Pre Wedding Photography

As one of the most visually unique locations, pre wedding photography in Santorini will astound you. Delivering the most
amazing photoshoot images you have ever seen.

This gorgeous Greek island has a plethora of possibilities. Furthermore, we can incorporate all locations into your stunning pre-wedding
photo session.

Not only can you surround your romance with the iconic white and blue rooftops of Oia town, but you can also feature some of the most beautiful
sunsets ever seen in your photos. During that golden hour, the sky above Santorini is a fusion of blue, orange, and pink. The sea stretches
as far as the eye can see creating one of the most romantic and emotional backgrounds in the world.

We will take you to some of the most stunning beaches, directing you to stroll hand in hand while the waves tickle your feet. Throughout
all of this, our goal stays the same, to have your love and devotion shine bright in every photo we take.


Santorini Pre Wedding Photographer Promotions

This blue paradise just gets better when the first breath of spring passes its unique gleaming houses.

Devoid of many tourists, you will feel like you have the whole place to yourselves as we capture the love and
the intimacy in some of the most stunning pre wedding photographs you will ever see.

Our promotions allow you to plan your Santorini photoshoot in May and July, welcoming photographic
perfection in all your photos.

Photography Services in Santorini

We will follow you wherever you want for your pre-wedding or proposal shoot in Santorini. Strolling the beach or
walking the cobbled streets among that whiteness of the traditional Santorini houses, our outdoor photoshoot service promises
to capture your love story amongst sensational locations, unmistakably perfect for you.

close up photo of bride and groom in wedding dress Photoshoots
couple pose against typical blue santorini sky Outdoor PreWedding
smiling couple walking on beach after proposal Proposals

Santorini is like a picture book wedding destination. It’s famous for a reason and our photos show how perfect it is. Joel & Admi

Pre Wedding Photos from Santorini

Photoshoots & Sessions from a Greek paradise

Santorini is considered heaven on earth. With a serenity only the open sea can provide and the majestic view of crystal blue water as far as the eye can see, it’s easy to see why.

This is what makes many couples gaze in thought during their outdoor photoshoot. While this location brings many reasons for introspection, our featured couples are the ones whose only goal was to take a dip in the water with the love of their lives whenever we were not looking.

This playfulness and overall different reaction to this tranquil location is what made us have the most fun in Santorini, and our couples show entirely just how quirky love can be present anywhere in the world.

bride hugs groom from behind while smiling

women in blue dress standing on beach with man

Melanie and Brian

Melanie and Brian’s engagement session has to be one of our favorite and most exciting photoshoot sessions we have ever done.

They were really enjoying themselves, completely comfortable in Santorini allowing their passion to shine through. As a result, this helped us capture some of the best photographs. All the fun they had allowed them to capture outstanding photos during their engagement story.

The lighting was ideal, locations flawless and we believe that Melanie not knowing this was in fact an engagement photoshoot rather than a couples portrait shoot, gave a certain carefree atmosphere to the day.

Once Brian got down on one knee on Perissa Beach, we were able to capture all the raw emotions and happiness of the couple and make truly unforgettable memories for this happy couple.

We were blown away by the blueness of picturesque Santorini. The best thing is that our photos show how amazing our shoot was. Karen & Ole

Santorini Photographer Prices

Photography Pre Wedding Prices

Santorini exudes luxury in every photograph we capture, our primary goal is to make this location affordable and available to all our couples.

This little piece of heaven on earth deserves to be shared with all those celebrating and cherishing their love and devotion. For that reason, we created some of the most balanced Santorini pre wedding prices. As a result, your hopes of capturing your love in this amazingly beautiful place can become a reality.

Enquire about our Santorini pre wedding photoshoot prices for more information.

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When booking your engagement photographer then you should consider This Love Studio no matter where you are shooting in the world. Donny & Denise

Reviews from Santorini Couples

Bride and Groom Referrals & Recommendations

Where the sky meets the endless blue of the ocean. We will capture all of your adoration and care in picturesque Santorini.

We are excited to show you all the fantastic corners and hidden gems that will serve as the perfect panoramic for gentle lovers to embrace.

There is no way to be dissatisfied with Santorini, having you sing our praises for our photography services brings us joy and happiness.

Take a look at these couple’s reviews telling their Santorini outdoor photoshoot tales for you.

silouhette photo of couple during photoshoot
couple poses on beach with blue sky in background

Ryleigh and Vincent

“Our trip to Santorini will be remembered forever thanks to This Love Studio and their amazing photographer. He was so kind and artistic, with a keen eye for details and many great ideas for poses. You can tell he is a real professional and has been doing this for a long time and with so much love. The photographs were mesmerizing and there were so many of them it was hard not to choose all of them. We ended up choosing all and we were able to do so because the prices were extremely affordable and reasonable. We are so glad we decided to do this.”

Eden and Damian

“We loved our Santorini pre-wedding photoshoot. Our photographer was amazing and so nice and easy to work with. He took that iconic Santorini sunset image and made our dreams come true. Earlier in the day, he took us to the most dramatic beach I have ever seen, it was completely black and surrounded by rocks, it was amazing! We almost cried when we saw our photographs, so much creativity, and style, but also emotions that our photographer transferred to our images perfectly. The prices were reasonable and the pictures were worth every dime. I am positive we have the best pre-wedding photographs in the world.”

couple posing amongst famous blue and white domes in santorini
bride and groom holding hands with sea in background

Emersyn and Ryker

“Santorini was a wonderful experience for us. Our photographer was amazing to work with and so friendly he made us feel at ease pretty early into the photoshoot. The pictures he took are beautiful! We love them so so much and they turned out better than we hoped they would. We have so many iconic photographs of Santorini, like the ones you see in wedding magazines-the beaches, the sunset, the blue roof of the church…It was absolutely amazing! Thanks to This Love Studio now we have gorgeous memories of this special day. “

Anastasia and Tristan

“Thanks, This Love Studio for making our engagement even better and giving us a gorgeous photograph of this special day. The way you captured everything and all the beauty of Santorini is incredible, and your photographers are true artists. We were amazed by how professional the photographer was, but at the same time, his friendly approach made us relaxed and had us laughing all the time. Honestly, can’t thank you enough! Keep on the brilliant work!”

couple pose overlooking sea amongst the hillside

Our Santorini photoshoot images are beyond amazing. Greece was the perfect place to enjoy your engagement with each other. Milan & Kimmy

Popular Santorini Pre Wedding Hotspots

Famous Landmarks & Amazing Views

Heavenly Santorini is a simply gorgeous destination, we will show you how this amazing island becomes even better when you know where to look.

There are so many great multicolored beaches and bays with both steady water and shattering waves, complementing your passion and love beautifully.

The signature whitewashed houses with the brilliant blue rooftops, alongside the endless Aegean Sea, can be your own piece of heaven. Perfect to immortalize your most special memories.

Let us show you the most romantic sunset in the world allowing your pre-wedding to become a dreamlike experience.

We invite you to explore our selection of stunning Santorini photoshoot locations promising to bring splendor to your pre-wedding photographs.

couple kissing in sunlight during photo session

famous blue dome in oia santorini


One of the most recognizable scenes, featured in millions of postcards, is actually the village of Oia. The Sunset over Oia is iconic and probably the most beautiful sunset location in the world.

This picturesque scene is one of the best pre wedding photographer locations. Furthermore, it offers so many amazing spots to capture your emotions and memories.

Experience the magnificence that is the sunset over Oia as we capture your most precious moments.

Oia Cliffside

Further Santorini gems, the pastel buildings located on the cliffside of Oia. Simply stunning during those beautiful Greek sunsets. Welcome to one of the most famous Santorini buildings, located on the Oia cliffside.

The ‘world-famous’ windmill makes one of the best pre wedding frames for your engagement photos.

Make unforgettable memories at this amazing location and explore the Oia Cliffside for more amazing photoshoot spots.

view of buildings on santorini cliffside

two famous blue domes in santorini

The Blue Domes

Instantly recognizable, the blue domes in Oia actually belong to a local church.

The stark contrast of blue against the whitewashed buildings is what makes this location such a great photo shoot spot and why you should not miss it for your pre-wedding photography in Santorini.

Let us capture your love story on one of the many terraces giving the perfect view of the blue domes Santorini is well known for.

Perissa Beach

Dramatic in its appearance, giving the unique backdrop for your pre-wedding photo album, Perissa beach is locally called ‘the black beach’.

Walking on this volcanic, black sand is an amazing experience. This location has the ability to add that dark, romantic theme to every photograph.

Incredible is the perfect word to describe this spot that is ideal for your photography story.

beach with tropical chairs and cliffside
view of a town in santorini

Emporio Town

As you rush towards the magnificent Perissa Beach, make sure not to miss the Emporio Town on the way.

This hidden location will give you some of the most charming photoshoot spots in Santorini.

With its quiet, narrow streets, intimacy is guaranteed for your outdoor pre wedding photoshoot. There are plenty of passages and charming staircases you can pause on and create some of the most candid memories of your love in Santorini.

Red Beach

Rain or shine, Akrotiri’s Red Beach is an amazing location for your engagement or couple photoshoot.

The red lava cliffs and red sands are an otherworldly sight and the perfect backdrop for your photo album. The turquoise of the water meeting the red of the beach, overflowing with colors, is a sight begging not to be missed.

volcanic beach in santorini
skyline photo of fira in santorini

Fira Town

Take Oia and make it bigger, busier and give it nightlife in abundance. That is essentially Fira Town.

Despite the commotion, it still has a share of fantastic views, charming narrow streets, and those unique blue-domed church bells to make this location a must-visit pre-wedding location.

Each corner of this town is stunning, making for the ideal location to capture your most precious memento.

This Love Studio offers more than just pre wedding photography and we will be sure to book them for our baby bump photos. Wink Wink. Alexa & Adam

Santorini Pre Wedding Overview

Find out why Santorini Pre weddings are super popular

If there is a location that fits all and will melt even the toughest couples, it must be Santorini.

Like true paradise on Earth, with glorious beaches, dramatic cliffside, and the most beautiful sunset panorama in the world, it takes number one place as the perfect pre wedding photoshoot location.

Charming villages are scattered around Santorini, cobbled with narrow streets swerving between the most charming buildings and houses you have ever seen.

Furthermore, the view this island offers from every corner will give your heart serenity, your eyes a sight to behold, and to your love a perfect backdrop.

couple stand on beach looking into sunset

groom kisses bride under wedding veil

When you should travel to Santorini for your shoot

As one of the most famous summer vacation locations for both locals and Europeans, it would be best to avoid having a photoshoot in the summertime.

Santorini will be packed with tourists come May, and the island is especially popular around Easter.

Early spring and fall will bring beautiful weather, a thinning crowd, and plenty of sunshine, perfect for capturing the magic of Santorini and your love in stunning photographs.

Why Santorini Is So Popular

Besides all of the amazing locations in Santorini, every photoshoot we worked on had one thing in common, it was the smoothest and most relaxed photoshoot ever. It must be the magic of the island, but couples are always comfortable here. Couples seem to revel in the peacefulness of this amazing location.

Santorini is the perfect destination for couples who have a calm kind of love with serene happiness surrounding them at all times. The island has a similar atmosphere and will complement those couples perfectly.

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bride poses in wedding dress on cliffside

Photos are meant to capture a moment and I can 100% say that our photos beautiful capture the moment. Excellent. Stephanie & Andem