Cherry Blossom Sakura
Pre Wedding Photography

Every couple dreams of booking a Sakura pre wedding photography session. When we scroll through
our portfolio of covers booked, we come across so many couples that decided to choose Cherry Blossom as their scene setter.

It’s the fleetingness and the fragility of the Sakura blossom that makes this mesmeric location magnificent. In bloom for
such a short amount of time, but giving so much beauty, the feeling of tenderness, this seasonal location will perfectly encapsulate the
intimate feelings between you.

Encompassed in those blush hues, your pre-wedding photographs will make it seem like you are walking amongst pink clouds in
the sky. Moreover, even at the end of the season, Sakura will gift you the softest snow-like scenery, fit for the most romantic couples.

It is human nature to be attracted to such perfection. As a result, Sakura blossom attracts a lot of tourists as it is more
than just one of the world’s most popular pre wedding environment.

With us, you don’t have to worry about passersby and hoards of tourists, as we can take you to those hidden locations,
so private you will feel like it is a place designed just for you, and just for your love. We will capture all your smiles and
laughs in your own little piece of heaven.


Sakura Cherry Blossom Pre Wedding Promotions

Let us take you on a trip around the world with our Cherry Blossom promotions in March.

From London and Paris, all the way to the King of Sakura, the stunning Kyoto, we aim to capture your
love story below those soft peach-colored petals, giving your pre wedding photographs an exceptional softness.

Cherry Blossom Pre Wedding Services

Let the cherry petals fall on your wedding dress, or complement the season with a gorgeous silk traditional kimono
in your photoshoot dream.

With our outdoor pre weddings shoots, we will give your love story the softness of this magical phenomenon, capturing all
your gentle feelings perfectly.

bride smiles surrounded by soft pink sakura cherry blossom Sakura Engagements
bride and groom pose underneath cherry blossom trees Outdoor Pre Weddings
cherry blossom scene in studio with bride posing Studio Shoots

We have always loved the cute pink cherry blossom and looking at the team’s photos we just knew we wanted them to capture our shoot Kevin & Nikita

Photoshoots with Sakura Cherry Blossoms

Couples captured in the beauty of Sakura Blossoms

We are proud to present our couples that booked a Cherry blossom pre wedding photography package. The galleries below will show you how fairytale-like cherry petals can provide the most artistic backdrop for your love story.

The elegance and grace of these photographs is something we can achieve only here, witnessing this phenomenon of the awakening of nature. No matter the style and the composition, the cherry blossom surroundings will fit perfectly for both modern and traditional couples. Furthermore, its heavenly colors will complement whatever you decide to wear during your photo shoot.

Take a look at our featured couples and see the perfection of our Sakura photoshoots.

couple posing in famous pink sakura glow

couple sat on bench posing during pre wedding shoot

Clara & Dan

When we found out that Clara and Dan’s romance started under a sakura tree, there was not a doubt in our minds as to what would be the perfect pre wedding spot for them. They were thrilled when we took them to the new studio and had them pose on our bench surround by our cherry blossoms. The happiness that radiated from this couple was etched in every image we created, you could tell this would become their special place for years to come.

Getting to capture this happy couple was a real joy to behold and allowing them to experience their first moments together, all over again really meant a lot to our team.

We have just spent the last 2 hours looking over our sensational pre wedding photos. Thank you team for such pretty memories. Michael & Kayden

Sakura Pre Wedding Packages

Information about our Sakura Cherry Blossom Plans & Prices

While chasing cherry blossoms, you can explore half the world. Our main goal is to save and offer only the best locations for a Sakura Blossom pre wedding photography shoot.

Because you can walk for days and find many great locations adorned in the white softness of the petals, we have prepared many great packages featuring cherry blossom locations all over the world, from the city of Paris to the forests of Japan. Even to our indoor studio.

Take a look at our packages and see how reasonable pricing can make a gorgeous occurrence, affordable to all.

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bride hidden by cherry blossom petals

Wow. Every photo is gorgeous. We are so happy we chose the cherry blossoms to frame our love for each other. Thank you. Jodie & Ian

Sakura Blossom Photography Reviews

Happy remarks and kind words from couples that chose Cherry Blossoms

No matter the location of this occurrence, cherry blossoms have this way of making everything, normally cold and wilted from winter, seems like it is bursting with life and beauty. This is what cherry blossom does, it just makes everything feel and seem heavenly. This oasis of white is what makes your emotions towards each other stand out from your final photographs.

We love trying to catch that perfect petal falling on the strand of the bride’s hair, or the crystal white glint in your eyes as you look at each others love. This is only possible due to our patience and skill.

In the reviews of our couples, you will hear how that patience pays off in the end by resulting in some of the most magical experiences and photographs ever.

bride looks towards wedding dress while leaning on cherry blossom tree
bride rests head on grooms shoulder

Daisy and Legend

“Nothing made us happier than to learn we don’t have to travel half the globe to take our pictures in front of a blooming cherry tree. This Love Studio gave us a great alternative and when they showed us Paris in the blooming season we were hooked from the start. It was our long time wish to visit the city of love, and with them, we were able to make two of our dreams come true and receive stunning memories at the end.”

Genevieve and Kaden

“Nothing made us happier than to learn we don’t have to travel half the globe to take our pictures in front of a blooming cherry tree. This Love Studio gave us a great alternative and when they showed us Paris in the blooming season we were hooked from the start. It was our long time wish to visit the city of love, and with them, we were able to make two of our dreams come true and receive stunning memories at the end.”

bride sits on a bench infront of sakura blossom tree
bride smiles and rests chin on hand while posing for photo

Harmony and Kyrie

“Our cherry blossom experience in Kyoto was utter perfection! The whole place was heaven on earth, and even though it was a bit crowded, we had some amazing photographs of our pre-wedding trip and a memory of the day to cherish for the rest of our lives. Thank you This Love Studio, and keep on the good work!”

Elise and Kyle

“The most romantic thing we have ever witnessed and we are ecstatic for having the opportunity to take our pre-wedding photographs under the cherry tree blossoms. The Sakura in Japan was everything This Love Studio described it would be and we felt like walking on a pink cloud. Our photographs came out perfect and so gentle-looking and dream like we instantly put a few on display. Highly recommend.”

bride poses in gown while having cherry blossom photoshoot
couple smiling during pre wedding photography session

Arabella and Paxton

“We were surprised when we took one glance at This Love Studio’s portfolio and immediately fell in love with the gorgeous cherry blossom photographs. There was not a doubt in our minds as to where to have our pre-wedding photographs taken and were taken by the style of photography that was presented to us. When we arrived in Seoul their team had amazing ideas and we even recreated some of our favorite photographs from their portfolio. We had so much fun and counted the day as a massive success. Once we saw our photographs we were left speechless! There is no doubt about their professionalism and experience and we were left with the most beautiful mementos.”

Cherry Blossoms bring an air of dream, magic to every photo. We recommend Sakura photoshoots for all couples and their pre wedding. Nicki & Jason

Best Destinations for Cherry Blossoms

The worlds most popular sakura blossom locations

Besides all man-made creations in the world, there is nothing as perfect as nature itself.

Amongst all the northern lights, untrodden snow, and powdered beaches around the world, none is quite as romantic or unique as Cherry Blossom. The best Sakura scenes are usually found in Japan, where this occurrence has a deeper meaning. However, London and Paris cherry blossom season will also give you visual perfection for your pre-wedding photoshoot.

Wrapped in the cushiness of the cherry petals and romantic pastels, your devotion will shine as bright as the sun shining through the blossom-filled treetops.

View our selection of the most breathtaking Sakura pre-wedding locations and don’t miss the chance to capture your love story surrounded by this blushing wonder of nature.

bride poses underneath sakura tree

street with overhanging cherry blossom in kyoto

Keage Incline, Kyoto, Japan

What is so amazing about this Keage Incline in Kyota, is the train tracks abandoned long ago. You can just see how nature has started to take over this once frequented destination. As a result, it explodes with romance in spring, just as the cherry blossom covers the scene, making one of the most delightful Sakura pre-wedding photo spots.

This is quite different from all other cherry oriented parks, this in undiluted nature in its original form and beauty.

Capturing your precious emotions within such a powerful natural scene will give your pre-wedding photographs a raw romantic look and gentle tone.

Nishi Park, Fukuoka, Japan

There are over 1000 types of cherry blossom trees planted in Nishi Park and many more great pre wedding photography opportunities, guaranteed to bring that characteristic Sakura gentleness to your photos.

Not only by day, but Nishi Park will give you a spectacular Sakura view at night when all of those cheery trees are illuminated with different colors, creating an awe-inspiring, majestic scene straight out of a fairytale.

Furthermore, if you want to experience the culture of Nishi, there are regular festivals taking place around cherry blossom season. This can enhance your pre-wedding experience even more.

cherry blossom tree with blue sky in background

vibrant pink cherry blossom tree

Maizuru Park, Castle Ruins, Japan

The surrounding ruins of Fukuoka Castle are littered with hundreds upon thousands of cherry trees. It is often called the peak location for couples in search of that cherry blossom pre-wedding buzz.

It feels as though this whole park is dedicated to enjoying and capturing some unbelievable photographs of cherry blossoms. While it is sometimes packed with tourists, every photograph is worth the wait. Trust us.

Like Nishi Park, Maizuru Park celebrates this natural occurrence by throwing a festival in the honor of sakura, illuminating the cherry trees at night, and giving the most gorgeous sakura intimacy to all couples.

Tokyo, Japan

It is a bit strange to count in Tokyo as a great Sakura location. Still, there is something about this fast-paced city covered in gentle peachy blossoms. Everywhere you look, those ever-pretty blossoms provide an incredible and romantic tone, perfect for those gorgeous pre-wedding photos.

There is more to photography than just the beauty of the location. The feelings and emotions a location provokes are often the best features for whether booking an engagement or couple shoot. Seeing this grand and modern city become so soft and warm with something so delicate, is an amazing occurrence, deserving of a place in your memories.

river in tokyo surrounded by banks of cherry blossom
kanazawa green garden with sakura blossom hanging above

Kanazawa, Japan

Here is where Sakura petals flow with a tune from a long time ago. All the time surrounded by the rich history of Kanazawa.

With Samurai and Geisha districts still preserved, this treasured castle town features one of Japan’s ‘Three Great Gardens’, Kenroku-en Garden. It is everything you’ve ever imagined from a Japanese garden. Ponds with rare fish, tea houses, ancient twisted trees, and most peculiarly flowers showing the amazing artistry of Japanese garden design.

When the time comes for sakura petals to show themselves, this already beautiful location becomes even more splendid than you ever thought possible.

Jinhae, South Korea

Although Sakura is traditional in Japan, South Korea has some of the world’s most dazzling cherry blossom locations.

The port city of Jinhae gu will give you an amazing experience of cherry blossom. The famous cherry trees that line Yeojwacheon stream form together to create a tunnel scene painted with a gentle pink shade.

Perfect from every angle, this location also comes alive during the ten-day festival thrown in celebration of the arrival of the cherry blossom.

white pink cherry blossom tree
wedding decoration hangs in sakura blossom tree

Hwagae Myeon, South Korea

Just a few steps away from Hwangae market lies the famous 10-ri Cherry Blossom Road also known as ‘Wedding Road’.

Legend says that couples that walk this lane hand in hand will get married one day and live happily ever after. This is why the famous street is such a perfect pre wedding photoshoot location. As a result, it adds a deeper meaning to every photograph while surrounded by magnificent sakura petals.

Whether you have a pre wedding, engagement, or lifestyle photoshoot at this location, it will add a dash of magic and good fortune to your photo album. Furthermore, you will create a spectacular but lovely story to tell to future generations.

Spring Blossom Pre Wedding Photography Slideshow

A selection of beautiful shots of cherry blossom shoots across the world

The unparalleled softness and the gentleness of the colors that is every Cherry Blossom location
will give your pre-wedding photographs a sense of timelessness, reflecting your love for each other perfectly.

Explore our Cherry Blossom locations and see our couples’ love wrapped perfectly in this peachy wonderland.

couple pose with surrounding spring blossom

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Everything you need to know about Sakura Blossoms

Round-up of important information about Cherry Blossom locations

No matter where on the planet, a Cherry Blossom enchantment will always be ideal for a romantic and gentle pre wedding or engagement session.

Whether you choose an iconic Japanese location or opt for an amorous Paris Cherry Blossom photoshoot, the blossoms will always bring out the tenderness of your love. You will be forever surrounded by unparalleled softness and beauty.

Letting your love experience a Sakura blossom, will be the best experiences you will discover on your journey together.

bride smiles during pre wedding photo shoot with sakura

bride smiles covered in veil

Best time of year for Sakura Photoshoots

The awakening of spring makes the world’s flora come to life, it is no different from the cherry blossom trees.

April should be on your mind if you decide upon a Cherry Blossom pre wedding photoshoot. It is often the best time to catch this most beautiful of occurrences.

Plan your pre-wedding photoshoot from late-March to mid-May and you will not be disappointed with the beauty you will be greeted with.

Reasons Why Cherry Blossom Creates the Perfect Pre Wedding Backdrop

Overflowing with gentle white and blush petals, Cherry Blossom locations undeniably make the most romantic scene in the world.

There is no feeling on earth like sharing a kiss and a promise while snow-like softness falls all around you. The sakura is perfect for amplifying all the emotion and love you have towards each other. For this reason, hopelessly romantic couples and dreamers will enjoy these locations the best. Couples will finally be surrounded by a scene depicting their adoration and devotion perfectly.

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bride poses on bench beneath cherry blossoms

The world’s best wedding photographers and the nicest personalities to boot. Thank you guys for capturing us perfectly. Kyle & Candice