Terms & Conditions

Below are the terms and conditions applicable when entering an agreement with This Love Studio.


1.1 “Company” means This Love Studio.

1.2 “Client” means any person who purchases services from the Company.

1.3 “Proposal” means a proposal, application, quotation or other similar object describing the Companies Services.

1.4 “Services” means the Companies Services as described in the Proposal.

1.5 “Fee” means the monies due to the Company from the Client for providing the Services

1.6 “Terms and Conditions” means the terms and conditions of supply of the Services as set out in this document and any subsequent terms and conditions agreed in writing by the Company

1.7 “Agreement” means the contract between the Company and the Client for the provision of the Services incorporating these Terms and Conditions.


2.1 These Terms and Conditions shall apply to the Agreement for the supply of Services by the Company to the Client

and shall supersede any other documentation or communication between parties.

2.2 Any variation to these Terms and Conditions must be agreed in writing by the Company.

2.3 These Terms and Conditions shall be attached to any Proposal and electronically or physically signed and returned to the Company by the Client.

2.4 Nothing in these Terms and Conditions shall prejudice any condition or warranty, express or implied, or any legal remedy to which the Company may be entitled in relation to the Services, by virtue of any statute, law or regulation.

2.5 It is the Clients responsibility to supply food and drink during the day.

2.6 Copyright for all footage filmed/ photographed will be owned by This Love Studio. This Love Studio reserves the right to display/copy any part of produced images for future demonstrations/displays and advertising purposes.

2.7 This Love Studio will be the exclusive professional photographers of the client’s wedding. Friends and familyare permitted to operate mobile phones and cameras on the condition that they do not interfere with or get in the wayof the professional coverage. It is the clients responsibility to secure access to areas for photography. This Love Studio will not be responsible for coverage lost due to access restrictions.

2.8 Creative aspects such as shooting and editing style are at the discretion of This Love Studio. This Love studio will not be held liable for any production problems beyond our control, e.g. bad weather, accidents, poor acoustics/lighting, interference from guests, etc. This Love Studio reserves the right to terminate this contract at any time for any reasonable cause, e.g. accident or ill health. In this event all monies paid will be refunded in full. Any liability on the part of This Love Studio will be limited to the amount of monies paid.

2.9 Upon taking possession of the finished product, the client must inform This Love Studio of any technical or other problems with the photographs within 7 days. After 7 days, if no notification has been received, the client will be deemed to be satisfied with the product.

2.10 This Love Studio will perform production tasks to the best of their ability, but accepts no responsibility for unforeseen circumstances including but not limited to equipment failure, power cuts, illnesses, inability to attend and perform services, and/or any other situation where the resulting photo product is less than ideal.


3.1 The proposal is attached to these terms and conditions.

3.2 The proposal shall remain valid for acceptance for a period of 10 days.

3.3 The proposal must be accepted by the client in its entirety.

3.4 The agreement between the Company and the Client, incorporating these Terms and Conditions, shall only come into force when the Company confirms acceptance in writing to the Client.


4.1 The services are as described in the Proposal.

4.2 Any variation to the Services must be agreed by the company in writing.

4.3 The Services shall commence and finish on the dates specified on the Proposal unless terminated according to the terms of this Agreement.

4.4 Dates given for the commencement of the Services are estimates only and not guaranteed. Time for commencement shall not be of the essence of the Agreement and the Agent shall not be held liable for any loss, costs, damages, charges or expenses caused directly or indirectly by any delay in the Services.


5.1 The fee is as specified in the Proposal and is inclusive of any other charges as outlined in that document.

5.2 The terms for payment are as specified in the Proposal.

5.3 The Client must settle all payments for Services as specified on the payment terms.

5.4 The client hereby agrees to pay a non-refundable deposit of 25% of the total value of Services as outlined in the Proposal.

5.5 In the event that more than one client wishes to book wedding services on the same day, preference will go to the first client to pay the deposit. Rescheduled weddings will only be accommodated if the new date does not conflict with another booked wedding.

5.6 The Client is not entitled to withhold any monies due to the Company.


6.1 The Company shall supply the Services as specified in the Proposal.

6.2 The Company shall perform the Services with reasonable skill and care and to a reasonable standard and in accordance with recognized codes of practice and statutory obligations.

6.3 The Company shall comply with all regulations and statutory obligations regarding the use and storage of information relating to the Client.