8 Incredible Ideas for What To Wear During Your Winter Pre Wedding Shoot

Not everyone dreams of the sun shining on their wedding day. Some of us prefer it cold. But what to wear on a cold pre-wedding shoot (London, Paris & CK spring to mind)? You want to be elegant and classy. Without shivering so hard that there’s motion blur in your photos. To help you get the balance, we’ve compiled a list of the best things to wear on a cold-weather pre-wedding shoot.

couple pose at sunset in winter clothing

True-ish winter

A great option is a genuine winter outfit. Thick coat, bobble hat, and warm boots. Just make the outfit coherent and sleek looking. Get some inspiration online and go on a shopping trip. Keep all the colors muted and natural to look sophisticated. Leave anything ill-fitting or worn out at home. Yes, it may not be a met gala-worthy outfit. But it will be true.. ish. Most of us look a mess when it’s truly cold. Worn out old coats that are too comfy to part with. Running noses and mismatched gloves. Style typically goes out of the window when the temperature drops. Instead, make it look like you are just that put together and perfect that even in minus numbers you still look good.

Matching Hat and Scarf

For any wintery shoot, a classic is a cozy look. Whether you’re inside or out, Put on a big winter coat, wool always looks smart. And put a matching hat and scarf over the top. Bonus if your partner is also matching. Other great accessories might be a steaming cup of hot chocolate. Or a snuggly blanket thrown over the both of you. Really play upon the coziness that we all love about a cold day.


If you’re set on wearing your gown for the pre-wedding shoot then dress it up with a cape. An elegant, velvet cape will add the perfect amount of wintery magic whilst still keeping you toasty. If the cape completely covers your arms you could layer thermals underneath your dress. Legging and a long sleeve top under your gown will keep you up to temperature. You’ll look like the perfect ice princess.

Quick Change

So technically this is more of a technique than an outfit. But if you are desperate to wear an outfit that is not weather-appropriate there is a way around it. You may need to suffer slightly for your image. Grab a massive warm coat and head out with someone extra there to help. Get in position and take a few practice shots to make sure the settings right. Then fling off the coat and get posing. Depending on the temperature, you may only manage a few shots until you need to grab that coat back. The helping hand is there to hold onto said coats as well as any extra warm weather gear for afterward. Alternatively, have the shoot set up near a car or a building. Have the temperature set high so even in your skimpy dress you’re still warm. Jump out for a few shots then dive back in to warm up. Keep doing this until you’ve got the shots. Make sure to not keep at this for long, you don’t want to get ill.

bride wearing long sleeve wedding gown

Long Sleeve Gown

As mentioned previously, layering is a great technique for winter. Especially winter shoots. If you have opted for a floor-length, long-sleeve gown. Then you can simply add a thermal top and pair of leggings underneath. This means you can be photographed in the cold with no problem whatsoever. Depending on how the dress fits, you may even have room for two of each. You won’t feel so much as a breeze. Plus, you’ll look like the queen of the cold. Winter weather surrounding you whilst you stand in a gorgeous dress with not so much as a goosebump.

Couples Matching Coats

A sleek, woolen coat is a must-have for either gender. It looks smart and elegant which is perfect for a pre-wedding shoot. They’re also very versatile, looking good over almost any outfit. Buy two matching jackets. We suggest simply getting two from the men’s section in different sizes. And wear them over an outfit of your choice. Don’t forget to layer tops underneath that will be hidden by the coat. This will create a fun, cold-weather shot of you both. Matching in some ways because you’re a happy couple but not having a full matching outfit. It’s a great way to look good together without looking like creepy twins.

Floor Length Coat

Capture the same majesty as a gown with a floor-length, trailing coat. Preferably complete with fur trim and oversized hood. This will keep you warm whilst demanding attention. Glide through the landscape. Have it done up with whatever is comfortable underneath or keep it unbuttoned. If you opt for this try to get some movement in your photo so it sweeps behind you like a cape. Keep what’s underneath minimal, relying on those thermals for any extra warmth. Maybe try some knee-high boots to complete the commanding look.

couple wearing matching jumpers during pre wedding shoot

Jumper over a Dress

Some of us can’t picture a pre-wedding shoot without a dress. Whether it’s your wedding gown or just a beautiful dress. It’s normal to want to pick this for the pre-wedding shoot. To make it more appropriate, layer a big, chunky knit jumper over the top. Have it come up right to your neck and over your hands. You’ll still look elegant and feminine whilst being warm and cozy. And your images won’t look altered or out of place. Since looking normal in an outfit that should be way too cold can often leave you with unrealistic and fake-looking photos.

So there you have it. A selection of some of the best pre-wedding photoshoot outfits for cold weather. Just because it’s cold, doesn’t mean you can’t get stunning images. The cool, clear sunlight of winter can make for some striking photos. You just need to look the part. Take into account your personal style as well. Plus, what suits you best. Before you commit to one specific idea. But once you’ve got your outfit get ready for some stunning pre-wedding shots.