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Sensational! We have just received our photos from Paris and they are amazing. We can’t wait to show them off on our big day. Jinsun & Davis

European Promotions

Our most popular European destinations and discounts we offer

There is something grand and wise about Europe and the civilizations and past empires lasting for centuries until now. These locations are the ones that have the most history. From gorgeous architecture to a variety of stunning backdrops, perfect for your engagement shoot.

Explore our European promotions, bringing you charming towns, gorgeous greenery, and history in abundance for you to weave into your pre wedding photoshoot. Moreover, you will feel the deeply rooted traditions each location offers while embracing the echoes of past generations cheering for your love story and happy ending.

pre wedding location in europe

bride and groom pose in london on pre wedding shoot

London, United Kingdom

Discover the London metropolis full of amazing landmarks

This magnificent metropolis will give you some of the most iconic pre wedding photoshoot spots and backdrops in the world.

Furthermore, you will get to see all the beauty London offers. Beauty that will make your engagement session an enjoyable and unforgettable experience. In addition, London is perfect to give your photographs a royal and sophisticated tone.

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Cotswolds, United Kingdom

Cobbled streets & rustic buildings ideal for the perfect pre-wedding

Dive into this emerald ocean of rolling hills and make your photographs bear that natural romance only the Cotswolds can provide.

Moreover, we will show you all the amazing vanity points that make this location one of the most popular pre wedding locations.

Take a look to see how perfect this fairylike destination is perfect creating splendid memories to cherish for all times.

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couple smiling in the cotswolds
bride and groom walk downstair past the eiffel tower

Paris, France

The city of romance. The perfect spot to celebrate your engagement

There is nothing like capturing your love in the City of Love. With our Paris promotions, your pre wedding experience becomes that much better giving you the possibility to create amazing memories anytime you want.

Explore our Paris promotions and ensure your images feature some of the gorgeous landmarks this city has to offer.

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Florence, Italy

Rolling hills and ornate architecture, pre weddings never looked so good

No other place on earth has such a collection of artwork scattered on its streets as Florence. Moreover, the time has allowed this wonderful city to become a piece of art itself.

In addition, those magical moments of morning sun help paint the city in a golden hue. As a result, this feeling of ‘brand new’ is what we want to give you our Florence adventure.

Take a look at the discounts allowing you a pre-wedding photoshoot in a location like no other.

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couple standing in sunshine on florence road

We are lost for words. The photos you captured are beyond doubt the best we have seen. Perfect from day one. Thank you. Angela & Tony

Australasian Promotions

Discover the wilderness with an amazing pre wedding in Australasia

Embark on your Australasian adventure and we promise, taking a road a few dare to take will give you extraordinary feelings. Moreover, it will provide a magnificent experience with the most stunning backdrops the world can offer.

We will take you from everyday life and put you into a fairytale of your design. Furthermore, you will find a variety of both city and countryside locations hidden in everything this amazing location has to offer.

photography of australian seaside

new zealand pre wedding location

New Zealand

From Lavender fields to epic mountains, pre wedding excellence awaits

The natural scenery of New Zealand may very well be the most gorgeous engagement location in the world.

This is the perfect place to have your happiness captured beneath the starry night sky. You will also experience exclusive lakes, glaciers, and incredible views.

Explore our New Zealand Promotions and see our amazing offers for your magical natural pre-wedding photoshoot.

Photography. Makeup. Styling. Planning. Every service you provided was perfection. We couldn’t have asked for more. Cynthia & Hugo

Asian Promotions

Ethereal engagements in the most amazing Asian cities

Among all other destinations in the world, Asia still has that mystic feeling attracting more couples every year.

The ethereal feeling along with the serenity of the landscape make for a perfect atmosphere. Asia offers intimacy and grace to every photograph.

The beauty, architecture and monuments of Asia are unlike anything else on the planet. Furthermore, embarking on your Asian adventure feels like passing through to another dimension. As a result, we are ready and proud to offer many splendid promotions and discounts to make this the destination of your dreams.

asian cherry blossom and architecture

pre wedding photoshoot in hong kong

Hong Kong

Our home city and one of the most amazing wedding cities in the world

One of the most fascinating cities in the world, Hong Kong is a real urban Spectacle.

Exploding with life and energy, there is no shortage of content or unique locations to give your engagement photos beautiful and creative backdrops. Furthermore, among all the buzz, there are gardens of peace as well as serene beaches to give your love story a candid intimacy and peace.

Hong Kong is an incredible destination for your pre-wedding, engagement, or lifestyle photoshoot. As a result, your pre wedding photoshoot will be the best experience you and your loved one have ever had.

Explore everything we have to offer with our HK promotions to make your photo shoot magical.

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Sakura, Japan

Cherry Blossom glory and one of the most famous pre wedding locations

There is nothing Japan cannot give you. Mountain top views, seaside romance, or cityscape elegance, all can be explored with our excellent packages and promos for one of the world’s most sought after pre-wedding destinations.

Let us capture your love beneath the many cherry blossoms and make your pre wedding photoshoot an unforgettable occasion. Fill your pre wedding album with photographs splendidly showing your connection and emotions.

Take a look at why our promos make Japan one of the most popular locations to create otherworldly memories to cherish forever.

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bride and groom in cherry blossom trees