8 of the Most Magical Winter Engagement Shoot Destinations

Nowadays photoshoots are more accessible than ever. They are often used to remember, celebrate, and document some of life’s biggest milestones. Your engagement is most definitely on that list so now what? A massive part of planning a photoshoot is choosing the location. Since winter settings can be some of the most breathtaking, here’s a list of the 8 best winter engagement shoot destinations.

photo of ice inside cave with icebergs in iceland

Vatnajokull Glacier Ice Caves, Iceland

Iceland seems like the obvious place to start a winter-themed location search. However, if you thought this list was going to be basic and pedestrian, think again. The Vatnajokull ice caves are magical icy caverns formed by waterfalls over the glacier. The bright blue and whites of the cave make for a stunning backdrop for engagement images. Just make sure your photographer is well versed in photography as this can be a tricky location to shoot in.

Serious planning is needed to pull this one off but the photos you create will be ones you won’t forget for as long as you live.

Lapland, Sweden

Lapland is what springs to mind as soon as anyone thinks of a wintery location and we just couldn’t wait to include it in this list. Classic Christmas spirit, cozy wood fires, and towering evergreen trees. The Swedish Lapland is one of the most mind-blowing scenes in the world. Coupled with the northern lights, it’s an incredible setting for your wintery engagement shoot. You might even be lucky enough to have reindeer wander into view making you look and feel like you’re just steps away from Santas grotto.

Strasbourg, France

For many people, the enjoyment of winter stems from Christmas and nothing is more Christmasy than Strasbourg. Make sure the focus is completely on you for this image to avoid getting lost in the inevitable busy market scene. Furthermore, stand at a vantage point and look over the 300 wooden chalets that make up the seemingly unending Christmas market.

Strasbourg looks and feels like you’ve been thrown into an old Christmas movie. This destination is perfect for anyone wanting a festive, quaint, and traditional feel in their winter engagement shoot.

New York, USA

Winter in New York is truly a must-see. Moreover, plenty regard winter as the ideal time to visit this notorious city.

Maybe the streets aren’t as scenic or picturesque as the other places on this list but it will still make for a truly stunning engagement shoot. Contrasted against the hustle and bustle of the city and complimented by the shroud of pure white snow. New York will allow you and your partner will look magical in the center of magic. This location also has a lot of practical benefits, such as ease of access. Furthermore, it doesn’t require as a specialist of a photographer. However, none of these benefits come at the cost of compromising on how awe-inspiring your final photos will be.

aerial view of new year city with skyscrapers

Jokulsarlon, Iceland

We’re back to Iceland for this one but it’s impossible not to when thinking of winter wonderlands. In the Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon, massive chunks of ice come floating down into the water and create a jaw-dropping sight to behold.

Once you’ve got over the beauty of the place, position yourself near the water’s edge and get ready for a mesmerizing engagement shoot. A shoot that you’ll truly never forget. Unlike a lot of sites in Iceland, this should be free from most tourists especially nearing sunset. As a result, this makes for a nice private area for you to spend time getting that perfect shot.

Christmas in London, UK

A little bit of something different, but London has got to be one of the most special winter destinations in the world. For that Christmas themed shoot, visit the iconic London stores such as Harrods, anytime throughout December. Moreover, we are also running a 10% promo on London packages for the most amazing pre wedding photography experience.

While the weather can be a bit temperamental, the cozy London pub scene will deliver some truly intimate photos that will fit perfectly into your pre wedding gallery.

bride and groom pose during engagement shoot in front of London bridge

Yosemite National Park, USA

Normally a busy and crowded park; during the winter months the crowds massively die down. As a result, you are left with an incredible view of this splendid location.

Trees caked with snow and the floor a solid blanket of white, it’s exactly what you’d picture when thinking of the perfect winter location. However, Yosemite has much more to offer. Once the sun goes down lunar rainbows appear at the base of Yosemite Falls. This lasts for a full 10 minutes every night. Gorgeous colors arc across the sky in ways you didn’t even know possible. Clouds cut through the blackness and create the perfect frame. As a result, make sure your photographer knows exactly what you want during that 10-minute window.

photo of Yosemite with blue sky and trees

Harbin, China

This city is full of monumental Russian architecture. In winter, this beautiful location becomes encased with snow and ice making it feel otherworldly. Stunning light shows take place during the yearly ice festival. Once the ice festival has ended, the huge groups of tourists will disperse giving you the chance to capture that perfect wintery scene together.

Harbin is often referred to as ‘the ice city’. So few places are as ready to be the backdrop to your wintery photo shoot. Each winter, fantastic sculptures are made from ice and survive for months in the low temperatures. No other city is like it.


Despite the name, Greenland is one of the coldest places on earth. Throughout almost the entire year, temperatures are below zero degrees celsius. Unlike the other places on this list, the choice is yours when it comes to where exactly you want to start your shoot.

Seas surrounding the island are almost always frozen. Furthermore, with a low population across most of the island, you won’t need to worry about passersby.

Disko bay is one of our favored spots. Looking across the partially frozen waters as the giant glaciers float by. It is a mystical sight to behold whilst also being baron enough to draw all focus onto your love.

From the moment you set foot in Greenland, you’ll see places you want your photoshoot to take place. Make sure to plan ahead to avoid getting sidetracked!

colorful buildings on hillside in greenland

So there you have it, a comprehensive list of winter engagement shoot locations. Moreover, all locations are guaranteed to yield amazing and unforgettable photos. Photos that you with treasure for years to come.

Now you’re one step closer to creating the perfect winter engagement photoshoot, what’s next on the list?

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