Underwater Shoots: Everything You Need To Know About Underwater Pre Weddings

For anyone who’s ever dreamt of being a mermaid. An underwater shoot is a dream come true. Most of us stop pretending to be magical beings once we get to adulthood. But an underwater photo session gives you free rein to live out all your childhood mermaid fantasies. Plus, you’ll get some jaw-dropping images to always remember the moment with. And who better to share this once-in-a-lifetime experience with than your significant other.

Pre-wedding shoots are a perfect way to get some beautiful shots of the couple. Without having to contend with a wedding going on around them. Or the hoard of guests fighting for their attention. Here you can focus on dazzling backdrops and loving poses. To create images that will be treasured for generations. And what’s more dazzling than the sapphire hues of an underwater shoot. But you can’t just dive into the water with a camera. There is a lot to unpack when it comes to this kind of pre-wedding shoot. Here we’ll go through the various factors you’ll need to consider before booking your pre-wedding, underwater photoshoot.

bride poses for pre wedding photoshoot under water

Choosing the Right Photographer

Not every photographer is going to be able to create a one-of-a-kind, underwater shoot for you. Many will not have the expertise or the equipment for such a specialist task. And if someone is offering to do it make sure you can see a wide array of similar images in their portfolio.

We have shot many underwater shoots and offer the service in Hong Kong, London, and Paris as well as outdoor sea shoots in Santorini.

Shooting underwater is not easy. Even with the best kit. Being able to direct a couple to move and pose in what is a very unnatural environment is tricky. Especially when they can’t hear you underwater. Look for strong testimonies and a portfolio with a focus on underwater-based shoots. This is a specialist field. We’d expect any photographer offering these sorts of shoots to almost exclusively shoot underwater. Or in water-based environments.

Training Required?

Posing underwater for any amount of time actually requires some training. Being able to hold your breath for extended periods and allowing yourself to sink doesn’t just come naturally. For some avid swimmers or divers, extra training would not be needed. But if you’ve only just mastered the doggy paddle then you don’t want to dive straight into the deep end. Any weak swimmers need to have some sort of formal lessons before attempting something like this.

Some large photography companies that offer an underwater package may have some sort of affiliation with a training provider. Or have training included in the price. But most, if not all, individual photographers will not have these available. So make sure to do your research. If you plan to do the shoot in the sea or other large, natural body of water. Then respirators may be necessary for going deeper into the water. These are other things that you, and the photographer, will need to be trained on how to use.

Will I Need Professional Divers?

If you plan on having your shoot in a private pool or similar controlled environment then you’ll be safe enough with you two and the photographer. Any larger pools that are open to the public will typically have lifeguards on standby even when they’re rented out. But if you plan on venturing to the sea or a large natural body of water. Then you’ll want a highly trained professional to come with you. Again, this may be part of the package with some underwater shoots.

A photographer who works a lot in this sort of environment would probably have someone with them for their own safety as much as yours. However, never just assume it’s been taken care of. Do your research, check different photographers, and ensure that someone extra will be there with you. This person will also be there to provide the respirator for anyone wanting to dive deep for their images. Typically, they carry the extra air and consistently offer the mouthpiece before you run out of breath. Obviously, diving equipment doesn’t make for a good photo so they carry it rather than you.

Location, Location, Location

We’ve already discussed what training or help you’ll need depending on the location. But you can’t just rock up to the beach and get going. The venue will need to be booked in advance and safe for such a shoot. Similar to places safe to dive. You’ll also want to make sure the water is clear. Going further out to sea in a boat can fix this if you have a murky shoreline. Or picking somewhere famous for the clearness of their water. Of course, this won’t be an issue in a swimming pool.

What’s The Cost?

If you’ve gotten this far into the article I’m sure you’ve realized that all of this is going to be pricey. Far pricier than any normal pre-wedding shoot, From the specialist photographer to the location booking. There’s money to be forked out at every turn. But you’re not just paying for the images. You’re paying for an incredible experience. And the price can vary drastically. Breath-taking images can be produced with a talented photographer and a swimming pool. No training, equipment, or boat is needed. Just some good lighting and a dose of editing to remove any evidence of the classic pool tiles. Although this will still prove more expensive than a shoot in the park, it isn’t bank-breaking.

What theme of wedding does an underwater pre-wedding shoot fit?

We agree that everyone wants a shot at being a mermaid. But does this crazy, underwater shoot actually fit with your wedding theme? Obviously, any beach, water, or summer-themed weddings are ideal for such a shoot. However, if you’re ceremony isn’t going to have anything to do with the deep blue then keep this shoot idea for something else. A mismatched set of pre-wedding and wedding photos is going to look like a mess in the album. Even if the images themselves are wonderful.

What about the dress?

All that’s left to consider is the dress. Some people opt for wearing their wedding gown itself for a pre-wedding shoot. Some opt for a more casual look. Whichever you choose it needs to be safe underwater. This means it isn’t going to get ruined by the water you’ll be in. And it’s not going to get ridiculously heavy and therefore dangerous, We suggest a flowy, chiffon-based gown. One that will float elegantly in the water without becoming a hazard.