping whilst experiencing as much of a view of the landscape as you could ever ask for. Moreover, there’s no danger of dropping the ring from such a height!

cable car on wires with hong kong hills in background

Lovers Rock

Another rather ‘on-the-nose’ name for a proposal but a popular one for good reason. Due to the high amount of tradition and the superstitious nature that still exists in Hong Kong, many believe worshipping the rock blesses them with fertility. Regardless, the place offers a panoramic view of Wan Chai, is filled with romance, and is just a stone’s throw from the zoological and botanical gardens making it an ideal location for a filled day out with a truly magical ending.

Inspiration Lake

You may be looking for a revelation when it comes to finding the best places in Hong Kong to propose, well look no further than Inspiration lake. An ideal spot that gets you away from the city and allows for a leisurely stroll or romantic picnic by the water. It’s a perfect little slice of nature without hiking for miles for the more relaxed couple. The arboretum offers a walk through lush greenery and you’ll completely forget your proximity to the mammoth city of Hong Kong, perfect for locals looking for somewhere mystical to take their partner of for visitors wanting the special moment to be somewhere calm and enclosed so they can truly appreciate the time together.


It would be impossible to complete this list without including one of Hong Kong’s many impressive restaurants. Hutong has floor to ceiling windows that make you feel like you’re sat in the harbor. Sensual lighting surrounds the tables and the red lanterns bring the classic atmosphere you’d expect from a true Hong Kong restaurant. The place is the epiphany of class and elegance making the overall place just ooze sexiness so why not pop the question in a setting that’s (almost) as sexy as your partner.

So there you have it, a complete list of the top 10 places to propose in Hong Kong. Now you get the hard job, picking which place you’re going to visit!