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Our team would be delighted to accompany you on your Tuscany pre wedding photography shoot. Moreover, we can help you
discover the most amazing scenery that this Italian classic has to offer.

There is a specific type of beauty in the golden Chianti hills, far away from the city tumult, the kind of beauty that makes you pause and just
breathe. Furthermore, it’s all about coming back to the natural elements, the golden hills, the benevolent sunlight, and simply beautiful greenery.

It is incredible how accurately this feeling of tranquillity transfers to you and represents itself in all your pre-wedding photos.

For those gorgeous indoor photos, Tuscany offers a variety of old renaissance residences, none more stunning than Torre Bellosguardo in Florence.
A sensational selection of beauty that offers a breathtaking view of the city below. As a result, this perfect combination of romantic architecture and unique
countryside, filled with vineyards and olive tree lines will give your photoshoot a plethora of possibilities.

We can’t wait to take you to this unique destination and capture the essence of your love in front of the most majestic panorama in all of Italy.


Tuscany Pre Wedding Promos

The richness of Tuscany is best experienced in autumn when temperatures drop to a sweet caress on your skin.

This pleasant weather paired with fantastic greenery is the perfect environment for your pre wedding photos.

Explore our special promotions for Tuscany in October and find out why Tuscany in autumn is one of the many nature’s wonders.

Engagements & Pre weddings in Tuscany

From the gorgeous fields to the thick woods of the forest, there is no location in Tuscany that we consider
“off-limits”. No matter the pre wedding location, we pride ourselves on offering the highest level of dedication to you and your wishes.

Explore the beauty of this city with us and let us capture your Tuscany pre wedding photography in a dream-like way.

couple posing in front of tuscan castle Pre Wedding Shoots
bride and groom pose surrounded by green trees in the shade Engagement Shoots
bride and groom enjoy photoshoot in tuscany Proposal Shoots

Discovering the Tuscan Hills with our photographer was really fun. We got to capture both fun but intimate photos during our shoot. Jay & Josephine

Featured Pre Weddings in Tuscany

Couple Shoots, Pre Weddings & Proposals

Tuscany is one of the best nature getaways on the planet. As a result, it makes for an excellent photoshoot location.

The best thing about this amazing location is its ability to carry many emotions and themes, without being exclusively romantic or modern.

Most of the time, this location serves as the perfect scene to set your love, with couples-focused solely on each other. However, couples that really embrace the area’s beauty give Tuscany another dimension. Just by taking note of the scenery, making it seem like you are extending your love story will heighten your imagery like never before.

Furthermore, working together with us as your Tuscany pre wedding photographer will allow you to capture twice as much beauty, just like our special couples below.

sunset photo with bride standing by tree next to water

bride and groom under tree in garden

Mila & Myles

When Mila and Myles choose Tuscany with hopes of making everlasting pre wedding memories. We couldn’t have been more thrilled. We made sure to have them pose in front of every breathtaking landscape, vineyard, sunflower field. In addition, we also suggested the unique San Gimignano and Montalto Castle. No matter where we were, they simply matched the Tuscan scenery perfectly. Moreover, we were struck with how perfectly this location complimented them and their personalities.

We love looking back on their amazing photos, as their connection was undeniable. Every image was full of their love, showing their everlasting spark that brought them together.

Creative photos that are beautifully taken. We are super grateful for the photos you have taken for us. Much love. Sally & Samuel

Pre Wedding Shoot Prices in Tuscany

Information on our Tuscan Rates & Collections

Tuscany is truly heaven on earth. However, the best part is that it has mostly been left untouched by humankind. Besides a few bigger cities and towns, the natural part of Tuscany is carefully preserved by the many vineyard households or old country houses. Thanks to many years in this industry, we have made great partnerships with many households offering accommodation and venue services. As a result, these friendships are why our packages and prices for Tuscany are attractive to all our couples.

Take advantage of our unique packages and enjoy your Tuscan photo shoot in the vineyards without making a significant dent in your budget.

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bride and groom cuddle next to bright pink bush

Tuscany was sublime. The class Italian villas surrounded by the mesmerizing rolling hills create the ideal background for our engagement shoot. Derry & Karl

Testimonials & Reviews for Tuscany

Reviews from Happy Couples

Some of our favorite photographs are shot in the Tuscan hills. The dream location gives off a panoramic view of everything around. The many viewpoints allow for our couples to feel like they are on top of the world.

While there are many good panoramic and photoshoot locations, for our couples, we pick only the best. As a result, we create a cinematic backdrop in which everyone’s love shines bright.

We invite you to read all about our Tuscany pre wedding photoshoots to understand why this location is every couple’s favorite.

couple walk hand in hand with view of tuscany countryside in background
happily married couple posing in italian gardens under tree

Alexandra and Evan

“We are thrilled about the pre-wedding photos we did with This Love Studio! They are gorgeous. We hired the studio to do our pre-wedding photos in Tuscany and they assigned us the most talented, creative, and professional photographer in the world. He truly knows Tuscany like the palm of his hand and showed us so many picturesque locations all over the area. Our photos came out looking like they belong in the magazine and we couldn’t be happier. He has an incredible eye for detail paired with a wicked sense of humor that had us laughing for the whole day. Unforgettable service and unforgettable day! We highly recommend!”

Mary and Xavier

“Thanks a lot This Love Studio and to your incredible photographers! They have captured our special moments in Tuscany beautifully and we will cherish our photographs for a lifetime. Each picture is just so unique, stylish, and simply stunning, we are speechless. We love every single one of them! We will strongly recommend you to all our friends! Keep on the good work.”

bride and groom stand back to back wearing wedding gown and blue suit
couple pose in tuscan hills surrounded by hay bales

Margaret and Jose

“We are so glad we booked This Love Studio for our pre-wedding photoshoot in Tuscany. All the pictures were so spontaneous and amazing, and their photographer made our day with his jokes and smiles. It was easy to be relaxed in front of the camera when you have such a good-natured photographer. We are beyond impressed and we would recommend them to all our friends.”

Lyla and Jace

“This Love Studio gave us the most beautiful candid photos we could ever own. Our pre-wedding shoot in Tuscany went splendidly and the photographer they’ve sent with us was such a nice guy with so much talent and creativity. And the pictures were done so quickly and they were better than we expected. Our photos are amazing, we are beyond happy with them. They are definitely the best photography studio there is. We highly recommend.”

groom kisses bride on hand at sunset time

Photos that we will cherish for as long as we live. We are abundantly happy with the imagery we all created together. Kayla & Janine

Pre Wedding Landmarks in Tuscany

Tuscany’s hidden gems and famous photo spots

Tuscany has this tremendous power of taking your breath away at every glance. The magnificent countryside and the majestic villas tucked in between hilltop towns, provide stunning views that were an inspiration for many artists over the centuries.

We can capture your love and devotion between the crooked vines of the Sangiovese grape, or, make your love transcend time in the phenomenal medieval villages of Volterra. Wrap each other in the golden vibes of the sunflower fields and your pre-wedding shoot will be adorned with thousand little suns.

Take a stroll with us through Tuscany and, besides the exquisiteness of your photographs, we can promise to fill your hearts with a unique experience while visiting the best pre-wedding photoshoot locations in Tuscany.

bride poses against wall in white wedding gown

happy couple pose on stairs in la foce

The Gardens La Foce

This magnificent Tuscan estate is everything you first think of when you think about Tuscany.

Nestled between the hills, the gardens are a vision to behold and a perfect background for your Tuscan pre-wedding photoshoot. The whole estate, along with the villa itself, dates back to the 15th century depicting glorious architecture and amazing geometric garden design.

The Gardens truly are a picture of perfection.

Montalto Castle

Over 10 centuries old, this medieval castle still has that romantic and historical theme that is just ideal for your pre wedding shoot.

Bathed in renaissance glory, with many frescoes still adorning its walls, hanging wisteria, and well-kept estates it is no wonder that Montalto is seen as one of the world’s best wedding venues.

bride and groom posing at montalto castle

drone shot of d orcia in tuscany

Val D’Orcia

This region is what Tuscany is all about. Rolling green hills, lone cypress trees, and rolls of haystacks, all lying across this simply gorgeous scenery, ready to take your breath away.

A feast for your eyes wherever you look, you can find many rural farmhouses, vineyards, or golden fields to serve as your pre-wedding background, giving you all the splendor of Tuscany in one image.

San Gimignano

Halfway between Siena and Florence, you will find a small medieval village of San Gimignano. With magnificent towers rising above the village, San Gimignano will give you a splendid view of the valley.

The town itself is simply a gorgeous combination of old-school architecture, history, and Italian charm. Perfect for photographers shooting in Tuscany. Perfect for couples planning their pre wedding photoshoot in Tuscany.

overview photo of san gimignano near florence
photo of yellow sunflowers on hills in tuscany


When the season is right, Tuscany is transformed into a sea of sunflowers making your pre wedding images resemble an oil painting.

An utterly romantic scene for capturing your tender emotions, giving your love story a country-like theme and archaic natural beauty.

In Tuscany, sunflower fields are in abundance, and wherever you look, you can find your own little yellow spot of happiness allowing you to influence your precious memories.


Another beautiful town worth visiting in Tuscany, Montepulciano is a hilltop town offering stunning vistas of the surrounding vineyards and cypress-filled valleys.

Besides the stunning view, the town itself has many renaissance era palaces, vast town squares, and hidden spots ideal for your pre wedding and engagement photoshoot.

bride and groom in wedding clothing pose in field with montepulciano in the background
blue sky over siena in italy


A true gem of Tuscany, Siena will provide you breathtaking architecture, perfect to pose as the ideal surroundings for your pre wedding photography.

Hot spots like the Abbey of San Galgano, with its grand columns and degraded roof, this stunning Abbey gives a fairytale scene idyllic for every couple.

Besides the town’s stunning square, there are also some gorgeous villas just on the outskirts of Siena perfect for romantic engagement photographs.

Pre Wedding Photos in Tuscany

Favorite shots and captured moments from our trips to Tuscany

The romance of the Tuscan vineyards cannot be found anywhere else in the world. In addition, the scenery will make you pause for a moment in
time, encouraging you to play hide-and-seek with your loved one in the sunflower fields.

This happiness and fun of your emotions are what we strive to capture in every photo. Preview our Tuscany pre wedding gallery below
to see how we capture every couple’s, true love.

bride and groom walk through rustic street in tuscany

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Visit Tuscany for an Inspirational Pre Wedding

Walk amongst the beautiful Italian hills for an idyllic photo experience

You can say that the Tuscany region really has it all. Renaissance art, Italian wine, and gorgeous weather. There is nothing quite like a romantic Tuscan village, bath in everything that is Italy.

Florence, Siena, or Volterra, the cities of Tuscany are stunning and unique. The scenery in-between is simply breathtaking.

Golden fields and vineyards stretching for miles on one side and thick emerald forests on the other.

Tuscany ranks high in the list of the world’s best pre wedding destinations.

grooms kisses bride on head in romantic cobbled street

bride holds bouquet during photoshoot for pre wedding

When to book your Tuscan pre wedding photoshoot?

Another well-known Italian location best avoided in the summer, however, you can always make up for it by having the most glorious fall photoshoot imaginable. April to May is a good time to visit the amazing Italian countryside giving you the chance to enjoy early spring as it awakens the scenery.

Easter holidays are a popular time of year for Italians to retreat to Tuscany, so make sure to avoid this period. That being said, you will nonetheless be greeted with warm weather and blooming wildflowers, a perfect milieu for your pre wedding adventure.

If you are wine enthusiasts, mid-September will give you a chance to experience the harvest festival, an iconic Tuscany setting to add to your photography session.

Why do couples love Tuscany?

No land is more fertile than the land found in Tuscany. As such, food and wine are a central point of this region. Furthermore, its local tradition to discuss and ultimately consume, and making it a mission to enjoy everything to the fullest.

Time seems to slow down when in Tuscany, days seem longer as if the universe wants to give you a chance to see all and taste all.

Naturally, Tuscany will appeal to couples with an all-encompassing love. Every sense will be used to its fullest potential giving the opportunity to cherish every experience together as much as Italians cherish Tuscany.

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groom kisses brides hand during photoshoot in tuscany

Visiting Tuscany had always been a dream of ours and getting to enjoy that dream with This Love Studio will never be forgotten. Ste & Laura